Masamitsu Niitani

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Masamitsu Niitani
仁井谷 正充
BornFebruary 10, 1950
Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
OccupationPresident of Compile (Former)
Founder and CEO of CompileO (Current)

Masamitsu "Moo" Niitani (仁井谷 正充, Niitani Masamitsu, born February 10, 1950) was the president of Compile. He appears as a secret boss in Super Nazo Puyo Tsu: Rulue No Tetsuwan Hankoji, and provides the voice of Satan in Puyo Puyo Sun.


Born in the town of Mihara in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, Niitani attended Mihara Shiritsu Primary School, Mihara Daisan Junior High School and Hiroshima Genritsu Mihara High school. He dropped out of the Faculty of Science in Hiroshima University in 1975. He founded Compile in 1982, when he bought an Apple II computer for 500,000 yen in 1978 and started to learn about coding and programming.

Following the liquidation of Compile in the early 2000s, Niitani went on to found CompileO, and has released a game called Nyoki Nyoki: Tabidachi-Hen for the Nintendo 3DS.


Super Nazo Puyo Tsu: Rulue no Tetsuwan Hanjouki

Other Media


  • Niitani runs a Youtube channel titled MOOTV, where he often streams his daily life or games.
  • Niitani makes an appearance in Super Nazo Puyo Tsu: Rulue no Tetsuwan Hanjouki.