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[★4] Feli フェーリ
Balance/Single • Combin.: Magic School/Girls • CV: Yukie Maeda (前田ゆきえ)
Img501804 l.png
Image source: 20th Chain Cut-in 4
MAX Lv. 70
Cost 14
HP 525~1353
Attack 194~539
Recovery 89~296
Skill Benefic (ベネフィック) Purple Puyo 40
Attack of purple cards increases to 2× in 1 round (Attack Up1)
Leader Skill Follow-up Attack Lv. 3 (追加攻撃 Lv.3)
Attack again with 1.5× Attack after each turn
Battle Skill Damage & Recovery Plus Lv. 1 (ダメージ&回復プラス Lv.1) Purple Puyo 20
Final damage of self increases by 300 and recovers group by 300 HP
Special Skill None
[★3] FeliImg501804.png [★4] Antique Candle [★4] Antique Candle [★4] Antique Candle [★4] Antique Candle
Img501804.png[★5] Feli
[★4] Antique Candle [★4] Antique Candle [★4] Antique Candle [★4] Antique Candle [★5] Rainbow Candle
Fuse [800 + (Level - 1) × 100] EXP
Sell [5000 + (Level - 1) × 150] coins
Flavor Text
Desc. 「先ぱいのレムレスに恋するオトメだがダークで夢見がちでいつもトランス状態。占いが得意だが、占ってもらっても、言っていることがわからない。」
A maiden, though rather dark, who is in love with her senior, Lemres, and appears to be always in a dreamy trance. She's excellent at divinations, but even though she can tell your fortune, she doesn't understand what she's saying herself.
Line 「レムレスせんぱい… はあ… 会いたいです…」
"Lemres... Oh... I want to meet him..."
Line 「やるき… だしなさい…! いくわよ… ク・エ・ス・ト」
"Bring out... your willpower...! We're going... on・a・quest."
Line 「これから、クエストにでかける… それがアナタの…ウ・ン・メ・イ」
"From here, you will go on quests... That・is・your... fate."

[★2] Feli [★3] Feli [★4] Feli [★5] Feli [★6] Feli  (Materials)
Suzuran et al. Series
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Equivalent Characters of
Feli フェーリ
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