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Chapter 1: Grimp Town

Seems we're caught up in Satan's plan. Just where am I, anyway? Let's examine the area for the time being since there's nothing better to do.

Beginning in the Forest

Mainquest flag1.png
  1. Walk left to meet Ally. After the conversation, you'll go through a tutorial fight.
  2. Continue left to enter Grimp Town
  3. Talk to the mayor of Grimp Town and accept the quest, Handle the Mystery Girl!
  4. Leave town and head back to Grimp Forest (グリンプのもり)
After talking with the mayor, he said there's word about a Puyo-capped girl seen wandering the forest. Is that who I think it is? Now I'm curious. Let's go investigate!

Handle the Mystery Girl!

  1. Head right for another tutorial fight about Battle Skills.
  2. Head towards the red marker in the middle of the map. There's a button there; get close to it to start another fight and recruit Amitie
It turns out the red Puyo-capped mystery girl is Amitie. It looks like there's more to Grimp Forest, so let's keep looking!

What's in the Forest depths?

  1. Step on the button to open the gate.
  2. Head to the other red marker to fight Draco.
    1. HP = ~180-200
    2. Attacks:
      1. Send 4 garbage
      2. Send 1 line of garbage
      3. Attack Up (30%)
  3. Inspect the pedestal from below.
  4. Head back to Grimp Town. Talk to the mayor again to complete the quest.
Mainquest flag2.png Mainquest flag3.png Mainquest flag4.png
2 4 6
We can get to Bleuo with something called the World Map...? Guess we'll find out once we leave and head to Bleuo.

Chest Items (Grimp Forest)

  • 30 Coins
  • 70 Coins
  • Cloth Hat (ぬののボウシ) (DEF +6)

To Bleuo Town

  1. Bleuo Town is now unlocked! You are now able to leave Grimp and proceed to the next town.
  2. Walk left to initiate a cutscene.

Chapter 2: Bleuo Town

I wonder why the residents of Bleuo are cooped up in their houses...? To start things off, Lidelle told us we need to go to the Snowy Road to find Sig!

Investigation of the Snowy Road

  1. Head to Bleuo's Snowy Road (ブルーオの雪道)
  2. The sliding puzzles to the chests in the southeast and northwest corners are really basic and can be figured out without much heavy thinking. You cannot slide in diagonal motions.
  3. You can get to the southern area by sliding across the area in this way.
  4. Boss: Sig (HP ~260) (~10 Chain needed to 1 shot)
    1. Ah~ sousou - send 9 garbage
    2. Yoshi! Smalt - Defense Down (party)
    3. Yoshi! "Yaru zo" - ???? The status effect with 5 colors and an X.

Chest Items (Bleuo's Snowy Road)

  • 80 Coins
  • 100 Coins
  • 60 Coins
So Sig's feeling down because the place has no bugs to be found? Lucikly, Ally told us of a bug haven we can visit to cheer him up!

Searching for Paradise

  1. Head to a new area in the Grimp region: Bug Haven (ムシのらくえん)
  2. You can access a hidden area by walking through the trees as shown in the screenshot below.
  3. To unlock the gate, you'll need to kill several Hamtas that are sitting on switches. (Need ~9 or 10 Chain to sweep)
  4. The chest straight north of the entrance is a Mimick (~200 HP). You will always go into the battle at a disadvantage ("back attacked").
  5. Boss: Dongurigaeru (HP ~280) (~10 Chain can 1 shot)
    1. Kero - Send 3 garbage
    2. Kerokero - Send 6 garbge
    3. KeroKERO~ Spirited Song - ATK UP
Hiddenarea1.png Hamta1.png Hamta2.png Mainquest flag5.png
2 3a 3b 7
Seems like Lidelle was able to get the Bleuo residents out and about to talk now. With Sig feeling better, let's get back to Bleuo!

Chest Items (Bug Haven)

  • 160 Coins
  • Fresh Milk (とれたてミルク) (HP +17)
  • Crisp Cookie (サクサククッキー) (HP +15)
  • 100 Coins

Back to Bleuo

  1. Head back to Bleuo Town. The NPCs are now present to converse with.
  2. Talk to Bleuo Town's mayor for your next quest.
There's supposedly a monster at the end of Sorrow Glacier, which made the residents go into hiding in their houses. According to rumors, it's a monster that makes people lost by singing a strange song...?
The rumors about the singer turned out to be Ringo's song. Still, what's with this dizzying feeling I got from that "Shine★" I saw? Would Ringo know a thing or two about it...?

At the End of the Glacier?

  1. Head to Sorrow Glacier (スクレルンひょうが) within the Bleuo Region.
  2. If you walk on the big cracks while the ice is blowing, Arle's movement will slow down, making it easier for enemies to ambush you.
  3. The chest in the middle of the map is a Mimick
  4. A route through the whole map that lets you collect all the items is shown in a screenshot below; you can get to the secret area by walking between the trees.
  5. You'll recruit Ringo as you progress through the southeast part of the map.

Glacier route.png


  1. Ice puzzle solution
  2. Use the ice pillar to go up into the area with Maguro.
  3. Battle Maguro...with Ice Block Puyo rules! Winning this battle is optional, and can be skipped by picking the second option upon defeat. Note: Ringo will battle Maguro.
  4. Continue upwards to activate the pedestal.
The identity of those so-called monsters are actually Ringo and Maguro. The incident at Bleuo's been solved! Let's go report to the village chief!

Chest Items (Sorrow Glacier)

  • 130 Coins
  • Bronze Shield (青どうのタテ) (DEF +17)
  • 100 Coins
Out of kindness, the chief let us have some shaved ice. A place like Bleuo is a bit too cold to have it though...So let's fix that and head on over to Retty!

Wake up, Bleuo!

  1. Return to Bleuo Town and talk to the mayor to receive directions to Retty.

To the Blazing Town

  1. Retty is unlocked! You are now able to visit Retty Town.
  2. Talk to the mayor of Retty Town in the top left corner of the map to receive the next quest.

Chapter 3: Retty Town

We've arrived at the sweltering town of Retty! According to Maguro, something might be happening here...? Let's go talk to the residents to get ourselves settled in!

Leave it to the Hero!?

  1. Leave town and visit Steamly Volcano (ホカホ火山) to trigger an event with Raffina.
  2. Return to town and talk the mayor again and ask all three questions. The boss will not appear unless you ask the questions.
    1. かれいなヘロインさまって? - Who's this magnificent heroine?
    2. ヘロインさまはどこ? - Where's the heroine?
    3. ヘロインさまはどんな人? - What kind of person is the heroine?
    4. なんでもない - Nothing to ask. (End conversation)

Mainquest flag6.png

What kind of person could this magnificent heroine be, I wonder...? We should get going after asking around town... I kinda want to meet this curriously magnificent heroine. (TN: There's a wordplay with how 'karei' is written. The second iteration is identical to how 'curry' is spelled.)

A Magnificent Heroine!?

  1. Head to Steamly Volcano.
  2. The button to open the switch is in the bottom left corner of the map
  3. You can get to the secret area by walking between the blatantly off-color rocks.
  4. The boss in this area is Raffina (HP: 450) (~13 Chain + atk/def modifiers? needed to 1 shot?)
    1. Hora! - send 4 garbage
    2. Goran nasai! - send 10 garbage
    3. Kakugo nasai! Overflowing Confidence - ATK UP 30%
  5. The game will warp you out of the area once you beat Raffina; if you want the Magical Hand Mirror (MP +4) you'll have to walk back to the treasure chest.

Mainquest flag7.png Secretarea steamlyvolcano.png

Who knew that the magnificent heroine would be Raffina? We better get back to Retty and tell the mayor about the volcano that's going to erupt!

Chest Items (Steamly Volcano)

  • 290 Coins
  • 120 Coins
  • Hunter's Bow (かりゅうどの弓) (ATK +23)
  • Magical Hand Mirror (まほうの手かがみ) (MP +4)

Taking Raffina Along

  1. Return to Retty Town and talk to the mayor to receive your next quest.
It seems a monster appeared at the opposing Mildly Volcano. Let's take Raffina the magnificent heroine along to Mildly Volcano!

Fearsome Volcano!?

  1. Head to Mildly Volcano (オダヤ火山)
  2. The switch for the door is located in the southwest part of the map. You'll have to kill a Hamta sitting on it.
  3. Circle around Yu & Rei to get the Rainbow Stone and the chest (if you fight and beat them, you'll get warped out of the area before you can collect the items).
  4. Boss: Yu & Rei (HP: ~420) (to one shot, 12 chain + atk/def modifiers are required)
    1. Sore! - send 5 garbage
    2. Hoissa! - send 9 garbage
    3. Acho! Silent Step - Sends 4 Hard Puyo and afflicts Hard Puyo status effect on party (future garbage also becomes Hard Puyo)

Chest Items (Mildly Volcano)

  • 100 Coins
  • 250 Coins
  • 180 Coins
  • 70 Coins

Rulue's Entry

  1. Talk to the NPC at the entrance of Retty Town (not the mayor!) to get your next quest.
Just when we just won against Yu and Rei, Rulue suddenly came out of nowhere!? Though it seems the situation changed a bit...? Let's go report this to the mayor so we can chase down Rulue!

Mildlyvolcano switch.pngMainquest flag8.png

Could she have been the magnificent heroine from the very beginning...? If that's the case, Rulue's headed towards that stone somewhere in the Warmly Volcano.

Fighting Queen of the Volcano

  1. Head to Warmly Volcano (アッタ火山)
  2. You'll have to walk around the entire map to activate 4 switches to bring down the first barrier.
    1. A quick way to return to the entrance is to intentionally lose a battle encounter, choose the second option to warp back to town, and reenter the area.
  3. Hit the 5th switch to open the path to Rulue (HP: ~520)
    1. Teya - send 6 garbage
    2. Iku wa yo! - send 11 garbage
    3. Hirefushinasai! O~hohoho - send 6 Hard Puyo and afflict Hard Puyo status effect
  4. Touch the pedestal and report to the mayor.
Warmly switch1.png Warmly switch2.png Warmly switch3.png Warmly switch4.png
2a 2b 2c 2d
Warmly switch5.png
The stone at Warmly Volcano has been broken, Rulue's back to her normal self, and the incident seems to have been peacefully resolved. Onwards to the next town: Yellome!

Chest Items (Warmly Volcano)

  • Warrior's Sword (せんしのけん) (ATK +21)
  • 200 Coins
  • 120 Coins
  • 400 Coins

Out of the Volcano and into the Desert

  1. Yellome is now unlocked and available for travel.
  2. Talk to the mayor of Yellome Town (he's straight ahead, looking at the water). It doesn't matter which of the four choices you pick as they all agree. (They read "Yes.", "Sounds good.", "With pleasure." and "I can do it~")
  3. Head to Deserted Rockface (さびれた いわば)

Chapter 4: Yellome Town

Yellome's stone is right at the heart of the town! Looks like we need to do some requests for the mayor before we can check it out. Let's go find this witch at the Deserted Rockface!

Witch of the Desert

  1. There's just one switch. The path is fairly straightforward, but be careful not to get caught in the desert tornadoes.
  2. Witch (HP: 600)
    1. Yo! - send 5 garbage
    2. SORE!!! -send 8 garbage
    3. Falling Star - Direct HP damage (~45 HP)
    4. Give it a go! - Applies Blind (turns your field black)

Desertedrockface switch.png

Chest Items (Deserted Rockface)

  • 250 Coins
  • 430 Coins
  • 150 Coins
The witch of the Deserted Rockface turned out to be Witch, who happened to be just wandering around. Let's hurry back to Yellome and take a look at that stone!

Just the Stone Comes Next?

  1. The Mayor will tell you the stone has gone missing and requests you to ask around town. Talk to the Timid Boy (いじけた子) for a lead to unlock Yellome Desert.
Just when we thought we found the stone, someone dressed in black made off with it and skipped town. Whoever that someone is, we need to chase them down to Yellome Desert!

Someone Dressed in Black

  1. Head to Yellome Desert (イエロームさばく)
  2. There's one switch. Step on it to open the gate.
  3. Go through the gate to fight Lemres.
    1. Hora - Send 5 garbage
    2. Kowaku nai yo - Send 9 garbage
    3. Hajimaru yo Crème double - Heal 70 HP
  4. A green marker will appear at an earlier portion of the map. Head to it, talk to Risukuma.

Chest Items (Yellome Desert)

  • 410 Coins
  • 230 Coins
  • 160 Coins
  • 110 Coins
We met a suspicious person in the desert... Hold up, Lemres said the black-clothed person we're looking for isn't actually Feli...? Let's go check out the Forgotten Rockface!

Feli and Senpai

  1. Head to the Forgotten Rockface (わすれうれた いわば)
  2. There's two switches you need to step on to progress.
  3. You can get to the secret area by walking between the white slabs on the ground.
  4. Circle around Feli on the right side to nab the chest before you fight her.
  5. Feli (650 HP)
    1. Kono kanji - send 4 garbage
    2. Techu techu teaa - Send 8 garbage
    3. ルミナリー Luminary - Directly deal 55 HP damage
    4. あやしいおまじない Suspicious Luck Charm - Attack Speed UP & Garbage Number UP (time between attacks decreases and garbage sent increases)

Forgottenrockface secret.png Forgottenrockface switch1.png Forgottenrockface switch2.png

Chest Items (Forgotten Rockface)

  • 300 Coins
  • Witchcraft Scroll (まじゅつのスクロール) (MP +17, ATK +7)
  • 160 Coins
  • 480 Coins
What a relief, we found Feli! She isn't the black-clothed person that made off with the stone though. Let's head back to Yellome Desert, check out that blocked-off road and find that stone!

Beyond the Road

  1. Head back to Yellome Desert (イエロームさばく). There is a new red marker in the middle of the map.
  2. Rematch: Witch (HP: 600) This is considered a surprise encounter.
    1. Yo! - send 5 garbage
    2. SORE!!! -send 8 garbage
    3. フォーリンスター Falling Star - Direct HP damage (~45 HP)
    4. いってみよ Give it a go! - Applies smokescreen status effect (turns your field black)
Well, Witch's sudden appearance came as a surprise. But then where did Risukuma wander off to...? Anyhow, let's keep on going!

The Desert's End

  1. Continue left to access another region of Yellome Desert, Yellome Desert's End
  2. Head to the red marker to fight Risukuma (HP: 790)
    1. Humu - send 6 garbage
    2. Naruhodo send 11 garbage
    3. ウォーアイニー Woo Ai Ni - Attack Up 30%
    4. じっけんせいこう Experiment Successful - Defense Up 30%

Chest Items (Yellome Desert's End)

  • 220 Coins
  • 460 Coins
  • Warrior's Armor (せんしのヨロイ) (DEF +28)
  • My First Grimoire (はじめての魔導書) (MP +11, Recovery +5)
Risukuma behaved all strangely because of Ecolo's sudden appearance... I have several worries, but let's go see the village chief about the broken stone.
There's nothing more to say about the broken stone, so let's leave it be. Let's get going to Purplune so we can get to the tower and chase Ecolo down!

Sorry, it Broke

  1. Talk to the mayor of Yellome Town again to unlock the next area.

To the Final Town

  1. Head straight forward to the platform with the four stars floating around. This will trigger a cutscene.
  2. Talk to the mayor (the NPC in the top hat, just below this platform) for your next quest.

Chapter 5: Purplune Town

What kind of person would jump into the water and take shelter in the underground waterway...? That person is pretty weird... Let's head for the Purplune Aqueduct.

Beware the Dark Streets

  1. Head to Purplune Aqueduct (パープルーン水道).
  2. The switch you need to step on has a 20 second timer on it, so go through the gate before it closes.
  3. If you need to get out, there's another switch you can step on (shown below).
  4. Open the really huge chest at the end of this dungeon to fight Schezo (HP: 840).
    1. Taa! - send 6 garbage
    2. Kurae! - send 11 garbage
    3. 闇のチカラ Power of Darkness - Attack UP 25%, Defense UP 35%
    4. アレイアード Areiardo - 65 HP damage
What do we do with Schezo, who's not only a pervert, but proclaims he wants love? Let's consult Purplune's mayor about it.
PurpluneAQ switch1.png PurpluneAQ switch2.png
2 3

Chest Items (Purplune Aqueduct, First Area)

  • 240 Coins
  • 220 Coins
  • 150 Coins
  • 360 Coins

Love and a Pervert

  1. Talk to the mayor of Purplune Town to receive your next quest.
We need to air out and put a stop to the smoke in the Smoked Maze so we could take care of the Love Overflow state. Let's head over to the Smoked Maze and cure Schezo as well.

The Smoke-filled Labyrinth

  1. Head to Smoked Maze (モックモクめいろ). There's smoke panels around the ground; if you run into them while they're smoking, your controls will be inverted.
  2. Step on the timed switch to open the gate.
  3. Just walk through the archway to get to the secret area.
  4. Head to the red marker for a one-on-one Puyo battle with Risukuma with Tsu rules. (Schezo will battle Risukuma)
Schezo and Risukuma just went into a almost Love Overflow time back there... Well, everything's alright now, so let's consult Purplune's mayor again for some answers.

Smokemaze switch1.pngSmokedmaze secret.png

Chest Items (Smoked Maze)

  • 180 Coins
  • 220 Coins
  • 200 Coins
  • 300 Coins
  • 400 Coins

Escaping the Labyrinth

  1. Report to the Mayor to receive the next quest.
Rumors about people heading to the Purplune Aqueduct and losing their memories spreading like crazy. Let's go back to the Purplune Aqueduct and investigate from top to bottom!

Something Lurking Within the Aqueduct

  1. Return to Purplune Aqueduct (パープルーン水道). There will no longer be a gate in the big southeastern room. Continue on to the Aqueduct Depths. Vision will be limited in this area, only showing a circular sight around Arle.
  2. Head to the red marker to fight Accord (HP: 770)
    1. Lento - send 5 garbage
    2. Moderaato - send 9 garbage
    3. ぬきうちテスト Pop Quiz - Send 12 Iced Puyo and afflict Ice Puyo status effect.
    4. フェルマータ Fermata - 70 HP damage

Chest Items (Purplune Aqueduct Depths)

  • Steel Shield (はがねのタテ) (DEF +36)
  • 180 Coins
  • 390 Coins
  • 300 Coins
We ran into Ms. Accord within the Purplune Aqueduct. Let's get back to Purplune with the teacher! By the way, what's the rumor about losing memories all about...?

Together with Teacher

  1. Speaking to the Mayor will yield information about a "black shadow." To proceed to the next quest, you need to speak with the Lethargic Man (だつりょくお兄さん) pictured below in the screen shot. Afterwards, the mayor's dialogue will change and he will give you the quest.

Mainquest flag10.png

A pitch-black shadowy thing appeared in the Pitch-black Underpass. Could that be Ecolo, then...? Let's head to the Pitch-black Underpass!

Beyond the Darkness

  1. Head to Pitch-black Underpass (マックライ地下道). Much like the Purplue Aqueduct Depths, the player's vision is limited.
  2. Head to the red marker to fight Ecolo
    1. Oh? - 5 garbage
    2. Nakanaka ga ii ne! - 8 garbage
    3. もっとあそぼうよ (Let's keep playing!) - may inflict Nuisance Puyo status (Puyo pairs are Nuisance Puyo)

Chest Items (Pitch-black Underpass)

  • 450 Coins
  • 350 Coins
  • Life Bracelet (いのちのうでわ) (+24 RCV)
  • 650 Coins

To the Last Pedestal

  1. Return to the Purplune Aqueduct Depths. The gate blocking off a deeper part of the area will be gone, allowing access to Purplune Aqueduct's End (パープルーン水道のはて).
  2. Reach the first red marker to battle Lagnus.
    1. Taa! - 6 garbage
    2. Kono-! - 10 garbage
    3. 勇者のほこり (Heroic Pride) - Attack +20%, Defense +30%
  3. The switch opening the barrier leading to the second red marker is timed. Be wary of the smoke panels, and rush past the barrier before it closes.
  4. Approach the second red marker to battle Satan.
    1. Hmph - 7 garbage
    2. Yukuzo - 12 garbage
    3. 魔王のチカラ (Power of the Devil) - +40% Attack
  5. Proceed past Satan's previous location and interact with the pedestal to complete the quest.

Chest Items (Purplune Aqueduct's End)

  • 380 coins
  • 480 coins
  • 180 coins
  • 280 coins
  • 160 coins

Pursuing Satan

  1. A brief cutscene showing where Satan is will play.
  2. Approach him to enter a 1-on-1 battle with Tsu rules.

Onwards! To the Tower of Color!

  1. Tower of Color is available! Walk into the star pedestal to teleport.
  2. Interact with the gate to enter the tower. Walk towards the first room of Floor 1 to complete the quest.

Chapter 6: Tower of Color

Aiming for the Top

  1. Ascend the tower. Upon reaching Floor 3, there is a marker that will engage a battle with Onion Pixy.
    1. On! - 6 garbage
    2. Tsu-don! - 11 garbage
    3. Cut'on - ???
  2. After defeating the first one, there will be four more to defeat.
  3. Now, just keep going up, and keep defeating Lagunus
  4. Eventually, you will make it to the throne room.
  5. Walk through the long pathway and there will be a cutscene; Afterwards, you will engage a battle with Rafisol
    1. ?? - ????
    2. ??? - ????
    3. ??? - ????

Rainbow Stone Locations

Grimp Town
Sparklelocation1.png Sparklelocation2.png Sparklelocation3.png
Grimp Forest (グリンプのもり)
Sparklelocation4.png Sparklelocation5.png Sparklelocation6.png Sparklelocation7.png
Scr 4 TOP LEFT.png
Bleuo Town
Sparkle8.png Sparkle9.png Sparkle10.png Sparkle11.png
Bleuo's Snowy Road (ブルーオの雪道)
Sparkle12.png Sparkle13.png Sparkle14.png Sparkle15.png
Rainbow stone snow road.png
Bug Haven (ムシのらくえん)
Sparkle 16.png Sparkle 17.png Sparkle18.png Sparkle19.png
Sparkle20.png Rainbow stone bug haven.png
Sorrow Glacier (スクレルンひょうが)
Sparkle21.png Sparkle22.png Sparkle23.png Sparkle24.png
Retty Town
Sparkle26.png Sparkle27.png Sparkle28.png Sparkle29.png
Steamly Volcano (ホカホ火山)
Sparkle30.png Sparkle31.png Sparkle32.png Sparkle33.png
Mildly Volcano (オダヤ火山)
Sparkle35.png Sparkle36.png Sparkle37.png Sparkle38.png
Warmly Volcano (アッタ火山)
Sparkle40.png Sparkle41.png Sparkle42.png Sparkle43.png
Yellome Town
Sparkle45.png Sparkle46.png Sparkle47.png Sparkle48.png
Deserted Rockface (さびれた いわば)
Sparkle49.png Sparkle50.png Sparkle51.png Sparkle52.png
Sparkle53.png Sparkle54.png
Yellome Desert (イエロームさばく)
Sparkle55.png Sparkle56.png Sparkle57.png Sparkle58.png
Sparkle59.png Sparkle60.png
Forgotten Rockface (わすれうれた いわば)
Sparkle61.png Sparkle62.png Sparkle63.png Sparkle64.png
Sparkle65.png Sparkle66.png
Yellome Desert's End (イエロームさばくのはて)
Sparkle67.png Sparkle68.png Sparkle69.png Sparkle70.png
Sparkle71.png Sparkle72.png
Purplune Town
Sparkle73.png Sparkle74.png Sparkle75.png Sparkle76.png
Purplune Aqueduct, First Area (パープルーン水道)
Sparkle78.png Sparkle79.png Sparkle80.png Sparkle81.png
Sparkle82.png Sparkle83.png Sparkle84.png
Smoked Maze (モックモクめいろ)
Sparkle85.png Sparkle86.png Sparkle87.png Sparkle88.png
Sparkle89.png Sparkle90.png Sparkle91.png
Purplune Aqueduct Depths (パープルーン水道のおく)
Sparkle92.png Sparkle93.png Sparkle94.png Sparkle95.png
Sparkle96.png Sparkle97.png Sparkle98.png
Purplune Aqueduct's End (パープルーン水道のはて)

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