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Important: Back up User ID and Password before you update so that you may retrieve user data easily in case of accidental fails. For detailed procedures, see PPQ:Account Management.
Update Schedule
Version Released Update Mandate Early Update Bonus Notes
Version 7
7.6.0 2018/07/10 2018/07/11 11:00
Magic Stone
by 2018/07/11 23:59
7.5.0 2018/05/28 2018/05/29 11:00
Magic Stone
by 2018/05/29 23:59
7.4.1 2018/05/11 Not mandatory None Multi compatible
7.4.0 2018/04/23 2018/04/24 11:00
Magic Stone
by 2018/04/24 23:59
7.3.1 2018/03/27 2018/03/28 11:00
Magic Stone
2018/02/28 login bonus
7.3.0 2018/03/19 2018/03/20 11:00
Magic Stone
by 2018/03/20 23:59
7.2.3 2018/03/09 Not mandatory None N/A for PC
Multi compatible
7.2.2 2018/02/19
(PC: 2018/03/01)
2018/02/20 11:00
Magic Stone
2018/02/20 login bonus
7.2.0 2018/02/05 2018/02/06 11:00
Magic Stone
by 2018/02/06 23:59
7.1.2 2018/01/23 Not mandatory None Multi compatible
7.1.1 2018/01/15 Not mandatory None Multi compatible
7.1.0 2017/12/18 2017/12/19 11:00
Magic Stone
by 2017/12/19 23:59
7.0.2 2017/12/04 Not mandatory None Multi compatible
7.0.1 2017/11/13 Not mandatory
Magic Stone
2017/11/14 login bonus Multi compatible
7.0.0 2017/10/26 2017/10/27 11:00
Magic Stone
by 2017/10/27 23:59
Version 6
Version 5
Version 4
Version 3
Version 2
Version 1

Update Contents


  • Adds the Train to Lv. 1 in Bulk (まとめてLv.1とっくん) button in Special Training Board, that allows player to train all tiers to Lv. 1 up to a designated tier at once
  • Adds functionality to train multiple levels on one Special Training tiers at once in Special Training Board , by selecting with the minus/plus signs in the Select Training Level (とっくんレベルをえらんでね) dialog
  • Adds functionality to copy User ID and Password to clipboard in Data Transfer
  • Adds option for whether to send Room Booking notification to guild members when creating Guild Tower Floor Quest rooms
  • Material cards and items (not character cards) can be exchanged in bulk at once in PuyoPoint Exchange
  • Improved time taken for data download, and revamped design for download screen
  • Changes leader skill coverage of Nursery Tale Series from only normal attacks to include also skill-based attacks (with certain exceptions) (leader skill text change after mandate)
  • (iOS only) Removal of video recording and submission functionality with termination of Everyplay's recording/submission/sharing service of in-game videos
  • (PC only) Fixes erroneous shrinking of game screen size as the app starts
  • Fixes varying results between different devices when enemies use designated skills in Guild Tower Floor Quest and Everybody Quest
  • Fixes changed clear turn numbers when resuming the app during Endless Tower play
  • (Android/Amazon only) Fixes unexpected LED lamp on/off when notifications for the app is delivered


  • Adds choice to view video advertisements for additional PuyoVeggies after harvesting (+10 of the same type, conditions apply)
  • App icon change
  • Changes to buttons and popups for gachas that uses Magic Stones
    • Adds confirmation pop-up for rolling single Magic Stone gacha rolls
    • Changes button text for Magic Stone gachas with guaranteeing steps to "Next is ○th" (つぎは ○回目)
  • Adds ability to power-up cards from card details screen when it is opened from tapping thr cards on the deck layout on card screen
  • Adds warning pop-up to situations where it is possible to lose quest progress, in addition to starting app on other devices during quests in progress, and changes pop-up text
  • (PC only) Adjusts in-game sound effect volume
  • Changes that once an account is played on the newest version, the same account cannot start game on older versions
  • Removes automatic redirecting to Transformation Fusion screen when a card reaches Lv. MAX from Power-up Fusion
  • Fixes that Rosatte AS Conditional Attack Up was not effective when used with certain skills: (1) reduce HP and attack by reduced HP; (2) colored single attack by card's maximum HP


  • App icon change for BLEACH collaboration


  • Adds Omakase Check for giving yells on guild member list
  • Adds Omakase Check for Farm Helper
  • Adds support for iPhone X screen size.
  • App icon change for 5th Anniversary commemoration
  • (after mandate) Adds Choice Quest
  • (smartphone only) UI change for PuyoQuest BBS
  • (iOS only) Dropping support for iOS versions under 9.0
  • (after mandate) Adds warning pop up when starting app on other devices during quests in progress
  • (PC only) Fixes that initial field is wrongly the same when playing Everybody Battles
  • Fixes that deck stats do no show correctly with specific controls on the card screen


  • Fixes quest failure when playing Everybody Quest with both PC ver. and smartphone ver. players and using certain skills


  • App icon change
  • Shop UI change
  • (after mandate) Warehouse capacity expandable to 300 by spending Magic Stones (5 slots per Magic Stone)
  • During Dusklight Doppelganger Arle AS activation, tap the transformed Prism Balls to undo repainting
  • (after mandate) Number of rentable fields in Farm increases to 5
  • (after mandate) Maximum number of Farm Rental Tickets (as bonus from Magic Stone purchases) that can be held increases to 5
  • (after mandate) Puyo Design graphical data update


  • App icon change for Hatsune Miku collaboration


  • Fixes that Chain Combo decreases too much when failing 3+ chains in Everybody Quest and Guild Tower
  • Fixes erroneous activation of Leader Skills of Yellow Satan and Gorgeous Rulue on opponents in Everybody Battles