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News Flash! The Rumored Restaurant
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お客さん Customer
ルルー店長 ごちそうさまでした~!
Manager Rulue, thank you for the meal!
[★6] Steam City Rulue お腹がすいたら また いつでもいらっしゃい!
Come back anytime you’re hungry!
[★6] Steam City Rulue ふう… こうして見ると この店も ずいぶん 繁盛するようになったわね
Phew… Now that I take another look at it, this restaurant has become quite successful.
[★6] Steam City Arle ちょっと ルルー…店長! 聞きたいことが あるんだけど!
Hey, Rulue… Manager! I have a question!
[★6] Steam City Rulue あら どうしたのよ アルル? また ナイフとフォークを どっちの手に持つか 忘れたの?
Oh, what's the matter, Arle? Did you forget again which hands to hold a knife and fork in?
[★6] Steam City Arle そ…それは もう覚えたってば!
I-I already figured that out!
[★6] Steam City Arle …じゃなくて! このあいだ このお店に 新聞の取材がきたんでしょ?
...But that’s not it! This shop received coverage in the newspaper the other day, didn’t it?
[★6] Steam City Rulue ああ そんなこともあったわね
Ah, there was something like that.
[★6] Steam City Arle ボクの歌を 披露できる チャンスだったのに どうして教えてくれなかったの?
That was a chance to showcase my song, why didn’t you tell me?
[★6] Steam City Rulue アルル… あんた 自分の歌声に自信が あるんでしょう?
Arle... You have confidence in your singing voice, don't you?
[★6] Steam City Arle え? うん まあね
Huh? Yeah, I guess so.
[★6] Steam City Rulue だったら そんなものに頼らず お客さんの評判だけで 有名に なるのが「筋」じゃなくて?
Then doesn’t it follow that you should let your talent speak for itself, and bring you fame by gaining a reputation amongst the customers?
[★6] Steam City Arle うーん 言われてみれば… たしかに そうかも
Hmm, when you put it like that… You’ve got a point.
[★6] Steam City Arle ありがとう ルルー! ボク 自分の力で がんばって 夢をかなえてみせるよ!!
Thanks, Rulue! I’ll do my best to fulfill my dream with my own power!
[★6] Steam City Rulue …あんたって 素直っていうか だまされやすいっていうか… 少し 心配だわ
...I can’t tell if you’re pure, or just naive… It worries me a bit.
[★6] Steam City Arle そういえば ルルーの夢って なんなの?
Speaking of which, what's your dream, Rulue?
[★6] Steam City Rulue それは もちろん この店を もっと繁盛させて…
Of course, it is to make this restaurant thrive more...
[★6] Steam City Rulue ゆくゆくは 2号店…3号店…と 規模を広げていき…
and gradually expand the scale into the second restaurant... and the third restaurant...
[★6] Steam City Rulue この街一番の経営者になることよ!
and to be the best manager in this city!
[★6] Steam City Rulue そして 最終的には ステキな殿方と出会って 最高に ゴージャスな結婚式をあげるの♪
And to top it all off, I’ll meet a wonderful gentleman and have a most gorgeous wedding ceremony!♪
[★6] Steam City Arle ルルーって 意外と すっごく 乙女なところあるよね…
Rulue, you have quite the unexpected romantic side...
[★6] Steam City Rulue 意外とって なによ! それに 仕事中は ちゃんと 店長と お呼びなさい!
What do you mean, “unexpected”?! Moreover, you should properly refer to me as Manager while you’re working!
[★6] Steam City Arle はーーい……
Got it...
[★6] Steam City Arle って… ああっ!
Wait... Oh, no!
[★6] Steam City Rulue なによ?
What is it?
[★6] Steam City Arle お店の奥の方で お客さんが なにやら 言い争ってる!?
There’s some customers quarrelling at the back of the shop for some reason?!
[★5] Red Mecha Caballoon ???
ムフー! 人が頼んだ料理を 勝手に 一口食べないで欲しいっす!
Hmph! Don’t take a bite out of the meal I ordered without asking!
[★5] Blue Mecha Caballoon ???
あやまりますから 顔の歯車を まわさないで くださいよぉ…
I apologize, so please stop spinning your face gear...
[★6] Steam City Rulue まったく… この街の連中は これだから…
Honestly... People like this in the city...
[★6] Steam City Rulue あんたたち! お客といえども 暴れるなら 出て行ってもらうわよ!
You two! Even if you’re customers, I must ask you to leave if you’re causing a scene!


[★6] Steam City Rulue ふう… やっと静かに なったわね
Whew… It’s finally calmed down.
[★6] Steam City Arle ねえねえ ちょっと これを見てよ ルルー店長!
Hey, take a look at this, Manager Rulue!
[★6] Steam City Rulue アルル 急に いなくなったと思ったら また現れて… 今度はなによ?
You suddenly disappeared and now you’re back again, Arle...What is it now?
[★6] Steam City Arle ついさっき 新しい新聞が届いたんだけど…
The new newspaper just arrived, and...
[★6] Steam City Rulue あら これって 例の ウチの店が紹介された記事じゃない
Oh, isn’t this the article that writes about my restaurant?
[★6] Steam City Arle 見出しのところ よく読んでみて!
Take a closer look at the headline!
[★6] Steam City Rulue ええっと… 「名物・店長のスチームナックルが 味わえる!? デンジャラスな店」
Let's see... "You Can Taste the Manager's Specialty Steam Knuckles!? Dangerous Shop"
[★6] Steam City Rulue 「その名も お食事処ルルー亭」
"The Name Is Restaurant Rulue"
[★6] Steam City Rulue …って なによコレ!?
...What is the meaning of this?!
[★6] Steam City Rulue あの新聞記者… こんなデタラメな 記事を 書くなんて ゆるせないわ!
That newspaper reporter… I won’t forgive them for writing such a rubbish article!
[★6] Steam City Arle (Thought) まったくのデタラメとは 言いきれないような…
I wouldn’t say it’s total rubbish...
[★6] Steam City Rulue はあ… これじゃあ ウチの店の評判が ガタ落ちじゃない…
Sigh… This is going to tarnish my restaurant’s reputation...
[★5] Purple Mecha Caballoon ???
あら~! ここがウワサの ルルー亭ね! アタシって流行りに弱いのよぉ
My~! This must be the rumored Rulue’s! I’m a sucker for a trend.
[★5] Green Mecha Caballoon ???
よろしければ 店長のスチームナックルを ひとつ いただけますか?
If you please, may I have a manager's steam knuckle?
ワイワイ… ガヤガヤ…
Chatter chatter... Blah blah...
[★6] Steam City Rulue ええっ! 急に お客が増えだした!?
What! There’s been a sudden increase in customers?!
[★6] Steam City Arle …もしかしたら 新聞の宣伝効果なのかも?
...Perhaps it’s the advertising effect of the newspaper?
[★6] Steam City Rulue こんな記事でお客が増えるなんて… やっぱり この街には 変わり者しかいないのかしら
To think that an article like this attracts customers… Do I have to expect all people in this city to be odd?
[★6] Steam City Arle あはは! このお店が こんなに繁盛するワケだね!
Ahaha! That’s why this shop is so successful!
[★6] Steam City Rulue なんですって! それ どういう意味よ!
What?! What is that supposed to mean?!
[★6] Steam City Arle ほ…ほめてるんだよ~!
I-It’s a compliment~!
[★6] Steam City Rulue ウソおっしゃい! あんたは本音が 顔に出やすいんだからっ!
Unbelievable! Your true feelings are all over your face!