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This is a list of all characters occuring in the Puyo Puyo series.

Character Arle PuyoPuyoTetris.png Character Carbuncle PuyoPuyoTetris.png Character Draco Puyo20thAnniversary.png Character Schezo Puyo20thAnniversary.png Character Amitie PuyoPuyoTetris.png Character Raffine PuyoPuyoTetris.png Character Sig Puyo20thAnniversary.png Character Ringo PuyoPuyoTetris.png
Arle Nadja (Dark) Carbuncle Draco Centauros Schezo Wegey Amitie (Red) Raffine Sig (Black) Ringo Andou
Character Satan Puyo20thAnniversary.png Character Rulue PuyoPuyoTetris.png Img102905 l.png 100px Character StrangeKlug Puyo20thAnniversary.png Character Ekoro Puyo20thAnniversary.png
Satan (Masked, Yellow) Rulue Doppelganger Arle Popoi Strange Klug Ecolo (Unusual)