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Last updated: May 15, 2023

Hello, and welcome to the Puyo Nexus wiki! This is a guide written by Eudaemonics as a sort of starting point if you're interested in contributing. While Puyo Nexus does have a disclaimer about the contents of the wiki, it is a far cry from a comprehensive guide and I believe it is time to have things more streamlined and properly controlled to some degree because of the growth of Puyo Puyo outside of Japan in recent years. The reliance on PuyoNexus as a source of information has also grown, so I hope this guide will be of some help for contributors and readers alike.

You can find basic information here on wiki editing. It's recommended that you also refer to the Media Wiki handbook if you have any questions. You can also ask in the English Puyo Puyo Community Discord Server for help in the #puyopuyolore channel.

Please note that this guide is a heavy work in progress and will most likely be for the foreseeable future as I am a full-time student currently working on an undergraduate thesis. It is also in no way official until I get approval from higher-ups so I can't enforce this, but hopefully this makes wiki contribution less intimidating for anyone that wants to help out!

This guide focuses primarily on the "main series" pages. Questions regarding the Puyo Puyo Quest namespace pages should be directed to other users.


  1. Please be respectful and inclusive in your conduct and language on the wiki.
  2. Please do not use abusive, crude, derogatory, or profane language.
  3. We do not tolerate spam or vandalism and any changes of this nature will be reverted and result in an immediate ban.
  4. Please do not use talkpages for roleplay or discussion unrelated to the wiki.
    1. Note: You may use your user talkpages for some degree of communication unrelated to the wiki.
  5. Please do not upload fanart or art that you are not completely sure is official.
    1. This rule also applies to edited work such as typeset comics or manga as the translation is the translator's intellectual property.
  6. All edits will be tied to your account unless it is legally necessary for the moderation team to omit entries. All of your contributions to the wiki can be easily viewed on your corresponding Special:Contributions page.
  7. Please do not move or make drastic changes to any pages, templates, or other code on the wiki without consulting other moderators or wiki editors beforehand!
  8. Do not link to piracy sites anywhere on the wiki.

Language & Grammar

  1. Please use neutral and unbiased language and do not insert your personal interpretations, thoughts, or opinions when editing pages. Having someone look over your edits before publishing is highly recommended.
  2. Speculation on the wiki is highly discouraged. Please only add facts that you know to be true.
  3. There is no penalty for making grammatical or spelling errors on the wiki, but just be aware that others may revise your edits without any warning. Here are some of the grammatical style guidelines for the wiki:
    1. The wiki largely uses American English, but there is no penalty if you use alternate spellings.
    2. When romanizing Japanese, we adhere to the modified Hepburn romanization system.
    3. The possessive form of names ending in "S" such as Ess, Lemres, or Squares should only take an apostrophe rather than an apostrophe and an extra "S". The possessive forms of the names listed would thus be Ess', Lemres', and Squares'.
    4. The plural of Puyo should be Puyos to be consistent Puyo Puyo Tetris 1 and Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 localizations, but Puyo as plural form is also acceptable.
    5. "Junk Puyo" can be written as either Nuisance Puyo or Garbage Puyo, the latter is encouraged as it is consistent with Puyo Puyo Tetris 1 and Puyo Puyo Tetris 2's English localizations.
    6. Please italicize titles of games and novels and refrain from abbreviating titles, as tempting as that may be. The Help:Terminology guide has more information regarding this rule.
  4. As this franchise's content is mostly in Japanese, some character names are still inconsistent across namespaces. Here are some guidelines:
    1. Use localized names when possible.
    2. If a character's unlocalized name is used on a page, please conform to that until the page is updated, or ask a moderator/other users if you can update it.

Citations and References

Although the disclaimer writes that citations are generally not required, they are very helpful for verifying information. Here is a quick guide for adding citations and references to a wiki article. For best practice, I recommend archiving URLs on Web Archive when adding citations to preserve the webpage and to prevent link rot.

Here is an example of a single-use reference:
...and here is an example of a multiple-use reference:
<ref name="Reference name">Reference.</ref>
This is the code for the references list. While it is automatically generated at the bottom of the page, I encourage moving it above the categories and navigation box:
Let's put it into practice...
If you want to cite a game chapter just once, you can use the single-use reference like so:
<ref>''Puyo Puyo Tetris'' Chapter 1</ref>
If you'd like to cite it multiple times, you can use a multiple-use reference which would be formatted like this the first time:
<ref name="PPT1 Chapter 1">''Puyo Puyo Tetris'' Chapter 1</ref>
...and then formatted like this any subsequent times the reference needs to be used:
<ref name="PPT1 Chapter 1"></ref>

Here is an example of a page with multiple-use references and here is an example of a page with single-use references. The best way to learn is to look at the code of already well-established wikipages and learn how they are structured!



Any and all translation efforts are welcomed on Puyo Nexus and there is no skill level requirement, but as this is a public space, please be aware that other users may edit your translations without any warning.

If you are adding someone else's translations to Puyo Nexus and they do not have a wiki account, please obtain permission from them before uploading and clearly credit them somewhere on the page. Please also include that you are adding someone else's translation in the page update summary. If they requested a link back to their own site where they host the translation, you can link to external sites on PuyoNexus with the following syntax:

[ external url]

... which will look like this: external url.

On Machine Translation

Machine translation using Google Translate or DeepL is permitted on the wiki as long as the following are fulfilled:

  1. There is a visible disclaimer that machine translation was used.
  2. You have edited the translation and it is not a raw machine translation.
  3. You have had another party review your edited machine translation.

Although we permit machine translation, please note that your contribution can be removed, edited, or replaced with human translation at any time.

Page Formatting and Organization

Character pages

Character pages should use the character infobox template with as much information filled out as possible. Images should be updated to a character's most recent appearance. A typical character page is organized like so:

  • Biography
    • Appearance
    • Personality
    • Abilities
    • Relationships
      • These should be organized alphabetically and only include relationships that have significant interactions. This is subjective, but characters should have interacted at least once to appear in a character's relationships section.
      • Please indent information about the relationships after the name. This makes a page look cleaner and more organized. You can indent text by using colons and an example can be seen on Ally's page.
  • History
    • Refrain from completely summarizing games on these pages. Briefly describe what characters were doing in this game and link to the game's Story section for more information.
  • Trivia
  • Game Appearances
  • Character Profiles (From games)
  • Character-specific attributes (Game data like dropsets)
  • Chants
  • Gallery
    • The chants and gallery pages may be moved onto their own subpages depending on the length.

Game Pages

Game pages should use the game infobox template with as much information filled out as possible. A typical game page is organized like so:

  • Story
    • The story section may be moved to its own page if it has multiple routes such as Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary. In this case, a brief overview of the plot should be included along with a link to the main story page.
  • Gameplay
    • Modes (If it is a Puyo Puyo game)
  • Characters (Playable and cameo appearances)
  • Trivia
  • Development
    • Only add this section if it's applicable. This is up to your discretion as an editor, but this section would include information about a game's development cycle like Puyo Puyo 7's original concepts being based on magical girls, etc.
  • Gallery (Game covers, game screenshots, etc.)

Book Pages

Books and other written works should use the book infobox template with as much information filled out as possible. A typical book page is organized like so:

  • Official synopsis (If applicable)
    • This should be enclosed with blockquote tags. When possible, this should be replaced with a translation of the synopsis.
  • Plot summary (If applicable)
    • If it is an art compilation book or a guidebook, a description of the contents is fine.
  • Trivia
  • Gallery