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Pair Puyo
Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary Wii Pair Puyo.jpg
Margin time192
Target points120
All clear bonus Preset 4 chain

Pair Puyo Puyo (ペアでぷよぷよ Pea de Puyopuyo) is the name of the rule introduced in Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary. Unlike other game modes, it features the concept of "sharing lives". It somewhat resembles the Deka Puyo Rush mode, because for every chain made by the player or their teammate counts as an additional chain. In the character selection, players with similar symbols (Sun and Moon, in contrast to the spade, heart, club and diamond symbols) will be teammates.


Both Red Amitie and White Feli is making the 15+ chains but have 6+ meteors in the nuisance line.

In Pair Puyo Mode, both players share lives, use dropsets and uses quick drop. The default number of lives is 3 (can be toggled to 1 or 5). This mode combines modified rules of Fever and Deka Puyo Rush, featuring continuous offsetting and incremental chains. See video here: Video


Chains in this mode are shared. When players a chain, they send Garbage Puyos to the opponent and the chain will be added, shown by the number in between the players' field. After a player chains, their teammate's field outline will flash yellow with a small yellow bar that rapidly decreases in amount. If their teammate did not make a chain within this this time frame, any accrued nuisance will be sent, forcing the team to start again.

Given this method of chaining, players can continuously send and delay queued Garbage Puyos by quickly and alternately making as little as a one-chain. However, this method also decreases the Garbage Puyo multiplier, making big chains made by small chains weaker in the long run.

Synchro Chains

A Synchro Chain is a special type of chain that sends more garbage and scores more points than usual. To activate a Synchro Chain, both players must fulfill the all of following conditions.

  • The team should not have any accrued garbage waiting to be send to the opponent. In other words, the total chain made by a team must be zero.
  • Both of the players' chain length should be at least three.
  • Both of the players' chains must be equal in length.
  • The players trigger their chains at the same time.

A chain will not count as a Synchro Chain if one or more of the conditions are absent.

Nuisance and Game over

Garbage Puyos are also shared between players. Garbage will only fall on either field under the following conditions.

  • The team does not have any accrued garbage waiting to be sent. In other words, their total chain is zero.
  • One player drops his/her Puyo without clearing Puyo, therefore failing to offset.

If the conditions above are met, Garbage Puyos will drop on a player's field, still in increments of 30 at most. If either pair fills the space with an X, the team's total lives is reduced by one. They also receive a preset 4 chain, with all Garbage Puyos removed from their nuisance queue. The pair loses if all their lives are lost.


Difficulty Levels

Very Easy

The player plays with 3 colors, and Puyo fall down slower.


The player plays with 3 colors


The player plays with 4 colors


The player plays with 5 colors

Very Hard

The player plays with 5 colors, and Puyo fall down sightly faster