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Puyo Puyo VS
Logo PuyoPuyoVS.png
ModesVersus, Endless
Release dateAugust 20, 2009 (Initial)

Puyo Puyo VS is a fangame created by Hernan created in Multimedia Fusion 2. It focuses completely on online play and thus has severely limited offline-play functionality. All aspects of the game were designed with competitive gameplay in mind. The game is comparable to Japanese online fangames as Puyo Puyo 2ch and Puyo Fura.

A new version is under development. Instead of Multimedia Fusion 2, the new platform is C++ with SFML. The rewrite is set to have features the original intentionally omitted, such as Fever mode. The beta version of the rewrite named Puyo Puyo VS 2 is available here


Puyo Puyo VS boasts several features that sets itself apart from other fangames. However it also lacks features, such as character animations (and anything else that has no value in competitive gameplay.)


Players connect automatically to a lobby and can challenge other players with a press of a button. Players can also enter rooms to play random matches in the same style as Puyo Puyo 2ch.
Replays are automatically saved at the end of the match. They can be viewed with the replay viewer, with extra settings to hide player names (in case people want to record and upload videos).
Players can also easily spectate matches by choosing from on going matches.
Users are not forced to register to play the game.


The Puyo and the backgrounds can be changed easily by adding new folders with images in png format. The sound effects can also be changed. This fangame also has the option to set voices with a Fever pattern or classic pattern. Music can also be added, though it has limited compatibility with certain formats. The default skin contains originally made graphics.


The controls and movement of the Puyo emulates Puyo Puyo Fever as closely as possible. Several manouvers are available, such as stalling, staircase maneuver, rotating out of 2 columns. As in Puyo Puyo Fever, the Puyo also do a squishing animation when dropped.

Lag control

Puyo Puyo VS has lag control, which makes playing against people in other countries much more enjoyable than e.g. PuyoPuyo2ch and Puyofura.


There are only 2 modes in Puyo Puyo VS, which are classic Puyo Puyo 2 rules and "PVS rules". The Puyo Puyo 2 rules implemented fully, however a few differences remain which must be taken into account.

Differences to Tsu

There are some important differences to note when playing classic mode in Puyo Puyo VS.

  • There is no fall bonus: holding down in Puyo Puyo Tsu would result in extra points and therefore nuisance. In Puyo Puyo VS, this is not present. As a result, theoretically, if the player in Puyo Vs makes a 1 chain, he would send no garbage, even he would've in Puyo Puyo Tsu as a result of fall bonus. To compensate, he is simply given an extra bonus of 1 to send a single Nuisance Puyo.
  • There is no margin time. In any official Puyo Puyo game, the game will increase the amount of Nuisance Puyo sent after a certain amount of time passes. In Puyo Puyo VS, the amount of Nuisance sent is constant throughout the game.
  • Nuisance do not fall randomly, but in a pattern. This is not accurate to Puyo Puyo Tsu (but is to Puyo Puyo Sun and later games.)
  • Nuisance counters are considerably faster. It is almost equal to that of Puyo Puyo Fever.
  • Puyo Puyo VS uses the TGM randomizer (http://tetris.wikia.com/wiki/TGM_randomizer). Essentially, this means the amount of double colored Puyo pairs is reduced. In Puyo Puyo VS, the chances of a double colored pair is 1/8 instead of 1/4.

PVS Rules

In PVS rules, players can drop their Puyo instantly by pressing up. Also, when offsetting Nuisance Puyo, the Nuisance Puyo will not drop. This is similar to playing Puyo Puyo 7's Transformation mode with Arle and the Transformation gauge always set to zero, or Puyo Puyo Fever's Fever mode with Arle and the fever gauge set to zero.

Unresolved issues

  • Full desync: a rare event where an online message has been skipped and the game continues. In that case the opponents field will appear different than it actually is. The opponent will appear to drop Puyo in impossible places and/or Nuisance won't drop when it's supposed to.
  • Slow framerate: as a result of the game being developed in Multimedia Fusion 2, the requirements for the game are relatively high.
  • Sudden crashing: usually occurs when the game tries to play a music file it doesn't support. This includes mp3 files with embedded cover images. It can also happen during operation of IME.

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