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Resolution attempt re: 'Personality' section

Stepping in as uninvolved party. This one's mainly for Hydrangea, Raffinee, and S2PID Alloa0116, but if anyone else feels the need to step in over there. Please do so, to help reach consensus. I might be making a mountain of a molehill here, but I don't want this escalating. We've got a small enough editor pool as it is at PuyoNexus!

S2PID has mentioned on their talk page, Alloa approached S2PID’s talk page, about an intention to find a compromise as to the wording of the 'personality' section in Sig's article. (See here.) S2PID Alloa and Raffinee, would be one edit away from breaking The Three Revert Rule over on English Wikipedia (note that I am not counting Hydrangea's initial edit on 12th March, as it's half a month away from the rest of it, and does not appear to be a revert). And while old habits die hard, resolution is a powerful tool.

Let's start off by getting an understanding of how everyone wants it to be worded, and see if we can find a wording that suits everyone, from there.

Please can everyone remember to sign their comments / posts, with ~~~~ at the end of it, so we know who proposes / says what. This page might give other editors a few ideas, on how to approach this discussion if you don't quite get it. If you can't post it here, for whatever reason, go here and post it, and i'll transfer it over to the conversation here. MM (Communications) (Puyos) 14:31, 2 April 2020 (UTC)

Slight edit to my original post: Turns out i’ve been confusing S2, for Alloa. How I looked at Alloa’s post, and thought it was S2, it beyond my scope of comprehension right now... I’ve taken the liberty of alerting TetsutaroOokami, of this. Alloa has got involved, hopefully Hydrangea and Raffinee, will do the same. MM (Communications) (Puyos) 02:34, 3 April 2020 (UTC)

My hope for a resolution (long edit: moved my thoughts here)

Oof, sorry for the confusion! I'm very new to the wiki and I was unsure how to chat with somebody (forgive me, I don't know the best way to format these things either), so the text on S2PID's page was actually written by me, but I will move it here as it would fit better.

(cont.) First of all, I am really happy to hear someone else is interested in resolving this through conversation. Haha, I really don't want to be causing trouble especially as sort of a semi-newcomer to the series. Please keep in mind I am also not very good at having conversations, though. Here is my approach for the Personality section:

I completely understand, as someone has stated prior, taking issue with the word "lack" as it can have a negative connotation. However, I believe that keeping the connection to his heritage is important here, as it does seem to have an impact on him (even if he doesn't think about it much himself) and is a huge part of his story, so I propose that instead of completely removing the reason, we reword it to be less offending instead. The part below is comparing the text that was originally written, versus my edited version underneath showing what I think may sound a little better.

  • [old version:] Sig's lacks a lot of emotion, rarely raising his voice and treating everything in a nonchalant manner. This often causes him to talk in a somewhat odd monotone voice. He's also notably rather absent minded, often failing to catch sarcasm or treating metaphors literally. This may stem from how Sig is the "neutral" side of a demon, meaning he lacks the same morals or emotions as other people, effectively being a "neutral" slate.
  • [possible new version:] Sig is often described as a boy that goes along life at his own pace. He does not show a lot of emotion, rarely raising his voice and treating everything in a nonchalant manner, and also speaking in a somewhat monotone voice. He's also notably rather absent minded, often failing to catch sarcasm or treating metaphors literally. This may stem from how Sig is the "neutral" side of a demon, and due to such his morals or emotions may differ other people, effectively being in a "neutral" slate (state? which word is intended?).

Something along these lines basically.

As for the Trivia, unfortunately I have no compromise so this is where I can't give much to write, but my thoughts on it are that it is speculation to such a large extent that (if it turns out to be wrong) changes a part of the character, which I don't feel should have a place on the wiki. I don't claim to know what the developers are thinking with his character, but until they say something themselves, it's easiest to be safe about it?

On a point that was previously made about neurodiverse fans: Before I begin, please do not misunderstand, I do not have any kind of problems with people who have a disability or disorder. Especially speaking as somebody who has a few herself. But I don't feel that it is necessary to have a point on a character about them on a wiki that should provide information backed by sources just so that people with the same thing can have a character to relate to if there is no such indication/confirmation of it. To me, that argument seems to focus more on the fans' feelings than the telling of the character's information. I believe the character should be liked for themselves and not something that they are labeled with. Additionally, I doesn't feel right to compare people that have actual conditions to a character whose traits stem from their demon heritage. This is a fictional story, things are not like in real life. It's entirely possible that maybe Sig is just like that? Even if his behavior is not like others, he has an interest he is unusually enthusiastic about, and is generally viewed as different, does not mean that he has autism. In fact, I think it is more offensive to think of it that way, but this is just how I see it.

I've been rambling on a lot so I'll stop for now. Apologies for making this very long, or if I come off aggressive in any way... I would like to keep communicating about this peacefully so that we could figure out the best thing to do in regards to the edits. Before all this I myself was going to explain my reasons in yet another edit, but I thought twice about it and decided that talking about it before making an action would be the better course to take (and there is not enough room for the text in the edit summaries in the first place) so I'm happy to be here now. There were also some other points I would have liked to make, but I've forgotten them throughout the past few days. Alloa0116 (talk) 23:49, 2 April 2020 (UTC)

  • I'm also very much against the Trivia point. As good as the intentions may be, it's still fanon. There's really not much of a difference between suggesting that Sig is autistic and someone pushing their crack pairing and/or headcanon theories, and allowing it on the wiki is giving the green light for more of that sort of thing.
Also worth pointing out that an argument (with much more detail) was made for Schezo being autistic in early 2019 that ultimately was removed due to it being correctly identified as a headcanon. Gunstar Legend (talk) 19:34, 2 April 2020 (UTC)
  • [EDIT to reword some things as I didn't proofread or final draft first, please read the edited version instead as the initial version was written when I was extremely stressed out.] I have trouble reading so I can't read all of this in detail but I'm going to say something and do what you will with it, because I don't think this is worth continuing any longer. It is not "fanon" to suggest that Sig is autistic, and it's extremely disrespectful to compare it to "crack ships" or theories. There are lists online of traits commonly suggested with autism, such as trouble understanding other people's emotions and their own, (evidenced by Sig's Secret and his interactions with other characters), special interests (passionate fixations on certain topics that they are knowledgeable about, such as Sig with bugs), sometimes coming off as flat or "rude" to other people due to trouble expressing themselves (Sig having issues making expressive reactions, or his flat-sounding voice). It's not just because "neurodiverse fans relate to him", it's because it feels as refusal to acknowledge all of these things. If a page is needed explaining everything for his wiki page then we can work that out, but I believe its unfair to brush this off when you haven't done research or asked wy and have only took what you've seen on the surface. I think that putting that these traits are due to him being partly demon is about the same being close to canon as saying he could possibly be autistic. I just want there to be some research/thought put into the reasonings why before brushing it off. Ultimately, I don't care that much if its removed from his page completely or wholly reverted. Please just be careful about how you speak about this. Hydrangea (talk) 04:27, 2 April 2020 (UTC)


In reply to Hydrangea: I can understand where you're coming from on some things, so here are my thoughts in order of the points you have made.

  • I think what they mean by "fanon" in this case is that it is based on interpretations from the fans? I can be wrong about that since I shouldn't speak for somebody else, but I didn't think Gunstar was trying to compare them to be at a similar level as crack ships/theories but rather meant they all fall under interpretation.
  • On Sig's heritage (contains a huge and awkward argument so if I'm not making any sense, or rambling unnecessarily please let me know): Alright, I will admit that my point sort of falls under interpretation. I can't think of any case where his heritage is flat out stated to be the reason for his traits. I think one of the reasons why I've always thought of it this way though is probably due to Black/Dark Sig's existence. I'm aware there's no sure way of knowing if this form is meant to be canon, I think (other than being an alternate costume I mean) or what this form even is/what triggered it. It's generally assumed that this is Sig as a full demon though, and while on that, he's even been stated and shown through audio to be more emotive than Sig normally is. And speaking of forms and powers, in Sig's secret, Sig begins to act strange after having Witch's potion dropped on him, which she states had nothing strange in the potion but simply is supposed to draw out "a bit of the main power." Such behaviors including him (occasionally) being more expressive than he normally is, and having an entirely different personality and also being fully expressive when Amitie finally finds him in the ruins in Chapter 9. There is also a translation of the Record of the Sealing from PPF2 which states that the boy left behind when the soul was sealed "appeared to remember nothing that had happened before this event" and "was incredibly absent-minded." Since Strange Klug recognizes Sig's body as "undoubtably of [his] descendant" then the boy mentioned would have to be Sig's ancestor. And he fact they went as far to mention the "absent-minded" detail about this ancestor could imply that the trait is hereditary due to how the sealing affected this person as it quite literally took away half of their soul. Following that, because this part of that ancestor's soul was removed from this person, that could be the explanation to their behavior. But alas, this is still only an interpretation in the end, please don't think that I am trying to claim this as the final answer. I'm merely giving my thoughts on why I think that speculation exists while using the game as my reference. Edit: I feel that it would be important to mention that I consulted a friend of mine who has more experience with autism than I do and asked about her thoughts on this. She seemed very neutral to both sides acknowledging that both can be possible, or even a third possibility of them just being character quirks. Though she did lean a bit towards the sealing possibility near the end.
  • A huge point I want to stress is that I am not in refusal or trying to commit some sort of erasure here. I fully acknowledge that the possibility does have some basis to it, but I think the bigger problem that we ultimately need to focus on is if this even belongs on his wiki page in the first place. I know that probably sounds ridiculous coming from me now though, considering how big of a paragraph I wrote for the alternate possibility above. Alloa0116 (talk) 06:25, 3 April 2020 (UTC)
  • ( Reply from Hydrangea ) I feel like a big issue with many people who edit wikis (That S2 and I talked about briefly together) is the fact that people think that wiki pages need to only stick to facts or what is obviously stated. A lot of the stuff on this wiki relies on speculation, the most obvious one being the sections on Madou Monogatari related things. I think that speculation/the way fans interpret the characters (with lots of evidence to back it up) is just as important as things stated outright on the wiki. I feel like its important to state on his page, not because "many neurodivergent fans relate to him", but because its something about him that is supported heavily in many ways. I personally see no harm in including something like this on his page as long as it's not stated as a fact (which is why in my edits, I wrote that its a possibility), because speculation is just as important when we're this empty-handed on detailed information on characters and lore in this series. I also want to bring up the topic of coding, which is something complicated but its very relevant to this. Coding in short is when a character is heavily implied to be something without it outright being stated, and this can also happen even if creators are doing it unintentionally. For example, if someone was creating Sig, they could have unintentionally coded him as autistic due to basing his personality off of autistic people or characters they've seen portrayed in media or seen in real life even if they don't know the character/person is autistic, and so on. Hydrangea (talk) 08:02, 3 April 2020 (UTC)

:* If it is speculation about the story that has not been officially confirmed, then it is fan theory. Full stop. It doesn't matter if a dissertation is written on it or if it's something dreamt up in two minutes, neither one is official.

Considering the vast majority of wikis (at least anecdotally) don't allow fanon, and Wikipedia itself forces sources on everything, I suspect that editors who think that fan speculation is okay are fringe rather there being a "big issue" with being too strict. This wiki is one of like two sources for anything on this series prior to Puyo Puyo Tetris; the last thing it needs is fan theory thrown into the mix to muddy things.
I'll happily take the ax to anything built on fan speculation, much like how I cut most of the Doppelganger Arle stuff that was treated like gospel when it clearly wasn't. It's honestly my fault for not being more proactive when these pages started ballooning in size. But better late than never. Gunstar Legend (talk) 12:21, 3 April 2020 (UTC)
  • On second thought, forget I said anything. I neither have the time nor energy to invest in this discussion, especially since it likely ends with S2 doubling-down. It's just a bit frustrating because I've been trying to correct fan misconceptions for the better part of ten years and it would be nice not to have a backdoor for more of them. But that's how it goes, I guess. Gunstar Legend (talk) 14:46, 3 April 2020 (UTC)
  • I really do not see how acknowledging that a character shows so many traits associated with being autistic to the point where many people agree on an opinion that Sig is autistic "muddies" the wiki or "opens a backdoor for more misconceptions". I feel as if you have completely glossed over all of my responses. Like I have reiterated before, I never said that it was fact. I quite literally just said that he is "possibly autistic" because there is evidence to back it up. I really don't think it's fair to immediately brush it off as just speculation or a fan theory. If anything that hasn't been stated as fact was cut from this wiki we would literally halve all of the pages. If anything adding stuff that is a possibility and is supported by the source adds to the pages as it gives you a little more information on the character. [EDIT] To add onto this, technically "This may stem from how Sig is the "neutral" side of a demon, meaning he lacks the same moral, emotions, or intelligence as a normal person, effectively being a "neutral" slate" is fan speculation as well, yet stayed on his page and nobody saw a problem with it. It feels as if now though, that the possibility that these traits are because he's autistic are listed, it's immediately sought out to be axed.Hydrangea (talk) 16:46, 3 April 2020 (UTC)

I didn't want to write another reply so soon since I wanted to give a chance for some others to chip in, although nobody new has come in with an opinion so far... we still seem to be stuck. Am I being too impatient? I apologize, it's just this has been on my mind a lot. Especially this past while there's something that's been bothering me. Sig's Secret has been used as evidence for the autism argument in the expression (er, well rather it was specifically on the point of him having trouble understanding his own and others', but my point is it got me thinking about what the light novel did with his emotions in general) but at the same time, I feel like some things could also be pointed out from it.

Sig's Secret itself shows Sig himself unusually showing emotions due to the potion from Witch, which enhances his powers While maybe he does come off as a little flat, I don't ever recall him accidentally seeming rude to anybody ever. If I'm forgetting something please correct me on this. But some more specific things I do want to bring up, by direct reference of that media

There is something else I feel worth bringing up, which is that I feel like something quite a few of the characters (but notably Sig) suffer from occasionally is what TV Tropes describes as "Depending on the Writer." I bring this up because his characterization does vary and is a lot of times inconsistent throughout appearances.

  • One example being his interest in bugs, which you'd barely even think was mentioned in Fever 2, hear about a little more in 15th but not to the point where it overwhelms his character (and he still has lots of interactions that don't involve them), and then you have more recent games where most of his interactions with others centered around it. As such, I believe a strong can be made for flanderization of this specific character trait as the series went on, which probably could have been avoided had there been plot that he would be involved in, giving him more to be worked with in the story.
  • As for another, 15th and Sig's Secret strongly indicate that he thinks more about his physical differences than he let's on and gets uncomfortable with the thought of them getting worse/even discusses a way to "cure himself" with Akuma, while 20th kind of pushes it aside and portrays him as only being concerned about it affecting his ability to catch bugs.
  • His ability to stay calm and offer alternative suggestions regarding others eating bugs in 15th (Donguri Gaeru) and PPQ (Kodomo Dragon) even while uncomfortable, whereas Amitie and the Mysterious Egg, 20th, and Chronicle show him reacting more fiercely at even the suggestion.

The main point I am trying to make is that while some of the sources technically conflict with each other on some things, all of them are generally regarded as canon which means that we don't have much choice but to think of them all as such (unless the developers state otherwise) but at the same time makes his characterization hard to determine, as well as how we should read his character.

One more thing towards Hydrangea. I don't feel that you give Sig enough credit as you say he has trouble understanding other people's emotions. I can be wrong, but I feel like what you intended to argue is that he doesn't really pay attention to what's going on with other characters at times rather than doesn't understand them. Every example except for the first will be from Sig's secret since I already have it on-hand due to using it as reference on other points, plus he's a really huge focus, and because I find it a bit hard to remember all instances of what I'm attempting to convey unless somebody could help remind me.

  • One of the biggest examples of this is that he was able to sympathize with Arle in 15th, picking up on her homesickness when she talked about her world and agreeing to a puyo match in order to help her attempt to find clues about returning. (I guess the reason why this is the only one off the top of my head that isn't from Sig's Secret is because 15th left a huge impact as my first game, idk)
  • Chapter 3: When Feli scares everybody with her fortune for the cafe, without Amitie even tell Sig her feeling of shock, he comes to calm her down by patting her shoulder and reassuring her that everybody is here for her, ending with encouraging her to do her best. (As a bonus, Amitie is surprised by him, even thinking he "looked a bit bashful for just a moment?" afterwards.)
  • Chapter 5: Amitie notes "he seems to know the feeling of being attached to everyone" and while they "go at different paces, [their] hearts are in sync." He later teases Amitie a bit over how much she smiles, even laughing a little. After she asks about his arm, he points out that "[she's] been curious lately." She also thinks she sees him "look like he's in an ultra-panic" when she falls, yet after catching her and having Witch's potion dropped onto him, he tries to reassure her worry by brushing off what happened.
  • Chapter 6: He tries to stop Amitie from worrying about him by telling her that everything is fine, including in the last chapter. He quits preparations for the cafe, most likely to prevent causing trouble for the others, falling silent and quickly leaving when Amitie tries to ask why. Sig doesn't come to school the next day, once again possibly in an attempt to deal with things himself without getting others involved. The girls themselves even discuss the possibility that he wandered off for this exact reason in chapter 7.
  • Chapter 9: The true Sig is able to break through from his transformation's influence through Amitie's pleas and reminders of his memories with everybody, ultimately saving her from the nuisance puyo coming her way (Or the other way around? The translation in that specific part might be a little off concerning who did what, because certain things are a little confusing.) He once again reassures her when she apologizes, patting her head and asking how everyone is doing.
  • Chapter 10: Sig expresses surprise as Klug and Raffina look out for him, thanking them and seeming a little happy about it. He laughs in teasing Amitie once again after Lemres overwhelms her with his order.

From what I've personally observed, Sig proves himself to actually be very perceptive despite what others think. You can feel free to correct me on what I'm about to say since I'm not a mind reader, but I get the feeling what you intended to argue is that rather than having trouble understand them, he sometimes doesn't really pay attention to what's going on around him/with other characters, since that does happen a few times in Sig's Secret as well which you used as an example yourself.

Also something I've noticed a little bit is that not a lot of points that get brought up get responded to (for example, one of the initial discussion prompts was to see how every person would like things to be worded), so sometimes I feels like there isn't actually very much discussion to get us places. And I know speculation is a bit touchy but I am curious what people feel about the interpretations I've made. But then again, there's so much text on the page–a lot of which being my fault–that I feel like I can't blame anybody that much, it's just that it doesn't feel like we'll be able to get anywhere anytime soon. Alloa0116 (talk) 06:20, 5 April 2020 (UTC)

  • (Reply from S2, S2PID (talk) 17:57, 5 April 2020 (UTC)) Sorry it took me so long to reply. It looks like a lot developed in the discussion the past two days.
I've been thinking we can add a "Character Analysis" section to the character pages. This section would be the place to put evidence-based interpretations that aren't outright stated in the games or supplementary content. A separate section and a requirement for references should make a good compromise between preventing full-on headcanoning, while still opening the doors for literary analysis. This also means, though, that much more on the wiki needs to be expanded on if we want certain theories to be allowed on the pages. So...
@Alloa: The information you just brought from the games and from Sig's Secret is the kind of literary discussion I'd like to encourage on the wiki. One of the issues here, though, is that we lack accessible links to the content you're referencing. By the way, you've basically just written a partial synopsis of Sig's Secret, which the wiki page here very much needs... Expanding the pages around the wiki will go a long way in supporting character analysis on this wiki with proper references.
@Hydrangea: I still support keeping the interpretation that Sig is autistic. However, to meet the standards for a Character Analysis section, we need some references for this too. External links to informative articles or literature about autism would be helpful for wiki readers who are less informed.
  • @Alloa You misunderstood what I meant. I didn't mean that he doesn't pay attention. I was speaking from experience about having difficulty understanding other people and myself and how I see that in him. It's not that he actively doesn't care, as that's not really how that works with autistic people. You can also still have trouble understanding people's emotions and your own at times while also being perceptive at other times. Also he has come off as accidentally rude too, in Fever 2 he tries to walk away from Lemres multiple times when Lemres asks him for help.
  • @S2 I don't exactly have the links for stuff like that and I don't really have the time to look so I'm probably going to ask for my friends for help.

(Reply from Hydrangea, Hydrangea (talk) 22:03, 5 April 2020 (UTC))

I see, sorry about that @Hydrangea.

I always thought Sig was trying to get away because he felt Lemres was suspicious though, which he still feels even in Sig's Secret as he says to Amitie when Lemres arrives.

@S2PID, the separate section for analysis idea would be an interesting possible solution, but I do have a question about it. When you say "section" do you mean right on his character page (similarly to the personality and trivia sections) or like how this talk page is a page of its own? Also, I never knew the page for Sig's Secret was so empty... that makes me a little sad, but kinda shows me how new I am to the wiki that I haven't looked around that much so far. I think I'll give writing out the plot for it a try sometime.

I originally had this response written out way earlier in the day (even before Hydrangea's reply) with in-text links to all the translated text sources, but then the spam filter blocked me two times even after I put Carbuncle's name in. The only text it gave me that it says triggered the filter is a single slash... (then I lost the original version of my post, this is a rewrite). If somebody could help me resolve this or figure out a way to get past this I would appreciate it so that I can link to everything properly. Alloa0116 (talk) 23:51, 5 April 2020 (UTC)

  • I think the intention is for a section on the main character page. I honestly think each character having a handful of sub-pages (like how galleries currently work) would keep things more organized. For example, the character chants are great to have, but are a bit of an eyesore on the main character page as it is now so it would probably work better as its own page.
So maybe we have a main page (Biography, History (?), Trivia, Appearances), Gameplay page (Dropsets, Chain Power Table, Yon/Skill Battle info), Quotes page (Chants, Miscellaneous quotes), Analysis and Theory page, and Gallery page. It's something that a number of wikis do; though in fairness, they usually have more information to work with than we do.
The only way to get past the spam filter is to have someone with admin privileges edit MediaWiki:Spam-whitelist for you. I'm pretty sure that particular "someone" is TetsutaroOokami at this point. It's a pain, because there are a couple of things I've come across that I wouldn't mind citing, but I'm guessing that it was an issue once upon a time. Gunstar Legend (talk) 02:10, 6 April 2020 (UTC)

‘Theory And Analysis’ subpage for all characters?

Looks like a lot has come about, since I last checked in! I’m getting the vibe that this isn’t the first time that ‘fanon’ and headcanons, have been a problem around PuyoNexus. Hydragea’s original response, and Gunstar’s irritation at trying to keep said things, out of articles. Digging through the Puyo to find the Bayoen (so to speak), i’ve got two things jumping out at me;

S2PID’s suggestion for a ‘Character Analysis’ section.
Gunstar Legend’s idea for multiple subpages for a character.

My opinions on these: Gunstar’s idea for sub-pages, is what jumps out at me more, out of the two. I know that a separate gallery page, is already a thing for characters with a lot of images, as pointed out, so a transition to a gallery page for every character, wouldn’t take as much effort as someone might think. Gunstar’s idea to split different items to different pages, seems like it will be a lot of copy and paste work, but Copy and Paste work isn’t as bad as it could be... That, and a separate ‘Analysis and Theory’ Page, would allow speculation in one area, and keep solid, game proven facts, to another article.

S2’s suggestion for a ‘Character Analysis’ selection, is a much simpler and ‘less to do’ solution. One new section into each character’s article, rather than a larger shift of a lot of pages. Over-organising is a thing.

/ opinions

I’ve had a lot go through my mind, as I’ve read over and over this, and tried to think how to tie this all together, back to fixing the ‘Personality’ section (which this was originally about). And something’s occurred to me, Gunstar’s multiple sub-pages idea... S2’s ‘Analysis’ section idea,,, Gunstar’s Analysis And Theory Page suggestion, may actually be a good way forward here. The ‘Sig is Autistic’ thing could go in the ‘Analysis and Theory’ Sub-Page (or section, depending on how this all comes out), while solid facts about his attitude (such as that’s he doesn’t raise his voice much, if at all) or anything proven by reliable sources, could stick in the main article.

TLDR; Multiple sub-pages for each article (per Gunstar), one sub-Page (‘Analysis and Theory’) for each article: or an ‘Analysis and Theory’ section within an article (per S2). Anyone got any preferences? Have I missed anything? MM (Communications) (Puyos) 04:13, 6 April 2020 (UTC)

  • Hello everybody! It's been a while, hasn't it? I've still got this page on the back of my mind every few occasions and it's been making me anxious nothing has really happened regarding it. I know it's probably because there are lots of better things to worry about as we all know, but the edit had stayed for such a long time that I'm a bit worried it has been forgotten about. Since I grew anxious, I decided to publicly ask for opinions in the #puyoworld channel in the English Puyo Puyo Community discord, and I earned a good amount of opinions on things, including from somebody who actually has autism.
  • The overall opinion that I've gathered is that these kinds of interpretations are looked at as headcanon, and should stay out of the trivia section of the wiki as these pages are for factually correct information. BUT, many people did agree with the idea of having separate analysis pages for interpretations like these. At the same time, we worried that creating a page for every single character would be too difficult and swamping, while a single page containing analysis for every single character could become too big and overwhelming to read. In the end, we felt that splitting up the characters into group sections would be the best and easiest course of action (like OPP cast, Fever cast, 7 cast, or Bosses, Heroes, etc. as an example). We can later try and figure out how these could be split up if this is to be agreed on.
  • As for the edits, for a while I've been considering changing the page to how it used to be until we figured out a solution for all of this. Some others have agreed that it would be best to do this, while also including my revision for the text to be more friendly (like the example I wrote near the beginning of the thread, which is a revision supported by some people) to those who may find discomfort in the older version, so that the text will no longer come across as offensive. With that said, if you notice the edit sometime later today, please do not take it as something to take issue with. Alloa0116 (talk) 22:04, 20 April 2020 (UTC)