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DLC Characters?

Hey, I want to hear what people think of the possibility of DLC characters in this game are.

Now as we all know, many people were confused and disappointed in the base game's cast: series staples like Klug were missing, and the inclusion of Quest characters seemed arbitrary and random to those unfamiliar with them, and even to quite a few who were. However, there's been some speculations that this game may have some DLC characters, a first in the series.

Some facts:

  • Apparently, the eSports website in Japan, while it displays 24 characters, has slots for 36 of them. That would make for 12 post-launch characters I've been trying my best to source this, but this is the shakiest one.
  • The game is getting post-launch support in the form of modes, for the most part.
  • Perhaps most peculiar of all is the infamous fan, that circulates Discord and Twitter. Posted by the current director of Puyo himself, Mizuki Hosoyamada-san, first, then by the PuyoQuest Twitter, that fan contains a bunch of new art: totally newly drawn art for Ms. Accord and Ecolo (matching how Satan and Carbuncle got new art), as well as art of Klug, Ocean Prince as a human, Lidelle, and Feli that resembles their 7 star art edited to match their standard 20th designs, which also matches with Arle, Amitie, Sig, Raffina, Draco, and Suketoudara.

Personally? I believe it. The first two were coincidences, but the fan is what tipped me over. I believe that those new artworks have to exist for a reason, so I believe the reason is DLC.

My take: we're getting 12 of them. They're all alts for characters that share their dropset in the base game, with one exception. 3 waves of 4 each, or possibly individually released, maybe released all at once. They might be selectable as alts, or they might be individually chosen.

  1. Klug -> Ciel
  2. Lidelle -> Penglai
  3. Feli -> Sultana
  4. Ocean Prince -> Serilly
  5. Yu and Rei -> Harpy
  6. Lemres -> Hartmann
  7. Ms. Accord -> Alex
  8. Ecolo -> Ragnus (the only exception, since his dropset is missing from this game)
  9. Skeleton T (Maybe Dapper Bones instead) -> Ally
  10. Doppelganger Arle -> Arle
  11. Minotauros -> Rulue
  12. The wildcard. Possible candidates: Tartar, Kikimora, Incubus, Panotty, Rafisol, another Quest character.

However, if they're unique, then Donguri Gaeru would be there instead of the wildcard. I don't think Onion Pixie would be because he has no Quest voice or 7 star or 6 star to use.

They won't start showing up until Champions catches up with eSports in terms of content, allowing them to be released at the same time (instead of breaking eSports to Champions connectivity).

Your thoughts, your takes?


Since then, nothing new had come up. There was a false leak/rumor that implicated Lamia in addition to Klug, Feli, Ecolo and Lemres, the usual suspects, but it also claimed Arle would be the fourth fighter in Smash Ultimate's Fighter Pass (and that Puyo 2 SEGA Ages would release October 24th, and Chronicle would be coming to the west on Switch), and by all accounts Terry Bogard looks to be taking that position.

Onion Pixie has gained a 6 star, a 7 star, and a voice all at once, so now I could entertain him being an Ally replacement.

Most of my predictions are more suited to western tastes (as now that market is available), but the Japanese would likely take characters like Pumpkin, Suzaku, Lamia, Undine, and other popular Quest exclusives over more Compile characters. In terms of expendability to Quest characters, they would probably go Mino -> SkeleT -> Doppel is the most valuable.

Current Predictions:

  1. Klug/Feli/Lemres (new art)/Ecolo (new art), over Ciel/Sultana/Hartmann/Ragnus
  2. Ocean Prince (with human)/Yu & Rei/Accord (new art)/Lidelle, over Serilly/Harpy/Alex/Penglai
  3. Doppelganger Arle (new art)/Skeleton T (Dapper Bones/Onion Pixie)/Minotauros/Wildcard, likely a Quest character, over Arle/Ally/Rulue/Hed (depending)

Until Puyo Champions and eSports are on the exact same version of the game, to prevent issues from an eSports player picking a character unreleased in Champions to glitchy effect, they will not release.

Mini-update: it will have happened by 9/4. So now we wait.

Update 2: Also, Nasu Grave and friends who don't have cards will have them added in updates, alongside other Quest characters.