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So I had a JP version of this, but hit the Spam Filter because of it, that SPAM filter software warning looks surprisingly effective...

Hi! Over at Stardew Valley Wiki, they call me MM, on Wikipedia, I usually got 'Matticus'. I don't really mind what i'm called as long as it's not insulting. Look this username up on either of those, and it shouldn't be that hard a find.

Why am I here? Well, I picked up 'Puyo Puyo Tetris' a few weeks ago, and am a big fan, for now. It's the complete lack of story over on the Ess article that's tipped me to join in, but who knows where i'll go from there!

You know the drill by now. If something needs discussing, go to the Discussion Page. I’m also over on the PuyoNexus Discord, same name as here, if for some reason, that’s any easier to work with.

Good Luck out there!