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This page contains information about the whole story and individual character stories in Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary.

The first time you play Story Mode, the Prologue plays.


It was a usual day for our protagonist, Ringo Andou. Her friend Maguro Sasaki visited Ringo and Risukuma's clubroom. Risukuma was conducting an experiment with a boiling flask, but it goes wrong, and the three were blown to another dimension...

After the prologue, Ringo's story is unlocked.


vs Onion Pixy
vs Yu & Rei
vs Amitie
vs Lemres
vs Maguro
vs Risukuma
vs Arle
vs Ecolo

Ringo lands in Nahe Forest and wants to get out. She reached a haunted house where she gets scared her wits away (because ghosts are supernatural). Then she meets Amitie and learns she is in Primp Town again. After a Puyo match, she shows the way out into the city. Then they met Lemres who offered them candy. Amitie accepted; Ringo declined and challenged him to a Puyo match to find out where Maguro is. At the shore they find Maguro, and Ringo and Maguro have a Puyo match to celebrate their reunion. The team then finds Risukuma, who is fuming fro the stress of not knowing where he is. Ringo calms him down with a Puyo match. The team then sees Arle on the street, and Arle suspects that Ringo is possessed by Ecolo, but Ringo disproves this by playing Puyo. The team then sees Ecolo, who seems to have amnesia.

After Ringo's story is passed, Maguro's, Amitie's, and Arle's story is unlocked.


vs Ringo
Ringo challenges Maguro to a Puyo match, asking for a look at his eyes.
vs Amitie
Having overheard their conversation, Amitie is so excited that she needs a Puyo tranquilizer.
vs Rider
Rider explains that Maguro hides his pair of eyes under the hair in order to turn off his glamor.
vs Klug
Amitie and Ringo tries Maguro's power on a boy.
vs Suketoudara
Amitie and Ringo tries Maguro's power on a fish.
vs Risukuma
Risukuma challenges Maguro to a Puyo match, asking for a look at his bare thingies.
vs Ringo
Maguro and Ringo plays Puyo for nothing.
vs Ecolo
Ecolo is upset at the beautiful boy who has inappropriate chats with Ringo intimately.

Maguro's story unlocks Risukuma's story.


Upon completion of Risukuma's story, you can play Ecolo's story.


Upon completion of Ecolo's story, he can be used in all modes.


vs Ms. Accord Amitie fell asleep in study hall and was awakened by her Puyo hat calling her name. Ms. Accord is upset, but if Amitie can beat her in a Puyo match, she will let her go.

vs Raffina Raffina came to show Ms. Accord the moves she developed, but Amitie tells her she walked away. After Amitie asked for something she knows about the mysterious hat and Raffina said she didn't know anything, Raffina challenges Amitie to a match instead.

vs Rider Amitie asks Rider. Rider expresses that she wants to be a friend like the hat that sticks together all the time, then Amitie says she already is. Then they play a Puyo match.

vs Sig Amitie is looking for someone who might know about the hat. She finds Sig in the forest but they're not quite on the name page...

vs Klug Sig joined Amitie in the quest. They go into Klug's cave and ask him about the hat. Klug first challenges Amitie to a Puyo match, and then he tells them he thinks it came from a world far away because he hasn't read about it in his books. (Amitie and Sig become quite ಠ_ಠ.)

vs Arle Amitie asks Arle about it because Arle is from another world. Arle redirects Amitie and Sig to Witch after a friendly Puyo match.

vs Witch Witch tries to take a closer examination of the hat but it doesn't come off. Amitie "threw Puyos at her", as she says in the winning quote.

vs Ms. Accord Amitie and Sig come across Accord. Amitie asks her for information about her hat. Ms. Accord challenges her to a Puyo match, and then tells her it's the hat that looks the best on Amitie, and there's nothing special about it. (Although the certainty of this remains a mystery...)


vs Sig

Lemres hangs out on in the woods feeling woozy, he then reunites with Sig who seems to be looking for bees. After a Puyo match, Sig moves on to another tree where he can find bees. Lemres knows that honey is sweet, but he chooses not to eat some because of the fact that it comes from bugs.

vs Amitie

Lemres explains to Amitie that he has been training for a certain period of time without the use or consumption of sweets. And because of that, Lemres' power is depleting. Amitie offers to help him finish his training by having a Puyo match.

vs Ringo

Lemres, having the need to consume something sweet, asks Ringo if he can eat her apple. But, the apple being her keepsake, she declines because it is a memento from her grandmother.

vs Dongurigaeru

Lemres mistakes Dongurigaeru for a giant melon candy ball and tries to eat him.

vs Klug

Klug decides to help Lemres out by offering him sugar, but what Lemres licked off Klug's hand was salt. Therefore, he passes out.

vs Feli

Feli, noticing Lemres' power depletion attempts to take his life through a Puyo match. Afterwards, she offers him a cake made entirely of salt. Lemres notices it and decides to run off.

vs Ms. Accord

Ms. Accord offers Lemres a sheet of cookies that she baked. Lemres tries one, and after mentioning the lack of butter, the two have a Puyo match.

vs Schezo

Lemres tracks a sweet stench into the crystal cave and it is revealed to be a wedding cake baked by Schezo. Lemres beats him in a Puyo match and completely devours the whole cake. After finishing it, Lemres' power gets restored and discovers a "secret kitchen" that only Schezo can go to.