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Important: Back up User ID and Password before you update so that you may retrieve user data easily in case of accidental fails. For detailed procedures, see PPQ:Account Management.
Update Schedule
Version Released Update Mandate Early Update Bonus Notes
Version 8
8.2.1 2019/04/18 2019/04/19 11:00
Magic Stone
2019/04/19 login bonus
8.2.0 2019/03/25 2019/03/26 11:00
Magic Stone
by 2019/03/26 23:59
8.1.3 2019/03/15 Not mandatory None Multi compatible
8.1.2 2019/02/28 2019/03/01 11:00
Magic Stone
2019/03/01 login bonus
8.1.1 2019/02/20 Not mandatory None Multi compatible
8.1.0 2019/01/28 2019/01/29 11:00
Magic Stone
by 2019/01/29 23:59
8.0.2 2018/12/19 Not mandatory None Multi compatible
8.0.1 2018/12/07 2018/11/13 11:00
Magic Stone
2018/12/10 login bonus Multi compatible
8.0.0 2018/11/12 2018/11/13 11:00
Magic Stone
by 2018/11/13 23:59
Version 7
Version 6
Version 5
Version 4
Version 3
Version 2
Version 1

Update Contents


  • 6周年を記念したアプリアイコンに変更。
  • ホーム画面の「そのた」のメニューと、ガチャ画面に「攻略wiki」へのリンクを設置。
  • 「攻略wiki」へのリンク設置に伴ない、「ぷよクエ情報コーナー」を削除。
  • iOS端末側でApp内課金を制限されている場合、アプリのタイトル画面で「購入失敗:App内での課金が制限されています」という内容のエラーメッセージが表示される現象。


  • App icon change after end of Sailor Moon Crystal collaboration
  • Gacha animation renewal (character voice playing available if downloaded)
  • Redesign on some quest details pop-up in Special Map
  • Shows inventory overflow warning pop-up when entering Gacha screen while holding 101+ material cards over the limit
  • (unannounced) Redesign on in-quest skill details pop-up
  • Fixes that when using charge skills on a Co-op Boss Challenge boss with 4 turns remaining, player can still trace-remove on field after the charged attack defeating the boss
  • Fixes that "Clear within certain number of turns" quest missions in Adventure Map cannot be cleared under certain conditions.


  • App icon change for Sailor Moon Crystal collaboration


  • App icon change after end of Snow Miku 2019 collaboration
  • (after mandate) Deck cost cap increased (+110 to all current caps; max cap 540 → 650)
  • (after mandate) Target change is possible during [★6] Red Witch AS activation
  • (after mandate) AS skill description change for [★6] Legamünt (no change in skill effect)


  • App icon change for Snow Miku 2019 collaboration


  • (after 2019/01/29 15:00) Adds Inner Adventure Map to Single-player Quest
  • Adds new functionalities to Co-op Boss Challenge
  • (after mandate) Stamina can refill over the cap (up to 999) when User Rank increases
  • (after mandate) For Endless Tower quests with "Normal Attack only when 2/3+ chain" stage effect, a notice pop-up when the attack condition is not met
  • (Android only) Changing screen aspect ratio to fixed for certain Android devices
  • Character cards that can be used to increase Skill Level is shown in higher priority when selecting Power-up Fusion materials
  • Character cards that can be transformed (at Lv. MAX and holding all transformation materials, but except ★7-transform) is given a "star and arrow" icon on Card Power-up screen
  • Changes skill failure message for Santa Feli
  • Fixes that after completing a Veggie Thief battle will move to the Co-op Boss Challenge event screen when a challenge boss is summoned
  • Fixes abnormal action when using revival skills under certain conditions in multiplayer gameplay


  • App icon change after end of Persona Q2 collaboration


  • App icon change for Persona Q2 collaboration
  • Maximum Warehouse capacity after expansion increased (500 → 600)
  • (iOS only) Fixes dislocated tapping on iPhone XR
  • (Android only) Fixes abnormal stretching on certain Android devices
  • (Android only) Fixes button controls failure after checking PuyoQuest Info Corner on Android devices
  • When a boss is summoned in Co-op Boss Challenge event, after completing a Veggie Thief battle will move to the Co-op Boss Challenge event screen


  • (after mandate) Adds new event type Co-op Boss Challenge (協力ボスチャレンジ)
  • (after mandate) Adds new paid packs Runrun Pack (るんるんパック) and Wakuwaku Pack (わくわくパック)
  • (after mandate) Adds power-up material Saturn Puyo (土星ぷよ)
  • (after mandate) Adds Colorful Sir Wilde (カラフルワイルドさん) that can be used as ★7-transform material for any color
  • Terminates Amazon version (only showing ID and password for Data Transfer)