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Hello, this is Ethan! Despite what my username implies, I love Compile era and Madou Monogatari, but I'm generally passionate about preserving Puyo Puyo's history. I'm not that active of an editor here anymore, but I still check pages (mainly Arle's) from time to time, and work on other wikis.

I first heard about the franchise when Puyo Puyo Tetris was originally announced for Japan, but it wasn't until around 2016 when I started getting interested in what I saw of it. At the time, it was mainly for the Fever because of its art style (and the lovely Dapper Bones). I guess I thought to myself "This looks cool, but I'll wait until they localize another one."

And they did!

In the midst of the hype from Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017, I saw that among the trailers from the event was one that wasn't featured: Puyo Puyo Tetris! I was really excited about this, and when it came out globally, I was hooked.

However, somewhere down the line, I started to become aware of the franchise's roots in Madou Monogatari, and I thought it was so interesting that a puzzle game's origins could lie in a dungeon crawler. So over time, the Compile era became my primary passion, as well as my primary focus in preservation work. Although there's a lot from it I miss in the franchise now (namely the characters being used in more game genres), Puyo Puyo is still a fun game I even enjoy with family.