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Seeking After the Taste in Memory
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[★6] Steam City Draco ほえー…!
[★6] Steam City Draco 今まで いろんな街を見てきたけど こんなに でっかい街は初めてだ!
I’ve seen a ton of cities, but this must be the biggest city ever!
[★6] Steam City Draco …街の入り口の 警備は きびしいし
...The city entrance is closely guarded,
[★6] Steam City Draco 空は もくもくしてて ちょーっと 息ぐるしさを 感じる気はするけど
and the sky is so smoky that I feel like I’m suffocatin’ a bit,
[★6] Steam City Draco 太陽みたいに明るい笑顔を ふりまく 踊り子には そんなの 関係ないもんね!
but none of that matters to a dancer flashing a sunny, beaming smile!
[★6] Steam City Draco ま…まあ まずは腹ごしらえだな!
W-Well, first I should get a bite to eat!
[★6] Steam City Draco おっ! ちょうどいいところに お食事処が あったぞ!
Oh! A restaurant right where I need it to be!
[★6] Steam City Draco たのもーー!!
It's on!!
[★6] Steam City Arle わわっ! 急に道場やぶりが あらわれた!?
Ahh! Is someone challenging a dojo all of a sudden?!
[★6] Steam City Draco ちがうよ! あたしは ただの おなかがすいた 踊り子さ!
Nope! I’m just a hungry dancer!
[★6] Steam City Arle な~んだ そっか つまり お客さんってことだね?
Oh, I see. So you're a customer?
[★6] Steam City Arle ボクね 今から そこのステージで 歌うところなんだ! 食事しながら きいていってよ♪
I’m gonna sing up on the stage now! Please listen while you eat!♪
[★6] Steam City Draco ステージ!? それなら あたしの踊りだって 負けないよ!
A stage?! My dancing won’t lose to anyone!
[★6] Steam City Draco ドラコタップ! ドラコツイスト!
Draco Tap! Draco Twist!
[★6] Steam City Arle ええっ! キミ ボクの話きいてた!?
Huh?! Were you even listening to me?!
[★6] Steam City Arle そこは 今から ボクが立つ場所なんだけど~!
That’s supposed to be my spot...!
[★4] Mecha Odorigame-Yellow ???
タップ! ツイスト! ダ~ンス!!
Tap! Twist! Dance!!
[★6] Steam City Arle お客さんたちまで ノリノリに なっちゃってる!?
The customers have gotten all excited too?!
[★6] Steam City Arle ちょっと ルルー店長~! たすけて~!
Hey, Manager Rulue! Help!
[★6] Steam City Draco よーし! ここから もっと スピード上げていくからね!
Okay! This is where we speed up!
[★6] Steam City Draco がおーーっ!!


[★6] Steam City Draco あー 楽しかった!
Ah, that was fun!
[★6] Steam City Rulue ちょっと あなた ウチの店で なにをやってるの?
Hey, you there, what are you doing in my restaurant?
[★6] Steam City Draco なにって… みんなに じまんの踊りを 披露してたんだけど…
What, you ask? ... Showing off my proud dancing to everyone...
[★6] Steam City Draco あ~! しまった!! あたし…今… すっごく おなかがすいてたんだった!
Ah~! Shoot!! Now...I’m...super hungry!
[★6] Steam City Draco たしかに 踊ってる場合じゃ ないよね! うんうん!
Now’s really not the time for dancing! Yup yup!
[★6] Steam City Rulue いや…別に そういうことを 言いにきたわけじゃないけど…
No... That's not really the thing I've come to tell you...
[★6] Steam City Draco がう~~… お腹がすきすぎて たおれそうだよぉ~……
Rawr... I’m so hungry I’m boutta collapse...
[★6] Steam City Rulue …アルルの 言っていたとおり かんたんに 話の通じる相手じゃ なさそうね…
...Like Arle said, it seems like it’s not easy to communicate with her...
[★6] Steam City Rulue …まあ いいわ
...Well, fine.
[★6] Steam City Rulue あなたの踊りが この店を 盛り上げたのは 事実のようだし…
It seems to be true that your dancing has hyped up this shop...
[★6] Steam City Rulue ウチで やとってあげるから 感謝しなさい オーッホッホッホ!
I’ll do you a favor by hiring you, so be sure to thank me. Ohohoho!
[★6] Steam City Draco ええっ! いきなり そんなこと 言われてもなぁ…
Eeh! Even if you say that out of the blue...
[★6] Steam City Draco まだ この街に きたばかりだし やることも いろいろ あるんだけど…
I just got to this city, and I got stuff to do...
[★6] Steam City Rulue 「まかない食べ放題」つき!
"Eat-all-you-like staff meals" available!
[★6] Steam City Draco やるよ!!
I'll do it!!
[★6] Steam City Draco (…まあ この旅の目的の 「あたしの命の恩人探し」は ここで働きながらでもできるよね)
(...Well, my travel goal of “searching for my lifesaver” can be done while I work here.)
[★6] Steam City Draco なにより おいしいものを 食べるには たくさん踊って かせがなきゃだし!
Besides, I gotta dance a bunch and earn a lot so I can eat yummy stuff!
[★6] Steam City Rulue それじゃあ これは さっそく さっき踊ってもらった分よ
Then, without further ado, this is for your dancing a short while ago.
[★6] Steam City Draco わー! これが この店の まかないかー! いただきまーす!!
Wow! This is the restaurant’s staff meal! I’m digging in!!
[★6] Steam City Draco …………もぐもぐもぐもぐ ごくっ…
...Munch munch munch munch, swallow...
[★6] Steam City Draco お…おいしくなくは…ないけど… なんか… 正直… ビミョーなかんじ……?
N-not saying… that it isn’t yummy… but… frankly… it’s kinda so-so?
[★6] Steam City Rulue あら そう? でも それがこの街の味よ
Oh, is it? But that's the taste of this city.
[★6] Steam City Draco そっ そうなのか!?
I-is it!?
[★6] Steam City Rulue さすがに お客に出す料理は もう少し まともだけれど… まかないは そんなものね
We can’t afford not to serve something a bit better to the customers… but that’s typical for the staff meal.
[★6] Steam City Draco ががーん!!
[★6] Steam City Rulue …ことわっておくけど 一度ウチで働くと言ったからには 簡単には やめさせないわよ
...Just for your information, I won’t let you off so easily once you’ve agreed to work here.
[★6] Steam City Rulue 覚悟なさい! オーッホッホッホッホ!!
Prepare yourself! Ohohohoho!!
[★6] Steam City Draco そんなぁ~!!
No way!!
[★6] Steam City Draco やっぱり都会って… おそろしいところだよぉ~!!
I knew it, cities are...the worst!!