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Everybody Quest (みんなでクエスト) is the multiplayer mode of Puyo Puyo!! Quest. Up to 4 players can collaboratively take on quests, each putting out one card. Only the room host is required to use stamina and room guests are free to participate, but only room host receive user experience and base coins.

Everybody Quest is first made available with a taster campaign between 2015/7/24~26 (ver. 4.7.0). The mode was officially open on 2015/10/19 (ver. 5.0.0), but was taken down for emergency maintenance due to server issues. It was reopened on 2015/10/28 (ver. 5.1.0).

How to play

Creating a room

Room Settings
Privacy Settings
Open to All
Open to Guild
Play Style
Anyone's OK
Mission Focused
Beginners Welcome
Help Wanted
User Rank Limit
Open to UR___+

To create a Everybody Quest room, follow these procedures:

  1. Select Create Room (部屋をつくる)
  2. Select the quest/event and difficulty
  3. Customize your Room Settings (部屋の設定)

Joining a room

Once a room is created, there are four ways for other players to find and join it:

  1. By entering the six-digit room code given by the host
  2. By using the room link shared out by the host
  3. By selecting from a guild member-exclusive list
  4. By searching open rooms of a certain quest/event and difficulty
Method Procedures
Enter Room Code
  1. Select Join (参加する)
  2. Select Enter Room Code (部屋の番号を入カする)
  3. Enter the room code on the key pad then select Join (参加する)
Use Room Link
Choose Guild Members' Rooms
Search by Quest

Quest preparation

Multiplayer gameplay

This section only covers differences from the normal single-player gameplay.

Points to Note

  • Certain cards are not allowed to be used in Everybody Quest, including all material cards, and character cards with skills unsupported in the mode (see Category:PPQ:Characters unusable in multiplayer quests for full list).
    • If the leader card of your current active deck is unusable, you will not be allowed to enter the Everybody Quest mode at all, and a pop-up message will ask you to change the leader card (or active deck) in order to proceed:
      PPQ 1stMultibanned.png
    • If the second card of your current active deck is unusable, the substitute card slot will be empty when you create/join a room. No substitute cards will be automatically set unless you manually change it:
      PPQ 2ndMultibanned.png

First Meeting Bonus

First Meeting Bonus (初顔合わせボーナス) is a reward given for playing Everybody Quest with a player for the first time.

Type Reward Availability Resets
Any player
Magic Stone
10 times None
Guild member only
(* does not reset even if guild changed)
Magic Stone
49 times 2015/12/07


Greetings (あいさつ)
Page JP EN Notes
1/5 よろしく! Nice to meet you! Default: Preparation
ハロー♪ Hello ♪ Default: Cheering
こんにちは! Good day!
はじめまして! Nice to meet you!
どーも! Hello!
ようこそ! Welcome!
2/5 はい! Yes!
はーい! Yeees!
いいえ! No!
OK! OK! Default: Preparation
OKです! OK!
3/5 りょーかい! Understo–od!
了解です! I Understood!
了解! Understood! Default: In-quest
いえいえ No, No
おー! Yeah–!
うん! Yep!
4/5 イエス! Yes!
ノ! No!
おつかれさま~ Thanks for your hard work~ Default: Cheering
おつかれ! Thanks for your work!
楽しかった! That was fun!
次もやろう! Let's do another!
5/5 またね! See you later!
交流 Exchanges
やったー We did it~
やったぁ! We did it!
わーい! Ya–y!
えへへ Ehehe
いぇ~い! Ya~y!
うれし~~ I'm happy~~
楽しい♪ Fun♪
めっちゃ楽しい♪ So much fun♪
おっ Yeah!
わくわく Exciting
ドキドキ Heart racing
ハラハラ Anxious/Nervous
ラッキー! Lucky!
よっしゃー! All right!
どこだ? Where?
ひらめいた! Got it!
わかった! Understood!
(笑) (Laughs)
てへぺろ☆ (Laughs embarrassedly)
いっきまーす! Let's goー!
かわいい! Cute!
かっこいい! Cool!
だいれんさ~ Huge chain~
どやっ! Ugh!
次こそ! What's next!
ばたんきゅ~ We lost...
くやし~~! Frustrating~~!
やばい! This is bad!
やばい… This is bad...
まずい! Yikes!
ピーンチ! We're in a pinch!
やられそう… Looks like they got me...
やられたー! They got me!
しまった! Crap!
ミスった! I missed!
まちがえた! I messed up!
間違えました… I've made a mistake...
やっちまった! I messed up!
やっちゃった~ I messed up~
失敗しちゃった・・・ I messed up...
色がない・・・ The color isn't there...
消すとこない! There's no good place to trace!
わからない・・・ I don't know...
なぜだ~~ Why?!
あちゃー Ah, man...
ざんね~ん Too bad~
あわわわわ・・・ Awawawa...
どうしよう・・・ What to do...
外れてー! Disconnected?!
うむむ・・・ Umumu...
ガーン! Crash!
これはムリ・・・ This is impossible...
!?  !?
きたー! It's here~!
でたー! It appeared–!
マジか! Are you for real!
つよっ! Strong!
つよい! Strong!
つよすぎる! Too strong!
むずかしい! Hard!
上手い! Skilled!
クリティカル!? Critical?!
クリティカル! Critical!
ええ!? Eh?!
うそ!? No way?!
うそだろ!? This can't be?!
うっそーん! This can't be~!
嘘だろ・・・ This can't be...
奇跡だ・・・! It's a miracle...!
おお! Yeah!
なんだと!? What?!
なんですとー! What?!
どっひゃー! Dogya–!
うわっ! Uwa!
え! Eh!
ひえー! Hie–!
うぎゃー! Ugya–!
ぎゃー! Gya–!
うわわ! Uwawa!
あともう少し! Just a little more!
がんばれ! Do your best!
がんばろう! Let's do our best!
ファイト! Fight!
おしい! Here I go!
しょーがない! Can't be helped–!
まかせた! I leave it to you!
仕方ないよ! Can't be helped!
いいよ~ Sure~
どんまいっ! Don't mind!
問題ナシ! There's no problem!
ナイス! Nice!
いいかんじ! Feels nice!
その調子! Just like that!
順調だね♪ It's going well♪
気にしないで! Don't worry about it!
気をつけて! Be careful!
落ちついていこう! Let's go calmly!
気軽にいこう! Let's take it easy!
グッジョブ Good Job
いっけーっ! Go–!
最高! The best!
気合だー!! Fired up–!!
サンキュー! Thanks~!
ありがとう! Thank you!
くるよ! It's coming!
きます! It's coming!
トドメだ! This is the end!
キメちゃって! It's decided!
さっすがー! As expected–!
あきらめないで! Don't give up!
楽しくいこう! Let's have fun!
ゴーゴー♪ Go~ Go~♪
すごいです! Amazing!
スゴい! Amazing!
大丈夫です! It's okay!
大丈夫! It's okay!
まかせて! Leave it to me!
ごめんっ! Sorry!
ゴメン・・・ Sorry...
ごめんなさい! I'm sorry!
たすけてー! Save me–!
助けて~ Save me~
助けてください Please save me
応援・指示 Support/Instructions
おねがい! Please!
お願いします! Please!
準備OK? Preparation OK?
準備待ち In preparation
準備中だよ! I'm still preparing!
これでいくよ! Let's go with this!
カード変えるよ I'll change my card
カード変えます I'll change my card
順番変えよう Change the order
タイプ合わせて Match the type
一番強いので With the strongest
強いカードで With a strong card
好きなカードで With any card you like
同属性で With the same attribute
体力低いの Low stamina
体力高いの High stamina
攻撃高いの High attack
攻撃低いの Low attack
回復高いの High healing
回復低いの Low healing
重視でいこう! Let's take this seriously!
なに使う? What should I use?
なに使います? What should I use?
大丈夫? Are you alright?
行ってもいい? Is it alright if we go?
行きますか? Shall we go?
いこう! Let's go!
いきましょう! Let's go!
おまたせ! Sorry for the wait!
ちょっと待って~ Wait a bit~
ちょっと待ってね Wait a bit, okay?
待ってください Please wait
すこし待とう Let's wait a bit
待ちます Waiting
抜けます! I'm leaving!
一旦抜けます! I'll leave and come back!
初心者です I'm a beginner
止まった! It stopped!
止まりました It stopped
持ってます! I have that!
持ってるよ~! I have that~!
持ってないです・・・ I don't have that...
持ってないや I don't have that
どうしたらいい? What would be good?
通信中~ Loading~
通信中です It's loading
スキル使うよ! Use the skill!
スキル温存しよう Save the skill
スキル発動お願い Please use the skill
回復よろしく! Please heal!
回復とっておこう Please heal
整地しよう! Let's prepare the field!
整地お願い! Please prepare the field!
整地するね I'll prepare the field
整地します! I'll prepare the field!
消して! Trace it!
消さないで! Don't trace that!
狙って! Aim!
狙おう! Let's aim!
狙ってください Please aim
狙わないで! Don't aim!
倒そう! Let's defeat it!
倒しましょう! Let's defeat it!
倒さないで! Don't defeat that!
後回しで! Leave it for later!
発動中! In the middle of using it!
全消し Pop everything
連鎖 Chain
れんさコンボ Chain combo
同時消し Pop at the same time
分離消し Trace a separate place
一気に消そう! Pop it all at once!
一気に消して! Pop it all at once!
注意して! Be careful!
タフネス Toughness
追撃 Pursuit
攻撃強化 Stronger attack
体力強化 Stronger stamina
回復強化 Stronger healing
ダメージ半減 1/2 Damage
ヒートアップ Heat Up
自爆 Suicide bomb
回復 Healing
復活 Revival
カウンター Counter
クリティカル Critical
タフネス貫通 Pierce Toughness
ターン延長 Turn extension
爆裂 Explosion
属性強化 Strengthen the attribute
だいれんさ発動 Huge chain operation
ハートBOX発生 Create heart boxes
ちゃんすぷよ発生 Create chance puyo
プリズムボール発生 Create prism ball
チャージ Change
反射 Reflection
状態異常 Strange situation
全体攻撃 All the attack
かばう Protect
ネクスト変換 Next change
フィールド変換 Field change
消し数増加 Trace more
妨害 Disturbance
麻痺 Stun
封印 Seal
混乱 Confusion
怯え Fear
怒り Fury
1番目 1st in order
2番目 2nd in order
3番目 3rd in order
4番目 4th in order
5番目 5th in order
1Pさん 1st Player
2Pさん 2nd Player
3Pさん 3rd Player
4Pさん 4th Player
リーダー Leader
赤属性 Red Attribute
青属性 Blue Attribute
緑属性 Green Attribute
黄属性 Yellow Attribute
紫属性 Purple Attribute
ハートBOX Heart Box
チャンスぷよ Chance Puyo
プリズムボール Prism Ball
おじゃまぷよ Trash Puyo
だいれんさチャンス Chance for a huge chain
真ん中 In the middle
こうげき Attack
たいりょく Stamina
かいふく Healing
バランス Balance
ボス Boss
キャラ Character
フィーバー気分☆ (Amitie) Feeling fever☆
ムシ どこー (Sig) Bugs, where~
はずかしいですぅ (Rider) I'm embarrassed
当然ですわ! (Raffine) Of course!
計算どおりさっ (Klug) Just as planned
おーっほっほっほっ! (Rulue) O~hohoho!
ばよえ~ん! (Arle) Bayoe~n!
らっくしょう! (Draco Centauros) Easy victory!
いってみよぉ! (Witch) Give it a go!
お前・・・が欲しい! (Schezo) I want... you!
お掃除しちゃうぞ☆ (Kikimora) Clean it up☆
いじめないでー (Seriri) Don't bully me!
はらほれひれはれー (Harpy) Harahorehirehare–
ブモモーッ! (Minotauros) Bumomo–!!
勇者に敗北はない! (Lagnus) Heroes are never defeated!
終わりなき闇を知れ! (Strange Klug) Hear the sound of the end!
うふふ (Accord) Ufufu
ふっはは! (Satan) Fuhaha!
たのしいねー (Ecolo) What fun–!
やっちゃうよ~ (Dark Arle) You got me~
かんぺきです (Ringo) Perfectly done
ちょっとやるか★ (Maguro) Let's give it a shot★
こわくないよ (Lemres) Don't be afraid
ジュ・テーム! (Risukuma) Je t'aime
キエーーーッ! (Feli) KIEE––!
ぐっぐ・ぐー! (Carbuncle) Gugugu–!
いくニャリ! (Popoi) Here it goes- meow!
ニャフ~ン (Popoi) Nyafu~n
レッツダンシーン! (Suketoudara) Let's dancing!
おちゃぁー! (Skeleton T) Tea–!
ふふふ (Doppelganger Arle) Fufufu
きぃかぁぴぃ (Banshee Trio)
ごべぇっ!!! (Mamono) Gobee!!
フゥーゥ、ビュリホー (Incubus) Huu– Beautiful–
いやーんっ (Succubus) Iya~nn
シャウトしやがれ!! (Hed) Shout it!!
カンペキだ (Costa) Perfect
ノンストップだ! (Vartebra) Non-stop!
ヤルじゃん! (Costa) You're pretty good!
静粛に! (Floré) Silence!
計算通りです (Ciel) Just as calculated
一致団結!ですわね♪ (Roco) All together! Right♪
僕にまかせて (Lux) Allow me
校則違反だぞっ (Abyss) School rules breach
いくエビ! (Black Tiger) Go-ebi!
ふひひひひ! (Rebecca) Ftheeheeheehee!
フィンブル! (Grace) Fimbulwinter!
やっりぃ♪ (Wynn) Nice one♪
総員抜刀 (Alex) All swords forward
覚悟はよろしいか! (Chiquita) Prepare yourself for the end!
はれれれぇー (Yu)Harererere–
ハフハフハフ (Baldanders)Hafuhafu
やるんだな (Tarutaru) Nice one
王子ー! (Otomo) Prince~!
ハーッハッハッハー! (Ocean Prince) HA~HAHAHA!
ケロケ~ロ♪ (Dongurigaeru) Ribbit Ribbit~ ♪
魔王だぞう! (Zoh Daimaoh) I'm the Devil King!
おたんこナース (Nasu Grave) Potato-head
オチューシャでござる (Honey Bee) Thou be injected
オニオーン! (Onion Pixy) On~ion!
のっほっほー (Nohoho) Nohoho~