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The Art in His Mind's Eyes
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[★6] Steam City Klug よし… 今日は この場所に決めたぞ!
Okay... I choose this place today!
[★6] Steam City Klug まずは構図を決めて… 下書きをかいて…っと
First, I'll decide on the composition... then, I'll draw a rough sketch...
[★6] Steam City Klug カキカキ… サラサラサラ…
Scribble scribble... Scratch scratch scratch...
[★6] Steam City Klug ん? 今 なにかが 前を 横切ったような…
Hmm? I feel like something has just passed in front of me...
[★6] Steam City Klug …なんだ ただ 人が通りすぎただけか…
...Oh. It was just someone pass by...
[★6] Steam City Klug まあ ここは街の通りだし 人の一人や二人 歩いてても おかしくない…
Well, this is a street of a city. It isn't strange for a person or two to walk by...
[★6] Steam City Klug いや! やっぱりおかしいぞ!
No! It IS strange!
[★6] Steam City Draco ……ほえ?
[★6] Steam City Klug そこのキミ! さっきから わざと ボクの視界に 入ってきていないかい!?
You there! Haven't you been coming within my sight on purpose!?
[★6] Steam City Draco あれ~ やっぱりバレた?
Oh, you knew that?
[★6] Steam City Klug 当然じゃないか!
Of course!
[★6] Steam City Draco いやー なんか キミが 絵を描いてるみたいだったからさ
Well, it's just, you looked like you were painting.
[★6] Steam City Draco あたしのことも 描いてくれないかなーって 何度も前を通ってみたんだよね
So I tried passing in front of you again and again, hoping to get you paint me too.
[★6] Steam City Klug ふん… そういうことか わるいけど お断りするよ
Hmph... So that's how it was. I'm sorry, but I can't accept.
[★6] Steam City Klug ボクは風景画が専門でね 基本的に人物は描かないのさ!
I specialize in landscape painting. I basically don't paint a portrait!
[★6] Steam City Draco えー! ケチー! せっかく こんな美少女が モデルになるって言ってるのにさ~
Huh! You tightwad! So much for the model offer from such a beauty!
[★6] Steam City Klug ケチじゃない! それに自分で美少女とか言うな!
I'm no tightwad! And don't call yourself a beauty!
[★6] Steam City Draco あっ! もしかして… 上手にかける自信がないんだな?
Oh! Could it be... you're not sure you can paint well?
[★6] Steam City Klug なっ…! そ…そんなワケないだろう!
Wha...! H-how can that be true!
[★6] Steam City Klug …うたがうなら 今日だけ トクベツに 描いてあげても かまわないけど…
...If you doubt, I don't mind specially painting you just today...
[★6] Steam City Draco いいって いいって! ムリしなくても!
Never mind, never mind! Don't push it!
[★6] Steam City Klug ムリじゃないさ! よーし すぐに描いてみせるから 見ておきたまえよ
I'm not pushing it! Okay, I'll compose it up right away, so just watch.
[★6] Steam City Draco やったー! ちゃんと ホンモノみたいに 美少女に描いてくれよな!
Yeah! Make sure to paint as beautiful as I am!
[★6] Steam City Draco ドラコステップ! ドラコターン!
Draco Step! Draco Turn!
[★6] Steam City Klug コ…コラ! 踊るんじゃない! キミ…本当に 被写体になる気は あるのかい!?
N-no! Don't dance! Come on... Are you really willing to be the subject!?
[★4] Mecha Odorigame-Purple あっ なんか 楽しそうなことしてる! ダンス ダンス!
Oh, looks like something fun's going on! Dance, dance!
[★4] Mecha Odorigame-Green いっしょに まぜてほしいですぅ~!
Let me in!
[★6] Steam City Klug …って 勝手に増えるなー!!
...Don't join in without asking!!


[★6] Steam City Klug ふー… なんとか 描けたぞ…
Whew... I've managed to get it painted...
[★6] Steam City Draco わー! すごーい! まるでホンモノみたいだ!
Wow! Cool! It looks real!
[★6] Steam City Draco あんた 本当に 絵が上手だったんだな!
So you really are a good painter!
[★6] Steam City Klug ふん 当然じゃないか! ボクは この街一番の芸術家 なんだからね!
Hmph, of course! I am the number one artist in this city!
[★6] Steam City Draco へ~ この街一番か~!
Gee, the number one in this city!
[★6] Steam City Draco あっ でも さっき食べたパンも すっごく おいしかったし ゲージュツ的だったぞ!
Oh, but the bread I've just eaten was very yummy and artistic, too!
[★6] Steam City Klug パン…?
The bread...?
[★6] Steam City Draco うん!
[★6] Steam City Draco たしか「ムシパン」って やつで 今まで見たことない フシギな 見た目なんだ!
I think it was called "Bug Bread", with a never-before-seen quirky appearance!
[★6] Steam City Klug …それって 「ムシムシベーカリー」の ことかい?
...Are you talking about "Bug Bug Bakery"?
[★6] Steam City Draco そうそう! そんな名前の店だったぞ! やっぱり 有名なんだな~!
Right! That stop had a name like that! So it's popular!
[★6] Steam City Klug 有名って いうか たまたま 店主が知り合いなだけで…
Not that I know because it's popular, it's just that I happen to know the owner...
[★6] Steam City Draco がう~ 思い出したら また 食べたくなってきたよぉ
Rawr, remembering that is making me want to eat again.
[★6] Steam City Draco 売りきれないうちに 早くもどって あの感動を味わってこよーっと!
I'll go back quick before it's sold out and taste that moving experience!
[★6] Steam City Klug …ふん 感動だなんて おおげさだな
...Hmph. Moving sounds exaggerated.
[★6] Steam City Klug でも あのようすだと 相当 心をつかまれたのは 事実みたいだ……
But from how she looked, apparently it has truly won her heart...
[★6] Steam City Klug いやいやいや! なにを ちょっと くやしがってるんだ クルーク!
No, no, no! What are you feeling vexed for, Klug!
[★6] Steam City Klug あんな 少しばかり めずらしい だけのパンなんかに…
Just because it's a little bit hard to get, some bread like that...
[★6] Steam City Klug ボクの芸術は 負けたりしないんだからなー!!
will never beat my art!!