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[★3] Feli フェーリ
Img501803 l.png
Image source: 20th Anniversary Chain cut-in
MAX Lv. 50
Cost 8
HP 216~755
Attack 73~269
Recovery 31~129
[★2] Feli[★3] Feli [★4] Antique Candle [★4] Antique Candle [★4] Antique Candle
[★3] Feli[★4] Feli
[★4] Antique Candle [★4] Antique Candle [★4] Antique Candle [★4] Antique Candle
Fuse [400 + (Level - 1) × 60] EXP
Sell [1000 + (Level - 1) × 100] coins
Leader Skill Extra Attack Lv. 2 (追加攻撃 Lv.2)
Effect: Deals extra attack with 1× Attack of self at the end of own turn
Skill Horary (ホラリー)
Clear Purple Puyo40

Effect: Attack of purple cards increases to 1.5× for 1 turn (Attack Up1)
Battle Skill None
Special Skill None
Character Introduction
First Introduced
Magic School
Card Restrictions
Flavor Text
A maiden, though rather dark, who is in love with her senior, Lemres, and appears to be always in a dreamy trance. Her daily life is guided by her divinations and spells. Dowsing is her current obsession.
Monologue Lines
「ワタシのチカラ… かすワ… それが、ウンメイだもの…」
"I'll lend you... my power... That is, decided by fate..."
「ワタシがいるんだから…敗北なんか… ゆ・る・さ・な・い…」
"I'm here so... Something like defeat is... Un-for-giv-a-ble..."
「キエエエェェェェ…! あなたのウンメイ… 占うワ…」
"KIEEEE–––....! Your fate... I've received the divination..."
Character Voice
Yukie Maeda (前田ゆきえ)
[★2] Feli [★3] Feli [★4] Feli [★5] Feli [★6] Feli [★7] Feli • Materials: [★4] Antique Candle [★5] Rainbow Candle [★6] Lovely Candle
Suzuran et al. Series
Ringo Maguro Lemres Risukuma Feli
Equivalent Characters of
Feli フェーリ
Feli Lovestruck Feli Chef Feli Feli ver. Kuromi Traveling Diviner Feli Feli ver. PuyoChron 
Exceptions: White Feli