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Puyo Puyo Quest gets challenging when a player doesn't know about most tactics for the game. This guide is meant to clear that confusion up and make sure the player is enjoying the game the most they can. This guide will also be assuming you have the game installed. If you don't have the game installed, go here to learn how.

Starting the Game

Click here for a detailed walkthrough for starting the game!

First Gacha Pull

During the Tutorial, the game lets you get one free gacha. Depending who you get can get you a head start on a good team. These cards can be gotten at ★3 to ★4 The cards from this free gacha pull are the following:

Series Red Blue Green Yellow Purple Comment
6. Fish Series [★3] Suketoudara
[★4] Suketoudara
[★3] Niji Iruka
[★4] Niji Iruka
[★3] Fufufu
[★4] Fufufu
[★3] Ocean Prince
[★4] Ocean Prince
[★3] Black Tiger
[★4] Black Tiger
8. Animal Series [★3] Sasori Man
[★4] Sasori Man
[★3] Owlbear
[★4] Owlbear
[★3] Samurai Mole
[★4] Samurai Mole
[★3] Cait Sith
[★4] Cait Sith
[★3] Cockatrice
[★4] Cockatrice
10. Magic School Series [★3] Amitie
[★4] Amitie
[★3] Sig
[★4] Sig
[★3] Lidelle
[★4] Lidelle
[★3] Raffina
[★4] Raffina
[★3] Klug
[★4] Klug
13. Spirit Series [★3] Salamander
[★4] Salamander
[★3] Undine
[★4] Undine
[★3] Sylph
[★4] Sylph
[★3] Gnome
[★4] Gnome
[★3] Floe
[★4] Floe
Not from AQ drop

Beginner Gacha Boost

During the five days, if you have enough Magic Stone magic stones, you are able to get a *5 card from gacha once a day for free for each day. A good thing you can do is hire people with powerful cards and blow through all of the adventure missions to get stones for completing them to use on gacha. Even if you can't get all 5 free cards, at least getting 2 ~ 3 is good enough.

Magic Stones

Magic Stones are the cash currency in Puyo Puyo Quest, obtained from certain events, login rewards, livestreams, achievements, sometimes daily missions, and whenever Sega screws up. These stones can be used in a few ways. Refilling both types of energy, increasing your box count, spending 5 on gacha, and reviving during a quest.

Early on, it's best to spend your stones on gacha, seeing as though this is a good way to get new and better cards. Event gachas are also prime for new players to spend their magic stones on. Spending stones on energy refills at a low user level is not recommended as those stones can be used on gacha and increasing your box count.

Reviving during a quest is a iffy thing to do, seeing as though it's only really worth it if you're doing special material quests. If you spend 1 stone getting a [★6] 100-point Test 100-point test or [★6] Purple Grimoire Grimlore, you saved yourself loads of Puyo Points, but reviving during any other quest. Only really revive if you know you can take on the rest of the quest with your team, you don't want to waste a magic stone or two just reviving another one or two times.


PPQ has many different gachas receive new cards from. There are the following gachas.

Gacha Comment
Summons Point Summon Point Gacha This gacha is the most basic one, giving most ★1s, maybe ★2s, and if you're lucky a ★3s will come from this gacha. It's best to save up 20k+ summon points and blow it all in one go. Because of how many cards you can pull from this gacha, you're bound to get a few pluses on fodder cards.
Magic Stone Magic Stone Gacha Magic Stone Gacha is the gacha you'll be using the most. All event gachas happen here and have differing rates. To check those rates go into the gacha screen where you can spend 5 stones to gacha and press the wide thin button on the bottom.
Silver Ticket Silver Ticket Gacha Considered an in-between for the Summon Point and Magic Stone Gachas. Guarantees a ★3 per draw, and may occasionally give out cards that are only available here.
Gold Ticket Magic Stone Gacha A step up from the Silver Ticket Gacha. Gives at least a ★4 so you're bound to get something good. These tickets come around fairly often so you're bound to get one or two during your lifetime.
Premium Ticket Premium Ticket Gacha You'll rarely ever draw from this, but this gacha is a big deal. It guarantees a ★5 every draw. If you get your hands on one of these tickets, don't hesitate to spend it right away because you might get something worth your time.
Arcade Point Linkage Point Gacha A gacha you get when link both of you Puyo Puyo Quest and Puyo Puyo Quest Arcade accounts together. When you play on one, the other one gets points to spend on a gacha on there to get cards from the other game. Due to the closure of Puyo Puyo Quest Arcade, points are instead given out as a reward from missions.


Achievements are a big importance in PPQ. Each achievement rewards the player with a gift. Sometimes it's just puyos or coins, but then there's the achievements that give gacha tickets and magic stones. Knocking a few important ones out early on will help you obtain some better cards to further quest with.

The important ones you should be going for a the no recovery and swapped stats achievements because they reward you with 2 stones each, for a total of 20 stones. That's 4 gacha pulls, which could give you some good ★3 ~ ★5 cards. Remember, if you have a decent team going, save the stones for gachas that have high rates to get a new series, as they will come at ★4, ★5, or even ★6 if you're lucky. Some gachas also remove any fodder cards you don't want to pull from gacha, the Mythical Gacha for example.

For the full list in English, click here.

Important Cards

Combination Bonus

Main Article: PPQ:Combination Bonus

Combination Bonus is when certain cards in your deck get boosted stats as a result of having the same combination. There are combinations like "Girls", "Boys", "Magic School", etc.

Leveling Cards

Main article: PPQ:Power-up Fusion

Cards gains (card) EXP and levels up by fusing other cards in Power-up Fusion. The most efficient source of card EXP are the Material Puyos
[★1] Red Small Puyo
[★1] Blue Small Puyo
[★1] Green Small Puyo
[★1] Yellow Small Puyo
[★1] Purple Small Puyo
×1 set
[★1] Red Small Puyo
[★1] Blue Small Puyo
[★1] Green Small Puyo
[★1] Yellow Small Puyo
[★1] Purple Small Puyo
×1 set
[★1] Red Small Puyo
[★1] Blue Small Puyo
[★1] Green Small Puyo
[★1] Yellow Small Puyo
[★1] Purple Small Puyo
×1 set
[★1] Red Small Puyo
[★1] Blue Small Puyo
[★1] Green Small Puyo
[★1] Yellow Small Puyo
[★1] Purple Small Puyo
×1 set
[★1] Red Small Puyo
[★1] Blue Small Puyo
[★1] Green Small Puyo
[★1] Yellow Small Puyo
[★1] Purple Small Puyo
×1 set
[★1] Red Small Puyo
[★1] Blue Small Puyo
[★1] Green Small Puyo
[★1] Yellow Small Puyo
[★1] Purple Small Puyo
×1 set
(most ubiquitous) and other Power-up focused materials like Fried Paprisu or Img108105.png (less common and only at limited occasions). Currently cards can also gain a minor amount of card EXP (max. about 1000) for being put in deck when completing Adventure Quest maps.

Evolving Cards

Main Article: PPQ:Transformation Fusion

This is essentially raising a card's star rarity and thus raising the said card's max level. It also may change their art. The maximum rarity of each card varies.

Team Building

Puyo Point Exchange



Arena and Arena Team Building

Important Quests

Important Tips

  • Puyo Quest handles damage differently compared to other puyo games. Chaining isn't as good as popping a large chunk of your board at the same time. Try to keep a eye out on your board for popping large sections at once, or popping two colors each chain.