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Sei Madou Monogatari is the latest release of the Madou Monogatari series. Due to the Puyo Puyo cast being owned by SEGA, a new cast was created for the game. The game was also the first Madou Monogatari game to see an English-language release, under the title Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God. This game was the first handheld-exclusive entry in the series (though it was later ported to PC), released for the Playstation Vita console in 2013.


Main Characters

  • Pupuru - The game’s main heroine.
  • Gigadis - The primary antagonist of the game, having two horns much like Satan.
  • Kuu - Equivalent to Carbuncle. Actively partakes in combat.
  • Puni - A companion of Pupuru, she resembles Draco Centauros
  • Ms. Saffron - The teacher of Pupuru.
  • Lilica - A friend of Pupuru's.
  • Etanya - A fortune teller similar to Witch and Feli
  • Panna, Naan, and Udon - A group of spelunkers.
  • Cliora - The fiancé of Gigadis, equivalent to Rulue
  • Zeo Uyghur - The equivalent to Schezo Wegey
  • Goldal - The man who hired Panna, Naan, and Udon, he runs a curry chain.
  • Nicholi - He runs Smile Curry and his eyes are always shut, just like Lemres. He serves as the main shopkeeper.


Much like in the Saturn Madou Monogatari, many enemies are recolored to serve as variants.

  • Puniman
  • Sprout Fox
  • Knoblin - A light green goblin with a mouthstache, holding a wooden club.
  • Daphnia Devil
  • Daphnia Imp
  • Bee-bell - A bee-like warrior resembling Honey Bee
  • Tiggeron - A striped reptilian quadruped
  • Golem
  • Onion Deacon
  • Hobbesidon
  • Phoenichun
  • Maa-maid - Anglerfish in maid outfits who clean away various items on the floor of a dungeon.
  • Onion Laity
  • Drowsy Kitty
  • Replicorn
  • Axolotl Drone - An axolotl in samurai armor much like Samurai Mole.
  • Frail Elf
  • Cheerful Golem
  • Evil Bee-Bell
  • Seniorcorn
  • Juicy Eggplant
  • Kleptotroll
  • Lumplin
  • Fragile Elf
  • Chickurell
  • Chimehound
  • Thieftroll

Minor Bosses

  • Crystal Turtle
  • Lavapotty Shrimp


  • Dish Town
  • Oboro Forest
  • Cero Forest
  • Whiskee Forest
  • Restore Maze


The game is no longer in a first-person perspective, instead playing closer to games such as Waku Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, with a bird's-eye view and turn-based navigation and conflict working in conjunction. Kuu has to be fed to remain in combat. Weapons and shields can be equipped. Without them, Pupuru is able to punch enemies and chests. Pupuru can learn skills from Spell Books, which give her skills that can be used a limited number of times. Kuu can also be taught skills, notably crafting items together. Items collected may be thrown at enemies, consumed, fed to Kuu, or made into curries.



  • Copies of the PS Vita version in Western releases came with a bib and a plate.