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Chapter Edit
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Something Strange Happened at the Beach
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Wish-granting Work
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Secrets Beneath the Sea

Episode 1

[★6] Summery Ringo ひゃっほう!
ぜっこうの 海水浴びよりですね!
Wahoo! It's a perfect day to take a dip in the sea! Er...
[★5] Summery Ringo な…なんですか これは!? What... what the heck is all this!?
[★5] Summery Ringo そこらじゅうに ナゾの箱が
They're everywhere! Mysterious boxes have taken over the beach!
[★5] Summery Ringo よいしょっと…
持ってみると なかなかの
Let me take a closer look at one of 'em... It sure does leave an impression...
[★5] Summery Ringo ………… …………
[★5] Summery Ringo …………………… ……………………
[★6] Summery Ringo よし 開けてみましょう!
I can't take it anymore, it's killing me not knowing what's inside! I know I shouldn't, but just a peek wouldn't hurt, would it?!
ドキドキ… Badump, badump...
[★6] Seaside Abyss おい そこのキミ! Hey, you, over there!
[★7] Summery Ringo うひゃあっ!? Eeeeek!?
[★6] Seaside Abyss そ…そんなに
Oh, shoot... Did I startle you?
[★7] Summery Ringo いえ…大丈夫です…
No, I'm okay... I'm fine! Though...
[★5] Summery Ringo あなたは どちらさまで
わたしに なにかご用でしょうか?
Who are you? Is there something I can help you with?
[★5] Seaside Abyss ああ ボクはアビス
Oh, the name's Abyss. I'm a member of the Academy of Light's student council.
[★5] Seaside Abyss そして このビーチに奇妙な箱が
I heard a rumor there were peculiar boxes scattered all over this beach. As a result, I'm here to straighten that rumor out.
[★5] Summery Ringo なるほど… Oh, so that's it...
[★5] Summery Ringo (てっきり ただビーチへ遊びに来た
(Honestly, I thought he came here to the beach to have fun at first...)
[★5] Summery Ringo (わたしのカンちがい
(Guess I was mistaken, then...)
[★6] Seaside Abyss ところでキミ! Back to the matter at hand!
[★5] Summery Ringo は…はい! Yes... Yes sir!
[★6] Seaside Abyss ダメじゃないか
Don't you know better? You can't leave the beach in such a state!
[★5] Summery Ringo ち…ちがいます! やったのは
That's... It wasn't me! I didn't cause this mess!
[★5] Seaside Abyss むむ そうなのか? Hmm... Is that so?
[★5] Seaside Abyss さきほど キミが
妙に楽しそうに 箱を開けようと
していたから てっきり…
Since you were about to open that weird box, I naturally assumed...
[★5] Summery Ringo びっくりするほど
You didn't give me a chance to defend myself!
[★7] Summer Break Elisa こんにちは~☆ Hi everyone~☆
[★5] Summery Ringo おっと これまた
Goodness, is that a ray of sunshine? You're decked out with pool toys, Miss Fancy!
[★7] Summer Break Elisa えっ ほがらか…なに? Huh? Sunshine...?
[★7] Summer Break Elisa …アタシの名前はエリサだよ~♪
夢の配達人として みんなに
...My name is Elisa, actually~!♪ I am a Dream Courier, delivering sparkling dreams full of hope to everybody~!☆
[★5] Summery Ringo 夢の配達人… A Dream Courier...
[★6] Summery Ringo はっ! つまり 今目の前に
Aha! I've figured it out! This incredibly strange and mystifying scene playing out in front of me has to be a dream, then?
[★7] Summer Break Elisa ザンネンだけど ぜ~んぶ
Sorry, no dice, this is all the reaaal deal! Reality!☆
[★7] Summer Break Elisa だって エリサちゃん
今日はお休みだし ビーチに
That's 'cause it's Little Miss Elisa's day off! I'm here to have some fun!
[★5] Seaside Abyss これが夢じゃないことは
I know this isn't a dream, so...
[★5] Seaside Abyss それじゃあ一体 誰がなんのために
この奇妙な箱を ビーチに
Where the heck are all these boxes coming from? What's the purpose of all of them?
[★7] Summer Break Elisa それなら エリサちゃん
Little Miss Elisa happens to know the answer to that!☆
[★6] Seaside Abyss なんだって!? Are you serious!?
[★6] Seaside Abyss だったら 今すぐ教えてくれ
散らかした 張本人に
早く 片づけさせなくては
Go on and tell me, then! I need to straighten this mess out and discipline the culprit.
[★6] Summer Break Elisa はぁ~あ… あのさぁ… Siiiigh... Y'know...
[★5] Seaside Abyss …!? ...!?
[★5] Summery Ringo 気のせいでしょうか…
エリサの雰囲気が さっきまでと
ぜんぜん ちがうような…
It may just be my imagination, but Elisa's atmosphere seems to have completely shifted...
[★6] Summer Break Elisa キミたち… なんの努力もせずに
You two... You're not trying to get your wishes granted without putting any damn effort into it, are you?
[★6] Summer Break Elisa そういうのって ほーんと
ありえないって感じ… はあ…
Cause, trust me, I'm reaaally not interested in working on my off day... Siiiigh...
[★5] Summery Ringo やっぱり 別人みたいに
It wasn't my imagination! It's like she's a completely different person!
[★5] Summery Ringo ともあれ… ナゾの箱の真相を
教えてもらうためには なにを
At any rate... What do I need to do for you to spill the beans with these mysterious boxes?!
[★7] Summery Ringo 早くしないと 箱の中身が
気になりすぎて… 片っ端から
If you don't hurry up and tell me, my curiousity is gonna get the best of me... I'll end up opening every single last one of them!
[★5] Seaside Abyss いや それはガマンしてくれ… God, please have some self restraint...
[★6] Summer Break Elisa まあ それも 自分で考えてー
Normally I'd say, "Do it your damn self!", but...
[★6] Summer Break Elisa …いいよ
..It's fine. Just this once, I'll give you a super-duper special hint.
[★6] Summery Ringo 恩に着ます! I owe you one!
[★6] Summer Break Elisa キミたちが やるべき「努力」
You'll have to put some effort into it! Step one is...
~ つづく ~
To be continued!

Episode 2

[★5] Summery Ringo ええっと つまり
先ほどまでの話を まとめると…
Alrighty, one more time... so, in summary:
[★6] Summery Ringo とつじょビーチに現れた
If we wanna know the secret behind these beach-bound strange boxes, we have to put some effort into it!
[★5] Summery Ringo …と そういうことでしょうか? ...Something along those lines?
[★6] Summer Break Elisa まあ そんな感じかなー Uh, well, yeah, that's the gist, I guess~
[★5] Seaside Abyss それで ボクたちは どんな努力を
すればいいのか 早く教えてくれ
I'm sure we are more than willing to put in the effort to solve this mystery. Please, give us some more details!
[★6] Summer Break Elisa …エリサちゃん ここに来てから
ず~っと 泳ぎっぱなしで
...Y'know, Little Miss Elisa has been swimming aaaall daaaay. She's feeling a little tuckered out~
[★5] Seaside Abyss むむ? いったい
Huh? Why bring this up now...?
[★6] Summer Break Elisa だーかーらー そろそろ
Really, it'd be sooooo nice to have a chilled glass of ice tea in my hands right about now... Don't you agree?
[★5] Summery Ringo ま…まさか! No... Anyone but me!
[★6] Summer Break Elisa つめた~いアイスティーを
You surely wouldn't mind fetching Little Miss Elisa a ice cold glass of tea, would you~?☆
[★5] Summery Ringo なんですとー!? Are you serious!?
[★5] Summery Ringo ええと…今 わたしたちって
するんですが…ねえ アビス?
Weren't you just talking about the importance of putting the effort in yourself? ...I'm not making this up, right, Abyss?
[★6] Seaside Abyss いいだろう! まかせておけ! It's of no consequence! You can leave it to me!
[★6] Summery Ringo …よし
...Alright, I guess. No use worrying about it now!
~ しばらくして ~
~ A little while later ~
[★6] Summer Break Elisa わぁ~♪ このアイスティー
すっごく おいし~☆
Ahh~♪ This iced tea is mouth-wateringly good!~☆
[★3] Lux フフフ
Hehe. Always a pleasure.
[★5] Seaside Abyss いきなり呼び出して
わるかったな ルクス
Sorry for calling out here out of the blue, Lux.
[★3] Lux いいや かまわないよ
ちょうど 紅茶をいれる準備を
No need for apologies. It wasn't an inconvenience, I already had some tea on the way.
[★5] Seaside Abyss …お礼と言ってはなんだが I'd say thank you, but...
[★6] Seaside Abyss 最近 また勝手にティーセットを
今回だけは 見逃がしてやろう
Your teacups have been piling up around the student council room again. Consider this me letting you off the hook for that.
[★5] Lux それは助かるなぁ フフフ You have my gratitude, hehe.
[★5] Summery Ringo はい というわけで!
エリサも 無事にアイスティーを
Good, now that that Elisa got her iced tea safe and sound, let's settle this!
[★6] Summery Ringo そろそろ本題に もどらせて
Time to get back to the topic on hand!
[★7] Summer Break Elisa りょうか~い☆
それじゃあ 話すね!
Alriiighty!☆ I'll spill the beans about the boxes on the beach!
[★5] Summery Ringo おねがいします! Go right on ahead!
[★7] Summer Break Elisa あれは… エリサちゃんが
ここへ遊びにきて すぐのこと
They appeared right before my eyes~!
[★7] Summer Break Elisa 遠くの浜辺で カメと踊っている
I watched on a distant beach... There was this kid dancing with a turtle! And then, all of a sudden, he turned into a mermaid! For realsies!
[★7] Summer Break Elisa カメといっしょに
海の中へ もぐって行っちゃったの
He followed the turtles into the sea!
[★5] Summery Ringo な…なんだか どこかで
聞いたことあるような ぜんぜん
Uh... somehow, I feel like I've heard this story before... though, it went differently...
[★7] Summer Break Elisa しばらくしたら 人魚の男の子が
It took a little bit, but the mermaid boy finally came back to the beach!
[★7] Summer Break Elisa 今度は たくさんのナゾの箱を
わ~ びっくり~って感じ!
And then he started luggin' aaaall these boxes onto the sand! I was totally, like, "Woah! What the heck's goin' on!?"
[★5] Summery Ringo うーん… いよいよ状況が
I see.. We're finally getting to the meat and potatoes of the issue...
[★5] Seaside Abyss ヘンな夢でも
Have you considered that it may have just been a strange dream?
[★7] Summer Break Elisa 夢の配達人が 夢と現実を
How could you even begin to think that us Dream Couriers could confuse reality with dreams~!?
[★6] Piscine Sada S よいしょ…っと ふ~!
ちょっと ひと休みしようかな!
Upsie daisie...! Phew~! Guess now would be a good chance to take a break!
[★6] Seaside Abyss キ…キミは! Th... there he is!
[★5] Summery Ringo もしや ウワサの人魚さん!?
ここに たくさんの箱を
置いているのは あなたですか!?
Is that the rumored Mr. Mermaid!? Are you really the one who put all these boxes here!?
[★4] Piscine Sada え… まあ そうだけど…
Eh... well, yeah, I guess... Is there something wrong with that?
[★6] Seaside Abyss マズいもなにも みんなが使う
ビーチの 風紀を乱すようなマネ
Of course it's wrong! You're creating a mess on a beach that everyone uses!
[★4] Piscine Sada な…なんかゴメン Oh... I'm real sorry.
[★6] Otohime Serilly ちがうんです!
わるいのは全部 私なんです!
Don't apologize! This is all my doing!
[★5] Summery Ringo わわっ さらに人魚さんが
Eek! Another Mermaid?!
[★6] Otohime Serilly 全部すなおに謝ります…
I'm sincerely sorry... Please forgive me...!
[★7] Otohime Serilly みんな まとめて
私と お友達になってください!
Everybody... please become my friend!
[★6] Summery Ringo その申し出…受けてたちましょう! Absolutely! No problemo!
[★6] Summery Ringo …って へ? お友達? ..Er, wait, friends?
~ つづく ~
~ To be continued! ~

Episode 3

[★5] Summery Ringo えーっと ひとまず
ビーチに たくさんの箱を置いた
Uh, well, first things first. We figured out who has been scattering these boxes everywhere! But, um...
[★5] Summery Ringo いぜんとして 箱を置いた理由は
We still don't know why they're all here... The mystery is still afoot!
[★5] Summery Ringo さらには「お友達」の申し出まで
まいこんで 余計にナゾは
And then I was suddenly poised to become someone's firend, which only deepend the mystery before our eyes... And that's where we left off!
[★5] Seaside Abyss (いったい誰に向かって
(Who are you explaining all of this to...?)
[★6] Otohime Serilly うう… 
Sniff... This is all my fault, truly.
[★6] Otohime Serilly 私が みんなを混乱させたから…
I've made everyone so confused... You'd never want to be my friends now! Sniffle...
[★5] Summery Ringo そ…そんなことは
Whahuh? No one said anything like that!
[★5] Seaside Abyss …あっちが落ち着くまで
I was hoping I could hear your explanation. It'd help us sort all of this out, I think. Is that okay?
[★6] Piscine Sada S ああ いいよ! Oh yeah, sure!
[★6] Piscine Sada S オレはサダ!
First off, my name is Sada! I'm usually a waterboy, but I was taking a day off at the beach!
[★6] Piscine Sada S そうしたら なんだか
While I was there, I ended up finding a turtle that looked like it was in trouble...
[★3] Odorigame-Green う~んと う~んと…
Uh oh... uh oh! Looks like I'm in trouble!
[★4] Sada なあ おまえ
そんなに困って どうしたんだ?
Hey, you. What's wrong?
[★3] Odorigame-Green 聞いてくれますかぁ?
Are you're willing to help? I was supposed to have a dance battle on this beach...
[★4] Odorigame-Green バトルする相手が
But I can't find a single opponent to dance off with!
[★4] Sada なーんだ そんなことか!
Today's your lucky day! How 'bout I be your opponent?
[★4] Odorigame-Green 本当ですかぁ?
それでは さっそく…
Are you sure? In that case, let's do this! Let the dance battle commence!
♪~ ♪~ ♪~
♪~ ♪~ ♪~<br\>A little while later...
[★5] Sada ふ~!
おどった おどった~!
Whew! I danced until I couldn't dance anymore!
[★4] Odorigame-Green ありがとうございましたぁ!
いい勝負ができて 大満足ですぅ!
Thank you very much, sonny! That was an incredible battle!
[★5] Sada へへっ
オレも いい息抜きになったよ!
Hehe. It was nice to take a break from my work!
[★2] Odorigame-Green お礼に 海の中を案内したいので
Follow me! I'll give you a tour of the seafloor as thanks!
[★4] Sada えっ 海の中!?
そう言われても さすがに
Eh? A tour of the ocean...? As much as I appreciate it, I can't exactly swim like you turtles...
[★4] Sada あっ そうだ!
Wait, I've got it! This cloth that Alrischa lent me... Maybe it really can turn me into a fish!
がさごそ… がさごそ… Shuffle, shuffle...
[★6] Piscine Sada S よーし! これならいけるぞ!
それじゃあ あらためて…
海の中へ しゅっぱ~つ♪
Alrighty! This should work fine! I'm ready... lets dive into the ocean~!♪
[★4] Odorigame-Green しゅっぱ~つ ですぅ~♪ Let the diving commence~!♪
[★6] Piscine Sada S …っていうことが あったんだ! ...And that's about it!
[★5] Seaside Abyss (なるほど…
(I get it now... this is the scene Elisa was describing earlier.)
[★5] Seaside Abyss しかし…それで なぜ大量の
Still... These boxes are unexplained. Why scatter them everywhere?
[★7] Seaside Abyss キミ…
まだ なにか隠しているだろう!
You... I know you're hiding something!
[★4] Piscine Sada うわわっ!?
いきなり そんなもの
Uwaaah!? Point that water gun towards anyone but me!
[★6] Otohime Serilly あのっ
それについては 私の方から
Pardon me, but I do believe I can fill in the missing gaps of this story!
[★6] Seaside Abyss …フン いいだろう
...Alright, fine. Why don't you go ahead and tell me?
[★6] Piscine Sada S (というか…
この人 いったい誰なんだよ…?)
(...Who even is this guy?)
[★6] Otohime Serilly はあ…どうしましょう… Sigh... What to do...?
[★5] Piscine Sada へ~
海の中って キレイな場所が
Wow~! The ocean has so many beautiful sights!
[★6] Otohime Serilly きゃっ! あなた…誰ですか!? Eeek! Who... are you!?
[★4] Piscine Sada わわっ! ゴメン!
Oh gosh! Sorry! I'm Sada...
[★6] Piscine Sada S つい 勢いで謝っちゃったけど
Er... Forgive me for prodding, but who are you?
[★6] Otohime Serilly 私は…セリリです Me...? I'm Serilly.
[★6] Otohime Serilly たくさんお友達がほしくて
I wanted to make lots of new friends, so I was going to host a lovely oceanic party, but...
[★6] Otohime Serilly かんじんな お料理の準備を
I completely forgot to arrange for catering...! I'm in so much trouble...
[★4] Piscine Sada うわ~ たしかに それは
Oh no... That does sound like a real problem...
[★6] Otohime Serilly このままじゃ…
せっかく呼んだ人たち みんな
If I don't remedy the situation, everyone I've invited to my part will end up returning home feeling disappointed...!
[★6] Otohime Serilly ぐすんっ… Sniffle...
[★6] Piscine Sada S ……うーん 仕方ないなぁ
今日は せっかく給仕係は
...Ah, shoot... I was supposed to be off today, but I can't just leave her like this...
[★6] Piscine Sada S これもなにかの縁だと思って
Just this once, I'll lend you a hand, alright?
[★7] Otohime Serilly ええっ いいんですか…?
Eh, are you sure...? Thank you so very much!
[★6] Otohime Serilly …ということがあったんです ...That is the truth behind the matter.
[★5] Summery Ringo なるほど~!
つまり ビーチに散乱している
Now I get it~! The reason the mysterious boxes have been littered around the beach was...
[★5] Summery Ringo 海の宴会場に 運びこむ前の
...it's waiting to be taken to the oceanic banquet hall!
[★6] Summery Ringo いや~ ナゾが解けて
Yahoo~! We did it! The riddle's answer shines as radiantly as the sun!
[★5] Seaside Abyss まったく…
Good grief... You're all a bunch of troublemakers...
[★6] Otohime Serilly ごめんなさい… ぐすん… I'm real sorry... Sniff...
[★5] Summery Ringo い…いえ!
Oh... no, don't worry! You don't have to keep apologizing!
[★6] Otohime Serilly でも…
But... I've caused you a lot of trouble, haven't I...?
[★7] Otohime Serilly ぜひ お二人も宴へ
Please let me extend an invitation to my party!
[★5] Summery Ringo えっ!? いや でも…
Eh!? I mean, thank you, but isn't your party taking place under the waves...?
[★7] Otohime Serilly はい…♪
とっても広くて 景色が
Yes indeed...♪ It's a large hall with a wonderous view. It's absolutely lovely!
[★5] Summery Ringo そ…そう言われましても…
……アビス いけます?
Well... If you say so... Abyss, are you coming?
[★5] Seaside Abyss 無理に決まってるだろう! What gives you the idea that we can go!?
[★6] Otohime Serilly ううっ… やっぱり…
Sniff... I knew it... There's no way I can make it up to either of you...
[★5] Seaside Abyss いや…だから
Wait, no, I didn't mean it like that...
[★6] Otohime Serilly こんなに謝ってるのに…
ひどいわ ひどいわっ!
I'm apologizing too much, but I really am sorry!
ピチピチッ! バシャバシャ! Splishy splashy! Splashy splishy!
[★5] Summery Ringo わわ!
Oh gosh! C... Calm down, please!
[★5] Summery Ringo そんな波打ちぎわで暴れられると… If you're doing that in the surf, you're gonna...
[★7] Summery Ringo ぐひゃあ! め…目に海水が~!! Nooo! Saltwater got in my eyes~!!
[★6] Piscine Sada S (…あんなに たくさん
(...I brought so much food for the celebration but...)
[★6] Piscine Sada S (呼んだ人たち
(Will these people even make it to the banquet?)
~ おしまい ~
Treasure Box Found at Seaside!? ~ Ending ~