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Puyo Puyo is an easy-to-learn, yet difficult to master puzzle game with roots in the first-person dungeon crawler Madou Monogatari created by Compile. It features rich history with intricate and strategic multiplayer gameplay, iconic characters, and humorous stories. Puyo Nexus is an encyclopedia that anyone can edit and is maintained by fans like you!

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How to Play Puyo Puyo Games
In-depth tutorial on chaining and strategy. Learn about chain forms and game mechanics.
Read about the Puyo Puyo and Madou Monogatari games!
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Characters Other Media
Read about the iconic and unique cast of Puyo Puyo and Madou Monogatari.
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Read about the novels, magazines, music, and other media related to the series.
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Puyo Quest Database Chain Simulator
The database for everything related to the Puyo Puyo puzzle RPG mobile game: Puyo Puyo!! Quest.
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A web application for creating, sharing, and playing chains. Loaded with preset chains and other features.
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Img253216 l.png Draco Centauros

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Draco Centauros is a loud-mouthed and energetic half-dragon, half-human girl who loves beauty contests. She considers Arle to be her rival in beauty and in Puyo battles, which leads to them clashing with one another. She serves as the playable character in Puyo Puyo Sun's easy mode.

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