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[★4] Ecolo おやー?
[★4] Ecolo なんだか 他の世界から 旅人が やってきたみたいだね…
Somehow... Looks like a traveller from another world is going to turn up here, huh?
どんがらがっしゃーん ずどどかばぎゃーーん
[★4] Ally はわっ!?
[★4] Ally ここは… どこでしょうか?
Where... is this?
[★4] Ally おつげの 勇者様を さがしていたら 見なれない 場所に 来てしまいました…
I was searching for the prophesied Great Hero when I arrived in a unfamiliar location..."
[★4] Ally もしかしてここは わたしの知らない別の世界 なのでしょうか?
Could this be another world, unknown to to me?
[★4] Ally
[★4] Ally うーん
[★4] Ally うーーーん
[★4] Ally あっ!
[★4] Ally 勇者様を みつければ きっと その おちからで
If I find the Great Hero, surely...
[★4] Ally わたしを もといた世界に つれ帰ってくれるに ちがいありません!
...they will be able to definitely return me to my original world!
[★4] Ally
[★4] Ally いまはそう 思いこんで おくことにしましょう!
For now, I'll set my heart on this idea!
[★4] Ally うんうん!
Yes, yes!
[★4] Ally よーし いきましょう!
Alright~ Let's go!

Episode 1 Pre-boss

[★4] Ally おや?
[★4] Ally リスでしょうか?
Are you perhaps a squirrel?
[★4] Red Paprisu ???
Yer wrong—!
[★4] Ally しゃべることができる ヘンな リスでしょうか?
Are you perhaps a strange, talking squirrel?
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
より いっそう ちがーう!!
Even more wronger!!
[★4] Ally ヘンな リスなのに おはなしが できるなんて さては…
Even though you're a strange squirrel, you can talk... then...
[★4] Ally あなたは 勇者様の リス形態 ですか!?
Are you the Great Hero's squirrel form?!
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
もう 最初からして まったくもって 勢いよく ちょいとのスキもなく ちがうよっ!
Sheesh, from the start ya been utterly, aggressively, completely, wrong!
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
パプリスは いやし可愛い リデル様に 心をよせる リデル団 副団長…
I'm Paprisu, in love with the soothingly cute Miss Lidelle, and da vice leader of Team Lidelle...
[★4] Ally で 勇者様 さっそくで おそれ多いのですが…
Oh, Great Hero, it may be an awe-inspiring thing, but without delay...
[★4] Ally わたしと…愛しあいましょう!!!!
fall in love... together with me!!!!
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
おまえ さては 人の 話を きかないやつだなー!!
Well yer someone who doesn't listen to what people are sayin'—!!
[★4] Ally あ もうし遅れました! わたしは「アリィ」ともうします!
Ah, I have been late with my introduction! I am called 'Ally'!
[★4] Ally ちなみに “イ”は 小さいほう の “ィ”です!
For clarification, it is spelled with a 'y'!
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
アリィだか ナシィだか しらないが……
I don't care if yer All-y or Nobod-y...
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
ここは リデル様の なわばり!
This is Miss Lidelle's turf!
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
勝手に 入りこむやつは ケチョンケチョンにする!
Anyone who just walks in will get THWAP THWAPPED!
[★4] Ally ちょっと 勇者様 わたしの話を ちゃんと 聞いていましたか!?
Wait, Great Hero, did you listen to me properly?!
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
それは こっちのセリフーー!!
Dat's MY line——!!

Episode 1 After Boss

[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
[★4] Ally あわわ 遠くまで ふきとんでしまいました…
Oh no, I blew them far away...
[★4] Ally ええっと… ばたんきゅー しているだけ ですよね?
Uhm... it was just a 'zonked', right?
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
あのムスメがまとう いやしの波動 な…なんという 心地よさだ!
That girl's clad in a healin' wave... How pleasant!
[★4] Ally あのー! おケガはありませんかー?
Excuse me—! Are you injured—?
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
一歩まちがえば このまま オチてしまいそうだ!
At this rate, one wrong step 'n I'll fall for her!
[★4] Ally おーい! きいてますかー?
Hello—? Are you listening—?
[★4] Ally おもしろい ねがおの ヘンな リスさーん!!
Mister weird squirrel with a funny sleeping face—!!
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
[★4] Ally 勇者様では なかったようですが 無事でよかったです!
It's unfortunate that you do not appear to be the Great Hero, but it's fortunate that you are unhurt!
[★4] Ally では 先を急ぎますので!
Then, I must be going!
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
…ったく! 人のはなしを ろくすっぽきかない すっとこ どっこいめ!
...Sheesh! Yer an idiot who doesn't listen one bit to what people gotta say!
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
でも ただならぬチカラを 感じなくもなくなくない…
But I can't say I don't feel an unusual power...
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
「いやし可愛いリデル様」 の地位をおびやかす 思った以上に キケンな存在!?
Is she more dangerous than I thought, and gonna jeopardize the position of "Miss Soothing Lidelle"?!
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
ともあれ リデル様に 報告ー!
Anyway, gotta report to Miss Lidelle!

Episode 2 Pre-boss

[★4] Risukuma (Boss Warning) わたしの名前はカルメン
My name is Carmen.
Note: Singing the 1977 Pink Lady song.
[★4] Ally 勇者様はいったいどちらにいらっしゃるのでしょうか…
Where in the world could the Great Hero be...
[★4] Ally おや?
[★4] Ally またリスでしょうか?
Could it be another squirrel?
[★4] Risukuma (Listed as ???) ちがいます
That would be incorrect.
[★4] Ally こんどは くまですか?
This time it's a bear?
[★4] Risukuma (Listed as ???) それもちがいます
That would also be incorrect.
[★4] Risukuma (Listed as ???) わたくしという存在のアイデンティティは…
The identity of my existence is...
[★4] Risukuma "せんぱい"の部分がその9割以上を占めています
90%+ made up of being an "Upperclassman".
[★4] Ally せせんぱい形態の勇者様!?
The Great Hero in the form of an U-Upperclassman?!
[★4] Risukuma いえ わたしは 勇者様では ありませんよ
No, I am not the Great Hero.
[★4] Ally うーん しょんぼりに がっくりで ガーンです…
Oh... What a very sad, heartbreaking letdown...
[★4] Risukuma 先ほど あちらのほうで 愛がどうのと 叫んでいたのは あなたでは?
Were you the one who was yelling something about love earlier from that direction?
[★4] Risukuma よろしければ 18種類いじょうの言語で 愛を語ることが できる
If you would like, as I am able to convey love in more than 18 languages,
[★4] Risukuma この わたしが 愛についての 講釈を... 
I could give you a lecture on love...
[★4] Ally ほ ほんとうですか?!
[★4] Risukuma はい ただし…
Yes, however...
[★4] Ally ただし?
[★4] Risukuma あなたの その熱き思い…
Those passionate feelings of yours...
[★4] Risukuma 興味本位から ぷよ勝負で ためさせていただきましょう!
Out of curiosity, I must test them through a puyo battle!
[★4] Ally よく分かりませんが…お受けいたします!
I do not quite understand but... I will gladly cooperate!

Episode 2 After Boss

[★4] Risukuma (Rewards Screen) もちろんニックネームに決まってます
Of course, it's a nickname.
Note: Singing the 1977 Pink Lady song.
[★4] Risukuma ……
[★4] Risukuma ふっ
[★4] Risukuma なかなかやりますね
That was sure exciting.
[★4] Ally だいじょうぶですか せんぱいさ…
Are you alright, Upperclassman...
[★4] Ally ひっ! ひぃえぁきぁあわぁああ〜!!!
[★4] Ally !!!
[★4] Ally !!!!!!!!!!!!
[★4] Ally せ せんぱいさんの あたまが…
U-Upperclassman's head has...
[★4] Risukuma いえ 心配無用です
No need to worry.
[★4] Ally わあっ?!
[★4] Risukuma おじょうさん いまの 光景…
Young lady, the sight before you...
[★4] Risukuma よろしければ 口外なさらないで いただけると たすかります
I would deeply appreciate it if you could keep this undisclosed.
[★4] Ally は はい…
[★4] Risukuma 白衣の下から のぞいていた なにかも ひみつですよ
Anything that may peek through this lab coat is a secret.
[★4] Ally はい もちろん…
Yes, of course...
[★4] Risukuma おっと 残念だが そろそろ まぐろくんに たのまれていた…
Oh—it is a shame, but it is about time for me to...
[★4] Risukuma 瞬間育毛剤「前髪ノビール」を もっていく 時間だ
bring Maguro the instantaneous hair growth formula he requested, "Lengthen Forelocks."
[★4] Risukuma 彼が 前髪を 切りすぎたらしく 大混乱になっているようだからね…
It seems he has cut his bangs too short, which has caused great chaos...
[★4] Risukuma そういうわけで 愛を語らうのは またのきかいに じっくり こってりと……
For that reason, I must leave the talk of love to another occasion, when we can slowly, thoroughly...
[★4] Risukuma では しつれい
Until then, excuse me.
[★4] Ally え? え? ちょっ ちょっとぉー!!!???
Eh? Eh? W-wait—?!?!?!
[★4] Ally いってしまいました
The upperclassman left...
[★4] Ally (Thought) はやく 勇者様をみつけて この どくとくな世界から そうきゅうに 脱出しなくては
Hurry... I must quickly find the Great Hero and escape from this peculiar world.
[★4] Ally (Thought) わたし このまま この世界に なじんでしまいそうです…
Otherwise, it seems like I'll grow accustomed to this world...
[★4] Ally (Thought) しかし わたしには じぶんの世界で やらなくてはいけないことがありますから...!
But I have something I must do in my own world, so...!
[★4] Ally よーし!がんばりましょう!
O~kay! I will do my best!

Episode 3 Pre-boss

[★5] Ally おお!
[★5] Ally そのいかにもな金ピカ装備!シンプルだけど強そうな剣!
That splendid gilded equipment! A simple but powerful looking sword!
[★5] Ally あなたはもしや勇者様ですか!?
Are you by any chance the Great Hero?!
[★5] Ragnus そうとも!わたしが勇者ラグナス!
Naturally! I'm the hero, Lagnus!
[★5] Ragnus 魔王を倒すべく旅をしている!わたしに何かようかい?
I'm on a journey to defeat the Devil King! You have some kind of business with me?
[★5] Ally はい!愛しあいましょう!
Yes! Let's fall in love!
[★5] Ragnus ハッ…キミさてはめんどくさいタイプだな
Hah... So you're the troublesome type.
[★5] Ally あっ失礼いたしましたあまりの嬉しさにいろいろ省略してしまいました
Ah—please excuse my rudeness! I was so happy that I happened to skip over details...
[★5] Ragnus キミのように言葉が足りない闇の魔導師をわたしは一人知っているぞ…
You remind me of a certain dark magician I know who's always skipping out on words...
[★5] Ally あわわ気持ちの高ぶりからなにを質問すればよいのやら…
Oh no, I feel so giddy that I cannot think of what to ask...
[★5] Ally そうだ!
I know!
[★5] Ally どうやったらかっこいい勇者になれるのですか!?
How is it that you were able to become such a cool hero?!
[★5] Ragnus なるほど…キミは良い質問をするな!
I see... You've asked a great question!
[★5] Ragnus 勇者への理解があるキミには特別に教えてやろう!
I'll specially teach you since you understand how important heroes are!
[★5] Ally ありがとうございます!
Thank you!
[★5] Ragnus 慈悲の心を持ち
If one has a compassionate heart,
[★5] Ragnus 人々に希望を与え
bestows hope to the people,
[★5] Ragnus ゆるがぬ勇気を胸に
holds unwavering courage in their chest,
[★5] Ragnus 自分の正義を信じて貫き通せる覚悟を持てば…
believes in their own justice, and remains steadfast in their resolve...
[★5] Ragnus ある意味だれもが勇者になれる!
in that sense, anyone can become a hero!
[★5] Ragnus だがしかしそのていどではたかだか勇者っぽいものにしかなれない
However, even with that, one will only manage to appear like a hero of the highest degree.
[★5] Ragnus それら全てを一番多く持ち合わせているこの勇者ラグナスが…
That's because the hero that greatest wields all of these qualities is I, Lagnus...
[★5] Ragnus 魔王を倒すことをさだめられた真の勇者だという由縁なのだ!
Since it's been decided that I am the true hero who will defeat the Devil King!
[★5] Ragnus アーハッハッハッハ!!
[★5] Ally
[★5] Ragnus ん?どうしたのだ?ポカーンとして…
Hm? What's wrong? You're staring at me blankly...
[★5] Ally この人はある意味ほんものだーーーーー!!!!!
[★5] Ragnus うわああ!!!???

Episode 3 After Boss

[★5] Ally はっ!失礼しました!
Oh! Please excuse me!
[★5] Ally 想像以上に胸にひびいてしまいましたので
You made my heart beat more quickly than I had imagined possible,
[★5] Ally おもいのままに行動してしまいました
that I rushed in on those feelings...
[★5] Ragnus まぁいいだろう…他に聞きたいことはないのか?
Well, it's alright... Did you have any other questions?
[★5] Ally …………あっ!そうでした!!
...Ah! Yes, I did!
[★5] Ally 実はわたしとつぜんこの見知らぬ世界に飛ばされてしまいました
The truth is, I suddenly landed in this world unknown to me.
[★5] Ally なぜかは分からないのですが勇者様のおチカラで元いた世界に帰してほしいんです!
I am not sure why that is, but I wish to be returned to my original world through the Great Hero's power!
[★5] Ragnus …ほうなるほど
...Hm, I see.
[★5] Ragnus
[★5] Ragnus それはわたしには出来ない
That's something I can't do.
[★5] Ally ええーーー!!
[★5] Ragnus 当たり前だろうそもそもキミがどこから来たのかも分からないし…
Isn't that obvious? To begin with, I don't even know where you came from...
[★5] Ally 確かにそうですね
Yes, that is true...
[★5] Ragnus しかしもしかしたらどこかにいる勇者っぽいやつが出来るかもしれない…
However, maybe there's a hero-like person somewhere around that could do that for you...
[★5] Ragnus そいつを探してみるんだな!アーハッハッハッハ!!
Try looking for them! A~HAHAHAHA!!
[★5] Ally 勇者様を見つけたと思ったのに残念です…
Too bad...I thought I had found the Great Hero...
[★5] Ally あれ?でもよく考えたらおつげにあった勇者様とは服装がちがいましたね…
Huh? Now that I think of it, the prophesied hero's garments were supposed to be different...
[★5] Ally わかりました!あれは色ちがいの勇者様ですね!
I understand! That was a Great Hero of a different color!
[★5] Ally よーし今度こそおつげの勇者様を探しますよ!
Alright~ This time for sure I'll find the prophesied Great Hero!
[★5] Ally アリィがんばります!
Go, Ally go!
[★5] Ally おー!

Episode 4 Pre-boss

[★5] Ally おや!?
[★5] Lidelle 『ふっふっふ…』
[★5] Lidelle 『うちの 団員が だいぶ 世話になったようじゃねえか』
"You've sure troubled our members..."
[★5] Lidelle 『私のなわばりで 好き勝手をしているというのは おまえさんかい?』
"Did you think you could just do whatever you want in my territory?
[★5] Lidelle 『確かに 回復わざが 得意そうな いい つらがまえだ…』
"I suppose you do have a good soothing technique in that expression..."
[★5] Lidelle …って ぱ… ぱ… パプリスさん~!
...uhm! M-Mr. Paprisu—!
[★5] Lidelle …かってに わたしの背後から わたしが話しているみたいに しゃべるのは…
...Talking from behind my back to make it look like I'm the one talking is...
[★5] Lidelle …や やめてください~!
...P-please stop—!
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
すいません 団長!
Sorry, Leader!
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
しかし こやつは いやしくて 可愛い リデル様の 地位をおびやかす…
But dis fellow's endangerin' soothing and cute Miss Lidelle's position...
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
あれ、まちがえた いやがる様子も 可愛い…? イカ刺し おいしい…だったかな?
Or what was it again? Dis dangerous situation's also cute...? Was it... squid slices are delicious?
[★5] Lidelle もう… いいです~!
Please... that's enough—!
[★5] Ally あなたが この辺いったいのシマを しきる リデル団の団長で へんなリスさんの ボスさんの…
Could you be the leader of Team Lidelle, who controls this part of the island, and that squirrel's boss...
[★5] Ally いやしくて いやがりながら イカ刺しを食べる といううわさの リデルさんという ことですね!
The soothing, dangerous fellow who eats squid slices from the rumors is referring to Miss Lidelle, right?!
[★5] Lidelle あ… あの… む 無理に まちがえないでください…!
U-uhm... P-please don't get the wrong idea...!
[★5] Lidelle そもそも 団長なんかでは ありません~!
I'm not even any kind of leader—!
[★5] Ally では 勇者様なのですね!?
Then, you're the Great Hero, right?!
[★5] Lidelle だ だれか… たすけてください~!
S-someone... save me—!

Episode 4 After Boss

[★5] Lidelle 『くっ! 私がやられるとは…』
"Guh! To have defeated me..."
[★5] Lidelle 『だが忘れるな… 私がやられたとしても』
"But remember this... Even if you've defeated me..."
[★5] Lidelle 『第2 第3の リデルが お前に おそいかかるだろう…』
"The second and third Lidelle will be coming to attack you..."
[★5] Lidelle
[★5] Lidelle だ… だから… やめてください~!
P-please cut that out—!
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@リデル団 Paprisu@Team Lidelle
ですが団長 このままですと リデル団が…!
But Leader! At dis rate, Team Lidelle will...
[★5] Lidelle そもそも そんなおねがい してません~ そ… そんな軍団は 今日で解散します…!
I never asked for any of this! I... I'm disbanding the team from today...!
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@無所属 Paprisu@No Team
あぁ とうとう パプリスの こころの オアシスが…
Ah... the oasis of paprisu hearts has come to an end...
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@無所属 Paprisu@No Team
こうなったら 意地でも 新しい いやし 可愛いキャラを 探すしかない!
In dat case, I got no choice but to go on to find a new soothing, cute character!
[★4] Red Paprisu パプリス@無所属 Paprisu@No Team
そうと決まれば 善は急げだー!
It's decided! Gotta strike while da iron's hot—!
[★5] Lidelle はあ… いったい なんだったんでしょうか…
Haa... What in the world was that...
[★5] Ally なるほど リデルさんは 勇者様では なかったのですね
I see. Miss Lidelle was not the Great Hero.
[★5] Lidelle す… すみません… 大きな声を 出してしまって…
S-sorry... I let out a loud voice...
[★5] Lidelle …このまえ 『結成しました!』と急に言われて 気がついたら 流されるままに…
...Earlier, I was suddenly told "We formed a team!" and by the time I noticed, they had kept on going...
[★5] Lidelle そ… そうこうしたら こんな事になってしまいました…
and going... until it ended up like this...
[★5] Ally なるほど なるほど
I see, I see.
[★5] Ally 愛とリスペクトがないまま 応援団を作っても そこには エゴしかうまれません…
If one creates a cheering team lacking in love and respect, the only thing reflected will be one's selfishness...
[★5] Ally やっぱり いちばんは 愛が大切なんですね!
As expected, the most important thing is love!
[★5] Ally さぁ 愛しあいましょう!
Now, let's fall in love!
[★5] Lidelle どうして そうなるんでしょう…?
Why are you saying that...?
[★5] Ally 決まっているじゃないですか!
Has it not been decided?!
[★5] Ally わたしが 新しい リデル団 を作ります!
I shall be the one to make a new Team Lidelle!
[★5] Lidelle あぁ… もぅ…
Oh... no...

Episode 5 Pre-boss

[★6] Ringo (Boss Warning) 「愛」と「嫌」は画数が同じです!
"Love" and "Hate" have the same number of letters!
[★6] Ally やっとこの世界でふつうにみえる方に出会えた気がします
I feel like I have finally met someone who appears to be normal!
[★6] Ringo あの登場セリフをふつうに感じてきたのであればとうとうこちらの世界に毒されてきましたね!
If you think it's normal to say that, you've already been affected by this world!
[★6] Ringo 同じ芸風っぽい電波を感じ取ってやって来ましたりんごです
I'm Ringo, and I've also been struck by similar vibes here.
[★6] Ally あもうし遅れました!わたしは「アリィ」ともうします!
Ah, I have been late with my introduction! I am called 'Ally'!
[★6] Ally ちなみに "イ"は小さいほうの "ィ"です!
For clarification, it is spelled with a 'y'!
[★6] Ringo そのくだりは最初に見たのでもう知っています!
It's the first time I've met you, but I am already aware of that!
[★6] Ringo それにしてもあなたはいったいどこのどちらさまでしょう?
At any rate, who exactly may you be?
[★6] Ally はいわたしはみなさんからは
I am an adventurer,
[★6] Ally おつげの勇者様をさがしている冒険者の女の子!
searching for the prophesied Great Hero everyone has foretold!
[★6] Ally 「愛しあいましょう!」がくちぐせですべてのものが好き!
My favorite phrase is "Let's fall in love!" and I love everything!
[★6] Ally と紹介されることが多いです
With that, I've introduced many things about myself.
[★6] Ringo なにゆえ愛しあいましょうが口ぐせなんですか?
Why is "Let's fall in love" your favorite phrase?
[★6] Ally それはですね…
Well that's because...
〜24 minutes pass〜
[★6] Ally なので男の子でも女の子でも人でもけだものでも石でもお豆腐でも全てのものに
That's why, no matter if they're a boy or a girl, a human or a beast, a rock or a tofu,
[★6] Ally わたしは愛を感じることができます!
I can feel love towards anything!
[★6] Ringo ほほうそれはだいぶ全方向ですな!
Aha, that's certainly swinging in every which way!
[★6] Maguro まさに最強ラブコマンダーだね★
Definitely the strongest Love Commander, huh?★
[★6] Ringo おやまぐろくん前髪は…大丈夫そうですねお前
Oh Maguro, your fringe... looks like you're back to normal.
[★6] Maguro せんぱいのおかげでね★
Thanks to our Upperclassman★
[★6] Risukuma こんなもの造作もないよ
It was no trouble at all.
[★6] Maguro もうちょっとでボクもラブコマンダーになるとこだったよ★
If it had been any later, I would've also become a Love Commander★
[★6] Risukuma 久しぶりにまぐろくんの可愛いアレを見ることができて大満足だったよ
It's been a while since I've seen those cute eyes, so I feel very satisfied.
[★6] Risukuma もう少しであたらしい愛にめざめてしまうところだった
You almost accidentally awakened a new love.
[★6] Ally 愛とはさまざまな形があるものです!
Love is something that comes in all shapes!
[★6] Ally みなさんも愛について語りあいましょう!
Everyone, let's talk about love together!
[★6] Maguro そうだねボクは…
That's true. You know, I was...
〜2 hours 4 minutes pass〜
[★6] Ringo なるほどなるほどアリィの愛というものは…
I see, I see, Ally's love is...
[★6] Ringo にくたいてきな愛?それともせいしんてきな愛?それともきんせ…
A physical love? Or perhaps a spiritual love? Or perhaps a money...
[★6] Maguro おっと★ちょっと盛り上がり過ぎちゃったかな★
Woah there★ Seems like it's escalated too far★
[★6] Maguro ここはぷよ勝負でもして落ち着くことにしよう★
How about if we have a puyo match now to calm down?★


[★6] Ringo 久しぶりに熱くなってしまいましたね
After all that time, it became quite heated, huh?
[★6] Maguro もうちょっとで各方面から怒られるところだったね★
All sides would've gotten too riled up if we had kept going★
[★6] Ringo この気持ちは心のおく底にしまっておいたほうがいいですね
It's best we stow those feelings away in the depths of our hearts.
[★6] Maguro そのようだね★
[★6] Ally 愛を語りあうことも一種の愛しあいましょうですね!
Having a discussion about love is also one way we can fall in love together!
[★6] Risukuma うむたしかにそのとおりだ
Mm, that is certainly true.
[★6] Risukuma キミはだいぶ愛について理解があるようだね
You seem to thoroughly understand love.
[★6] Risukuma 将来有望な新人と言ったところか
I should say you're quite the promising newcomer.
[★6] Ally ですが結局勇者様は見つかりませんでした…
Yet in the end, I didn't find the Great Hero...
[★6] Ally いったいどうすれば…
Just what should I do...
[★6] Risukuma こんなこともあろうかと…
I have this...
Rummage Rummage
[★6] Risukuma 「勇者が見つかるバクダン」を作ってきたのだよ!
I've made a "Find Hero Bomb!"
[★6] Risukuma これを使えばあっという間に勇者が見つかることまちがいなし
If you use this, you will undoubtedly find a hero in a flash.
[★6] Ally おぉー!そんなものを作ってくださっていたのですか!
Ooh~! You made something like this for me?!
[★6] Ringo さすがですねりすせんぱい!
You're amazing, Upperclassman Ris!
[★6] Maguro かっこいいですよせんぱい★
Very cool, Ris★
[★6] Risukuma フフフ…そんなにほめるでないこうはい諸君
Fufufu... You don't need praise me that much, my good juniors.
[★6] Risukuma ではさっそくお嬢さんの勇者を探し出すために…
Without further ado, in order to find this young lady's hero...
[★6] Ally はいおねがいします!
Yes, please!
[★6] Risukuma それ…ポチッとな
Here... *Beep*
Grrbhrhb—! Brrbrbhr—!
[★6] Maguro だいぶぶっそうな音がなっていますね★
That's making a rather dangerous sound★
[★6] Risukuma おやこれは…
Oh, this is...
"Convenient Memory Erasure Bomb"
[★6] Risukuma 間違えてしまったようだね…
It appears I have made a mistake...
[★6] Ringo ちょっと!?せんぱーーーーい!?
Wait?! RIS—?!
*Sits up*
[★6] Ringo はて?さっきまで誰かと会っていた気がするのですが?
Huh? Weren't we just meeting someone?
[★6] Risukuma 思い出せない…覚えているかい?まぐろくん
I cannot remember...do you, Maguro?
[★6] Maguro ちょっと思い出せないですね★
Can't really remember a thing★
[★6] Ringo 何はともあれそのうち会えそうな気もするので…
Anyhow, I feel like we'll meet again soon so...
[★6] Ringo 今は気にしないことにしましょう!
Let's not worry about it for now!
[★6] Maguro そうだねボクも会えそうな気がするよ★
That's true, I also have that feeling★
[★6] Maguro 12月…8日あたりかな★
Maybe on December... 8th★
[★6] Ringo さすがまぐろくん占い師なみの予言力だね
As expected of Maguro—a prediction as powerful as a fortuneteller's.
[★6] Maguro 当たるかは分からないけどね★
Not that I know whether it'll be right★
[★6] Risukuma それではそろそろ帰るとしよう
Now then, it's about time to go home.
[★6] Ringo そうですねなぜかすごく話し込んだ気がするので疲れました
Yes, I feel like somehow we've talked a great deal so I'm tired.
[★6] Maguro ボクは爆発でチリチリになった後頭部の髪の毛をすぐに直したいね★
The explosion burned the hair on the back of my head to a crisp, hope I can find a way to fix it★
[★4] Ecolo いまの爆発で旅人は元の世界に戻っちゃったね
Looks like the explosion returned that traveler to her original world.
[★4] Ecolo まぁあの子がボクたちの世界とかかわるのはちょっと早すぎたみたいだし…
Eh, it seems like it's too early for that kid to affect our world anyway...
[★4] Ecolo これでよかったのかも!
Maybe for the better!
[★4] Ecolo
[★4] Ecolo ボクはりんごちゃんのことだったらぜーったいにわすれないけどね!
Though if I was Ringo, I def~i~nite~ly wouldn't forget!
[★4] Red Rammit
[★4] Ecolo なんだこいつ?
What's this thing?