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Hello! this is a page in which I, Starocide put WIPs of various articles I am planning to make in the future, or major revisions to existing ones. Though if you want to make them yourself, you're free to do so! just tell me first if you want.

Completed WIPs:

Story in Puyo Puyo!! Quest

This article is referring to the main story mode of Puyo Puyo!! Quest. For individual Manzai Demos, as well as the translated story, check PPQ:Story.

Arc 1 - The World of Puyo Quest

Chapter 0

Atari introduces herself in the Spacetime Detective Agency's office, when Puyo suddenly start raining from the sky and gradually flooding it. Atari starts panicking, but Arle and Carbuncle appear out of nowhere and initiate a Puyo battle to help clear up the area. After the battle was finished, Amitie, Ringo, Schezo and Legamünt appear, and express confusion when Atari refers to them as her "co-workers". Shortly after, Atari's alarm clock goes off, for this has been a dream all along. She panics and quickly leaves for work.

Chapter 1

Atari leaves home and runs for work, worrying that her dreams to be a "Super Detective" won't be taken seriously should she come in late. Out of nowhere, a green Puyo starts to assertively block her way. Meanwhile, Seo receives a call transmitted by Puubot from a regular patron of hers reporting a Spacetime Tunnel opening up in the sky. Seo and Puubot search for employees currently applicable for the mission, only to turn out with no results. Atari abruptly rushes into the office and reports to her new boss about the jelly-like being she previously saw. She introduces herself with puns relating to her own name, which Seo deems a waste of precious time. Atari profusely apologizes and Seo quickly declines her request for punishment, saying that there are more important and urgent matters at hand. Seo recalls Atari's report and explains to her that said beings are from another world, and their arrival here is a result of a Spacetime Tunnel. Atari is then sent on her very first mission, set to arrive on Pwurp Island.

On Pwurp, Accord is teaching Amitie, Lidelle, Raffina and Klug a lesson about making Puyo chains, when Atari drops from the sky all of a sudden, considering her landing a success. Accord challenges Atari to a Puyo battle against Amitie in order to help the former understand the situation better, to which Atari accepts and wins. Everyone arrives at the Magic School Classroom and Amitie introduces herself to the rookie detective properly. After a short explanation from Klug as to what a "detective" even is, Amitie requests Atari to do her homework and Klug chimes back in, asking her to fix the classroom's squeaking door. After similar requests from Tartar and Raffina, Atari gets overwhelmed and asks to form a request queue. Accord goes first and asks her to bring Sig, who was absent today, his homework assignments. After a short description of Sig's appearance, Atari runs out of the classroom in order to search for him.

Atari quickly realizes she has no sense of direction in this unfamiliar place, so Amitie decides to tag along with her. She explains that she and her class are too, from another world, but traveling between them is something she's used to. Atari confuses Accord's previous words and refers to Sig as a red-head, which causes Suketoudara to appear. Atari mistakes him for the missing classmate, with Amitie quickly and loudly correcting her. The noise disrupts Skeleton-T's precious tea time and before Atari can confuse another individual for Sig, Amitie attracts her attention towards the top of a tree. Meanwhile, on Pwurp Island's Red Promenade, a mysterious man makes his landing, and complains about having to go this far just to hand the new rookie the equipment and tools she forgot.

Above the tree, a Spacetime Tunnel was spotted by Atari. She proclaims the Tunnel to be where Puyo always come from when battles occur, to which Amitie corrects her once more. She and Atari spot Sig climbing the tree and call out for him to get down to his refusal, for there is a special bug he is trying to see. Everyone is trying to pull Sig down when the mysterious bug fell off the tree. The "bug" in question turned out to be Puubot. Strange robotic dogs fell out of the tree right after and Atari, Amitie and Puubot challenge them to a Puyo battle to no avail. The three of them and Sig run away and make their way to the island's Purple Alley, but the Robo-Dogs quickly cut to the chase. Atari came up with a solution to feed the Robo-Dogs Onigiri, only realizing it was her lunch after they finished the meal. Now refilled, the Robo-Dogs charge at Atari and before she could initiate a battle with them, her voice signature is accepted by Puubot who sends the Robo-Dogs into the now rapidly expanding Spacetime Tunnel, closing it shortly after. Seo manages to communicate with Atari via Puubot, to ensure the two have found one another.

Back at the Red Promenade, the mysterious man pulls out a unique tool called the Spacetime Compass, which is meant to point towards the correct direction no matter where or when the holder is. Suketoudara confuses the colorful contraption for a disco ball, and the man leaves, claiming to be quite busy.

The chapter ends with Atari making her first ever work report to Seo.

Chapter 2

Seo introduces Puubot and its capabilities to Atari, revealing that the two got separated in inter-dimensional transit. Atari gives it the nickname of "Puu-chan" and continues explaining that if not for Amitie and Sig being with her, her dinner would have been gone already. Seo explains that another detective by the name of Roquier but before she could tell Atari more about him, the connection cuts off, only letting her mention that he makes great omelettes.

Disappointed by the sudden cutoff but excited by the thought of rice omelettes, Atari and the rest go back to the Magic School Classroom for the former to report the mission's success to Ms. Accord. (WILL CONTINUE LATER)

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Arc 2 - The World of Fever