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Deck (デッキ) is the lineup of cards a player brings to quests or battles in Puyo Puyo!! Quest.

Type of decks

Quest deck

Quest Deck (クエストデッキ)

Battle deck

Battle Deck (バトルデッキ)


Circled area shows the cost used and the deck cost cap.

All cards are designated a cost (コスト) value, and deck cost (デッキコスト) for a deck is the total cost of all cards used. Players can only make decks up to their deck cost cap (デッキコストの上限), which increases with the user rank up to a maximum of 540.

User Rank Deck Cost Cap
1 140
40 170
50 180
75 197
76 198
101 210
105 212
132 226
212 266
233 276
300 310
403 361
416 368
500 410
501 410
 ??? 540
825+ 540

Deck Cost Over

Deck Cost Over warning

One common reason for failure in Transformation Fusion and ★7 Transform Board is having one or more decks exceeding deck cost cap after the transformation. A Deck Cost Over (デッキコストオーバー) warning will be shown instead of proceeding. The player has to either free up enough cost space for the transformation by taking out other cards from all offending decks, or directly remove the base card from the decks.

Color effect

Attacked color
Red Puyo Blue Puyo Green Puyo Yellow Puyo Purple Puyo
Red Puyo 1/2 Color chart
Blue Puyo 1/2
Green Puyo 1/2
Yellow Puyo
Purple Puyo