Puyo Puyo! Original Soundtrack

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Puyo Puyo! Original Soundtrack
Album cover
ComposerHideki Abe
Release dateJapan March 21, 2007

Puyo Puyo! Original Soundtrack is an album with the songs used in Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary.


  • PuyoPuyo! -15th anniversary-
  • Entry the battle carnival!
  • Main Menu
  • Puyo! Funny Dialogue
  • Character Select
  • Faerie Fire!
  • More beautifully! More strongly!
  • In the Middle of Stroll
  • I'm the Greatest Ever
  • Cheerful surprise test
  • Looking for a Visitor
  • The Twin Ghosts are Super Popular!
  • Prince of Ocean ~Graceful Wandering~
  • Onion Forest
  • Visitors from a Strange World
  • Doesn't Matter Who It Is
  • Let's dancing together!
  • I'm the Zoh Daimaoh
  • That's No Good
  • LOSE (Batankyu~!)
  • Do You Want to Continue?
  • Game Over!
  • Please Listen Carefully
  • Ms. Accord's Private Lesson
  • It's the Menu
  • Cheerful Puyo
  • Careful Tokoton Nazo Puyo
  • Everybody Battle! PuyoPuyo Until Morning
  • Roulette Start!
  • Ribbit Ribbit
  • Rising Comet!
  • The Name for Thinking by the Window is...
  • Military Watchdog!? Baldanders
  • Precise Museum
  • Been a Long Time Since We Crossed Over Space-Time!
  • WIN (Yatta!)
  • I want! you! ...r power...!
  • Combat Queen Rulue-sama
  • Final Decisive Battle 1 Minute Ago!!
  • Advent of Primp! Satan-sama
  • Clear Fanfare!
  • Championship Medal and Everyone's Wishes