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Source of the Ambition and the Fresh Wind
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Rattle rattle rattle...
[★6] Steam City Schezo くっ… また実験失敗か…
Dammit… The experiment failed again...
[★6] Steam City Schezo 途中まで いい反応だったのに なにが いけなかったんだ…?
The reaction was going well, where could I have gone wrong...?
[★6] Steam City Witch ちょっと シェゾさん!?
Hey, Mr. Schezo?!
[★6] Steam City Schezo ちっ またウルサイのが来たか…
Tch, that noisy busybody again...
[★6] Steam City Witch なんですの さっきの音は! 下の階まで 揺れましたわよ!
Just what was all that racket?! It even rattled the floor below!
[★6] Steam City Witch ごほっ…ごほっ… それに 窓をあけて換気しないと 煙が 充満してるじゃありませんの
Cough... cough... And you should open the window and let some air in, this room’s filled with smoke.
[★6] Steam City Schezo フン… いらん世話だ
Hmph... None of your business.
[★6] Steam City Witch 別に あなたの世話を焼くつもりは みじんも ありませんけど…
I have no intention in the slightest to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong...
[★6] Steam City Witch わたくしの崇高(すうこう)な 研究を これ以上 ジャマされたくないだけですわ
I just don’t want any further distractions from my sublime research.
[★6] Steam City Schezo なに? …つまりオレの実験が おまえの ガラクタ遊びに 劣ると言いたいのか?
What? ...So you mean to say my experiments are inferior to your scrap fiddlings?
[★6] Steam City Witch ガラクタじゃありませんわ! そっちこそ 得体のしれない液体を 使って なにを企んでいるのやら…
It ain’t scrap! You’re one to talk, one can only imagine you’re up to with that nondescript fluid...
[★6] Steam City Schezo フッ… 安心しろ
Heh... Relax.
[★6] Steam City Schezo オレの実験が おまえのような 一般人に 理解できなくとも それは 仕方のないことだ
It’s expected for a layman such as yourself to be unable to understand my experiments.
[★6] Steam City Witch なんですって~!
What is that supposed to mean?!
Gurgle gurgle gurgle...
[★6] Steam City Witch ちょ… ちょっとシェゾさん?
H-Hey... Mr. Schezo?
[★6] Steam City Witch その… 例の液体から なにか 生き物のようなものが 出てきましたわよ…?
Um… Something that looks alive has emerged from the fluid...
[★6] Steam City Schezo なに!? やはり 実験は成功していたのか…!!
What?! So the experiment was a success after all...!!
[★4] Mecha Purple Umiushi ???
気がついたら 知らない場所で 液体まみれ…
To find myself covered with liquid in a strange place...
[★4] Mecha Blue Umiushi ???
ナゾすぎて 泣きそう
It’s so bizarre that I could cry.
[★6] Steam City Schezo ………… なんだ おまえたちは?
...Just what are you?
[★6] Steam City Schezo よくも このオレを ぬかよろこびさせてくれたな!
How dare you let me rejoice for nothing!
[★4] Mecha Purple Umiushi ???
しかも なんだか 言いがかりまで つけられた どうしよう…悩む
And now I’m being randomly accused, what to do… Oh bother.


[★6] Steam City Schezo やれやれ… とんだ 災難だったぜ
Thank goodness... That was such a disaster.
[★6] Steam City Witch やれやれ と言いたいのは こっちですわ
Thank goodness is my line.
[★6] Steam City Schezo なんだ ウィッチ まだ いたのか
Oh, Witch. You're still here?
[★6] Steam City Schezo 早く 自分の部屋に 戻ったらどうだ?
Why don’t you go on back to your room?
[★6] Steam City Schezo おまえの だいじなホウキが 泣きながら 帰りを 待っているかもしれんぞ
Your beloved broomstick might be crying and waiting for you to come back.
[★6] Steam City Witch …それもそうですわね それじゃあ わたくしは しつれいしますわ
...That may be so. Then, if you’ll excuse me
[★6] Steam City Schezo (ん? やけに素直だな…)
(Hmm? She’s being oddly compliant...)
[★6] Steam City Witch ああ そうだ シェゾさん
Oh, one more thing, Mr. Schezo.
[★6] Steam City Schezo まだ なにかあるのか
What else do you want?
[★6] Steam City Witch このお部屋ですけど… 早めの 床のおそうじを おすすめしますわ
Just a word of advice... I suggest you clean the floor of this room quickly.
[★6] Steam City Witch でないと わたくしのホウキが 天井からの 水もれで 本当に 泣いてしまいますから
Otherwise, my broomstick will really cry with the water leaking through the ceiling.
ガチャッ バタン…
Click, slam...
[★6] Steam City Schezo おい それは どういう意味…
Hey, what’s that supposed to mean...
[★6] Steam City Schezo ああーーーーっ!!?
[★6] Steam City Schezo さっきまで 煙のせいで よく見えていなかったが…
There was so much smoke obscuring my vision...
[★6] Steam City Schezo 気づけば 部屋中 液体まみれじゃないか…!
that before I knew it, my whole room’s been flooded with fluid...!
[★6] Steam City Schezo ま…まずは だいじな資料を 片付けて…
F-first of all, I have to take care of the important documents...
[★6] Steam City Schezo …いや それより先に 床をふかないと 今度こそ 大家に追い出されかねん…!
...No, I have to wipe the floor before that, or the landlord will really kick me out this time...!
[★6] Steam City Schezo くっ…! 近い将来 偉大な錬金術師になる このオレが……
Damn it! Why do I, a future great alchemist...
[★6] Steam City Schezo なぜ 部屋のそうじごときに あたふたせねばならんのだ~~!!
have to fuss over cleaning a room?!