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Data Transfer

This section does not apply to data linkage between the smartphone and PC versions. See § Data Linkage below instead.
Sample ID and password screen (actual ID and passwords replaced with asterisks)

To retrieve previous gameplay data on the smartphone version when changing devices, players should follow these Data Transfer (データのお引越し) procedures:

  1. Select the Gear Icon from the home screen on the current device
  2. Select Data Transfer (データのお引越し) from the 2nd page of the Others (そのた) section
  3. Confirm caution message and click OK
  4. Remember the User ID (ID) and Password (PASS)
  5. Install and run Puyo Puyo!! Quest on the new device
  6. Select Data Transfer (データのお引越し) instead of Start from Beginning (はじめから) when prompted
  7. Enter the User ID (ユーザーID) and Password (パスワード) and click Transfer (お引越しする)
Notable Prompt Messages
Japanese English
PPQ Data Transfer Warning.png Caution
※ Use this funtionality only after all ongoing quests and battles are finished
※ Settings made in Options (オプション) will be reverted to default
※ Misuse of gameplay data may result in consequences including termination of accounts
PPQ Data Transfer IDPASS.png
Initiating Data Transfer
※ Note down the ID and transfer password, so that gameplay data can be inherited to the new device when you change devices
※ Keep the password safe and do not tell other people
※ Click the Refresh (更新) button to change to a new password

Data Linkage

Data Linkage functionality is removed with the termination of the PC Version service as of 2019/06/27 11:00.

To share your gameplay data between the smartphone and PC versions, players should follow these Data Linkage (データ連携) procedures:

  1. Select Data Linkage (データ連携) (green button) on title screen on the original version
  2. Select View Linkage ID/Password (データ連携用のID・パスワードを見る)
  3. Remember the User ID (ID) and Linkage Password (連携パスワード) (Password is valid for 30 minutes)
  4. Keep the ID/Password dialogue box open on the current version until linkage is completed
  5. Select Data Linkage (データ連携) (green button) on title screen on the receiving version
  6. Select Link Data (データ連携をする)
  7. Enter the User ID (ID) and Linkage Password (連携パスワード) and click Link (連携する)
  8. Confirm the user data (ID, player name (名前) and user rank (ユーザーランク)) and click OK if correct
  9. Confirm caution message and click Agree (同意する)

Points to note:

  • Executing Data Linkage will erase any existing gameplay data from the receiving version.
    • e.g. If you have PC version-exclusive reward serial code(s) (e.g. PC version pre-registration bonuses) you would like to claim onto an account shared from the smartphone version, make sure the Data Linkage is completed before claiming the serial code(s). Claiming the code(s) before Data Linkage will cause the rewards be lost to the erased account.
  • Once gameplay data is linked between the two versions, it could not be undone, re-linked or replaced with another account.

Data Linkage Rewards

Availability Rewards
2018/03/01 14:00~
2019/06/27 11:00
Magic Stone
Magic Stone
Red Sir Wilde (30)
×1 set
Sir Wilde (30) (all colors)

Playing on Multiple Devices

While it is possible to log into the same account on multiple devices with Data Transfer/Linkage, players cannot use the same account on more than one device at the same time. Opening the app on a device will cause session error (セッションエラー) on all other devices using the same account, rendering those play sessions unable to be resumed. Any ongoing quests and battles will lose their status and the Stamina or Magic Points used will not be refunded.

Starting from Version 7.4.0, a warning will be shown when opening the app if there is a quest ongoing on another device, asking to confirm whether to discard the quest status:

  • Selecting Continue (続ける) will start the game on this device, discarding all session data and quest status on other devices
  • Selecting Back (もどる) will leave the app on this device on the title screen. The session data and quest status is not harmed, letting the player to properly finish it

Retrieval of Lost Account Details

It is the player's responsibility to keep the ID and password safe for the purpose of Data Transfer. If a player unfortunately lose their password, they may contact Sega Networks Support at https://sgnsupport.com/puyopuyoquestidpw for assistance in retrieving them. However, Sega must confirm the enquirer's identity before re-issuing the ID and password.

Query ID

A majority of Sega Networks smartphone games use the Query ID (照会用ID) to identify the device. If you can still use your original device, finding out and providing the Query ID greatly helps confirming your identity.

The official procedures to find out the Query ID is as follows:

  1. Select Shop (ショップ)Complete Criteria to Get Magic Stones!! (条件を達成して魔導石をゲット!!) (top-right)
  2. Select the Menu button (three horizontal lines) → Contact (お問い合わせ)
  3. Select Other Contacts (その他のお問い合わせ) within Select Contact Type (お問い合わせ内容の選択), then Open Contact Form (問い合わせフォームを開く)
  4. Select Email Form (メール送信フォーム) (green icon) from the bottom of the page
  5. Select Contact (お問い合わせ) (green icon) from the bottom of the page, which will cut to a email client on your device
  6. Query ID can be found in the email title (お問い合わせ[●●])

Points to note:

  • Switch to a 3G, 4G or LTE connection if you are using a WiFi connection.
  • If the app fails to login with the original account, create a new account on the same device.
  • The official procedures above may not apply to all devices, firmware versions and/or locales.

Filling in the contact form

Points to note:

  • Use Japanese to fill in the form, as Sega do not accept contact in other languages.
  • Blue text are not provided by Sega.
  • Fields in the form are known to be subject to change by Sega without prior announcement. The following explanations are accurate as of 2018/12/06.
Field Explanation
Confirm Before Contact

In order to identify your use history, please enter the following information as much as possible:
・User ID
・User Name
・Query ID [Important]
・Guild Name (if you have joined a guild)
For other items, as they are checking information used to verify your identity, please also enter as much as possible.
Please note that if the provided information is not enough, we might not be able to provide data transfer ID and password.
If you do not know for a "Required item" (必須項目), please enter "Unknown" (不明).

Reply Email Address

If your mailbox has domain-specific settings, repliy emails may not be successfully delivered
[Designated Domain Name] @sega.jp

User ID

Check from Gear Icon from the home screen → Profile (プロフィール)
Can be checked by guildmates

User Name

Can be checked by guildmates

User Rank
Can be checked by guildmates
Query ID [Important]
See section above for instructions
Only accepts half-width alphanumeric
Guild Name (if you have joined a guild)
Can be checked by guildmates
Device Used
Android / iOS / Others (その他)
Whether Purchased Magic Stones
Yes (有り) / No (無し)
Magic Stone Purchase History

Confirm from receipts or store history and provide the purchase date, price and (only for Android users) Google order number
Google order numbers should begin with "GPA." and include all hyphens (e.g.: GPA.1234-5678-9012-34567)
Example: January 1 2017 - 1400 yen (2017年1月1日 1400円)
If you never purchased Magic Stones, enter None (なし)

If Magic Stones was Previously Purchased,
Google Account Email Address

Only for Android users
If you never purchased Magic Stones, enter None (なし)
Deck Formation
Give the names of at least 3 cards that are used in decks
Leader Character of Decks
Give the names of at least 4 leader characters used in normal decks or battle decks
One can be checked by guildmates
Magic Stone Gacha History
Example: January 1 2017, (name of card obtained) (2017年1月1日、(獲得したカードの名前))
If you never rolled in Magic Stone Gacha, enter None (なし)
Once-per-day Free Gacha History
Example: January 1 2017, (name of card obtained) (2017年1月1日、(獲得したカードの名前))
No. of Magic Stones Currently Held
PuyoPoints Currently Held
Character Inventory Cap
Type of Flag in Farm
No. of Fields Opened in Farm
Count also the one field available at the start
Endless Tower Area Last Reached
Enter area name (floor number and color)
Card Name of Farm Helper
Character Chosen in Tutorial
Puyopuyo!! Quest Registration Month/Year
Example: January 2017 (2017年1月)
Reason to Retrieve Password

Device malfunction/lost (端末故障/端末紛失)
Device change (機種変更)
Device formatted without completing data transfer (データ移行をしないまま端末の初期化)
Application erased data/uninstalled (アプリ、データが消えた/アンインストールしてしまった)
Others (Enter in Remarks) (その他(理由は備考欄にご記入ください))

Image Attachment

Attach at most 3 images
File format: JPG, BMP, PNG
Filesize: at most 2 MB per image