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Soooo awesome.

Hello, this is Ethan! Despite what my username implies, I mostly love the Compile era and Madou Monogatari (and more recently, other Compile games in that universe, namely Madoushi Lulba and Pochi and Nyaa), but I'm generally passionate about preserving Puyo Puyo's history. I'm not that active of an editor here anymore, but I still check pages (mainly Arle's) from time to time, and work on other wikis. Here's my sandbox if you wanna peep what I'm working on. (Or, if you're me, it's just a useful link to go work on it with.)

If you're playing a Puyo game, you might see me under matchmaking or replays as "Sorcer" on Nintendo Switch, referring to my gamertag, SorcerEthan, or just that tag itself on PC/ In competitive play, I aim to represent Gamers on The Edge, a wonderful esports team and charity group! I mostly play Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, Puyo Puyo Champions on Steam, and sometimes both on PSN, as well as Champions on Switch for Fever mode.

My History with the Franchise

Well, I first heard about the franchise when Puyo Puyo Tetris was originally announced for Japan, but it wasn't until around 2016 when I started getting interested in what I saw of it. At the time, it was mainly for the Fever because of its art style (and the lovely Dapper Bones). I guess I thought to myself "This looks cool, but I'll wait until they localize another one."

And they did!

In the midst of the hype from Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017, I saw that among the trailers from the event was one that wasn't featured: Puyo Puyo Tetris! I was really excited about this, and when it came out globally, I was hooked.

However, somewhere down the line, I started to become aware of the franchise's roots in Madou Monogatari, and I thought it was so interesting that a puzzle game's origins could lie in a dungeon crawler. So over time, the Compile era became my primary passion, as well as my primary focus in preservation work. Although there's a lot from it I miss in the franchise now (namely the characters being used in more game genres), Puyo Puyo is still a fun game I even enjoy with family, and I like a lot of the SEGA cast too!

To-Do List

  • Add images from Madoushi Lulba and Pochi and Nyaa


  • Arle isn't just my favorite character in the franchise, I think she might just be my favorite character ever.
  • I'm better at getting All Clears than making big chains.
  • Despite calling myself a big Madou fan, the only entry I've played so far is Madou Monogatari: Hanamaru Dai Youchienji. (I know it's not what the series is mostly like but it's cute! Reminds me of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, which is one of my favorite games.
  • Although I don't take the Kenji Oda's Madou canon at face value as fully canon anymore, it's still a big part of my general franchise headcanon, as well as a basis for an AU I'm working on. (I subscribe to the idea of the Will of the Worlds being the plane of consciousness Lilith ascended to...)
  • I earn money from playing Puyo! Not from any sort of tournaments, not yet anyway, but because my dad likes to bet money when we play together. When I cashed out for April of 2023, I even came out with a total of $24. (Also, his favorite characters are Harpy and Zed.)
  • I really want a new Madou game, even if it doesn't use the original cast. I wish that instead of the approach Sorcery Saga took having expies of characters from both Madou and even SEGA Puyo, they did something more like Mano and the Mysterious Hat, which is more of a side story in the same universe and art style of Ichi, but still legally distinct enough to exist without the involvement of SEGA.
  • I think the Madou/Puyo games for Saturn and Dreamcast might have some of my favorite game soundtracks ever, especially Madou Monogatari (Saturn), Waku Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon, and Puyo Puyo~n.