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Other Nameswouldnt u like to know
Personal Info
GenderNonbinary (xe/xem/xyr, or she/her)
BirthdaySeptember 24th
Notable Appearances
First appearanceComet Summoner
Latest appearancePuyo Puyo Tetris 2
Puyo Puyo!! Quest information
Witch Santa Witch Crowned Witch Witch ver. Winter Break Witch ver. PuyoChron Witch ver. Arale-chan Witch ver. PuyoTet2 Witch ver. Emilia Green Witch Kitty Witch Red Witch Steam City Witch Moonlight Witch Concoctive Witch Flourishing Witch Majestic Queen Witch Sig Yukata Sig Crowned Sig Santa Sig Swordfighter Sig Rabbit Sig Sig ver. PuyoChron Sig ver. PuyoTet Sig ver. Kitty Diligent Sig Sig ver. P3 Sig ver. Seijuro Kamiyama Shigushigu Sig Sig ver. Gegege no Kitaro Sig ver. PuyoTet2 Kitty Sig Blue Sky Sig Ecstatic Sig Steam City Sig Primp Town Sig Raincloud Nine Sig Debug Master Sig Dark Sig Hilda

hi im miryx i did some wiki edits here and there translated some stuff... added some pictures here and there... im a novice when it comes to both fields so do forgive me not knowing what the FPuyo5 gummy quest.pngCK im doing...

my wifie <3 is also here u should see what ey've done its very impressive... <3 love u covie

things i want to do:


Puyo Puyo Fever 2 English Patch (either DS or PS2... maybe both)

Puyo Puyo Vocal Track Lyrics

Puyo Puyo Drama CD's; Whatever I can get my hands on (a more far-off goal without transcripts...)

thank u