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Sei Madou Monogatari (approx. Holy Story of Sorcery) is the latest game in the Madou Monogatari series. It was published and developed by Compile Heart, with development support by ZeroDiv. Due to the Puyo Puyo cast being owned by Sega, a new cast was created for the game. The game was also the first Madou Monogatari game to see an English-language release, under the title Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God, published by Aksus Games in North America and Rising Star Games in Europe, abandoning the “The Witchcraft Saga” name used in the packaging materials of the PC-98 Madou Monogatari 123. This game was the first handheld-exclusive entry in the series (though it was later ported to PC in 2018 by Ghostlight), released for the Playstation Vita console in 2013.

The game differs greatly from previous Madou games in tone and gameplay setup, with a tone closer to the Puyo Puyo series and more conventional roguelike mechanics.


Main Characters

  • Pupuru - The game’s main heroine.
  • Gigadis - The primary antagonist of the game, having two horns much like Satan. His father was eaten by Kuu.
  • Kuu - Equivalent to Carbuncle. Actively partakes in combat.
  • Puni - A companion of Pupuru, she resembles Draco Centauros
  • Ms. Saffron - The teacher of Pupuru.
  • Lilica - A friend of Pupuru's.
  • Etanya - A fortune teller similar to Witch and Feli
  • Panna, Naan, and Udon - A group of spelunkers.
  • Cliora - The fiancé of Gigadis, equivalent to Rulue, she doesn’t know how to cook because her father doesn’t allow her to.
  • Zeo Uyghur - The equivalent to Schezo Wegey
  • Goldal - The man who hired Panna, Naan, and Udon, he runs a curry chain. He eventually decides to go for the recipient himself.
  • Nicholi - He runs Smile Curry and his eyes are always shut, just like Lemres. He serves as the main shopkeeper.
  • The Great Curry God
  • Currysia - The game’s Final Boss. He told Pupuru she could only come if she had the ultimate ingredients.


Much like in the Saturn Madou Monogatari, many enemies are recolored to serve as variants. The enemies collectively refer to themselves as “The Hob” in their theme song.

  • Puniman/Smalliman/Mediumman/Bigman - A living meat bun resembling a Puyo in shape. May attack by rolling. If it is knocked into another of its kind, players get an exp bonus.
  • Sprout Fox/Fungus Fox/Prarie Fox - A bipedal maroon fox with a sprout coming out of its head. Uses a healing power to heal itself and other enemies in its vicinity.
  • Knoblin/Lumplin/Knockoblin/Giant Knoblin - A light green goblin with a mouthstache, holding a wooden club.
  • Daphnia Devil/Daphnia Imp/Daphnia Yasha/Daphnia Demon - A floating water flea. Despite this, they do not resemble Nomi much.
  • Bee-Bell/Evil Bee-Bell/Blue Bee-Bell/Giant Bee-Bell - A bee-like warrior resembling an older Honey Bee, with a derriere pierced by a bell, hence the name. It uses a spear to poison Pupuru.
  • Tiggeron/Hobbesidon - A striped reptilian quadruped that attacks rapidly.
  • Golem/Cheerful Golem - Flat creatures made of chocolate, they will try to slam Pupuru with their arms.
  • Onion Deacon/Onion Laity/Onion Priest/Onion Bishop - It floats on a magic carpet and may turn items into pickled onions before teleporting.
  • Phoenichun/Burningchun/Ignichun - A small phoenix that shoots a stream of fire.
  • Maa-maid - Anglerfish in maid outfits who clean away various items on the floor of a dungeon. They move in strange dancing patterns, making them hard to track down.
  • Drowsy Kitty/Sleepy Kitty/Comatose Kitty/Cat-Nap Kitty
  • Replicorn/Seniorcorn/Professorcorn - A walking ear of corn.
  • Axolotl Drone/Axolotl Vassal/Axolotl Leader/Axolotol Lord - An axolotl in samurai armor much like Samurai Mole.
  • Frail Elf/Fragile Elf/Delicate Elf/Weak Elf- A sickly elf in striped pyjamas who curses items.
  • Juicy Eggplant/Fresh Eggplant - A large eggplant with a rapier. Can attack rapidly.
  • Kleptotroll/Thieftroll/Plundertroll - A small, furry troll enemy that steals items and carries them away, running at high speeds.
  • Chickurell/Chickmunk/Chiphoenix/Henmunk - A squirrel/chicken/snail hybrid. It pecks away at items, destroying them.
  • Chimehound/Bellhound/Alarmhound/Sirenhound
  • Cursed Doll - This enemy walks through walls and hypnotizes opponents.
  • Magic Prajna/Magic Tengu - A magic-using monster wearing an ugly mask. Capable of sealing Pupuru's magic before slowing her down.
  • Gutsy Tofu/Bravado Tofu - A giant block of tofu with a scowling human face and a slight pompadour.
  • Dragonstick - An enemy that hops around on a pogo stick.

Minor Bosses

  • Crystal Turtle
  • Lavapotty Shrimp
  • Indeedotaur/Howevertaur/Whatevertaur/Whoevertaur - These Monsters will show up if you spend too much time on a certain floor, one after the other.
  • Imhotep
  • Merchant


  • Dish Town
  • Oboro Forest
  • Rock-Hard Cavern
  • Cero Forest
  • Flaming Volcano
  • Whiskee Forest
  • Madadel Ruins
  • Glutton Woods
  • Grain-y Wilds
  • Enigmatic Woods
  • Mysterious Curry Tower
  • Restore Maze
  • Idol-Atry Maze
  • Sacred Sky Palace


The game is no longer in a first-person perspective, instead playing closer to games such as Waku Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, with a bird's-eye view and turn-based navigation and conflict working in conjunction. Kuu has to be fed to remain in combat. Weapons and shields can be equipped. Without them, Pupuru is able to punch enemies and chests. Pupuru can learn skills from Spell Books, which give her skills that can be used a limited number of times. Kuu can also be taught skills, notably crafting items together. Items collected may be thrown at enemies, consumed, fed to Kuu, or made into curries.



  • Copies of the PS Vita version in Western releases came with a bib, a plate, and a spoon for curry.