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For the feature that transforms ★6 cards into ★7 rarity, see PPQ:★7 Transform Board.

Transformation Fusion (へんしん合成) is the system to combine designated material cards to transform the base card to a higher rarity.


Deck Cost Over warning

In order to transform into a next form, the following requirements must be met:

  • You hold all the required transformation materials and not locked
  • The base card is at its highest possible level (Lv. MAX)
  • You have enough coins to pay the cost of fusion (deprecated)
  • None of your (quest/PvP) decks in which you have included the base card will exceed the deck cost capacity at its new, increased cost after the transformation

If any of your decks exceeds cost capacity after transformation, you will receive a Deck Cost Over (デッキコストオーバー) warning and not allowed to proceed. In this case, either free up enough cost space by taking out other cards from all offending decks, or directly remove the base card from the decks.

Transformation Materials

Materials used in Transformation Materials comes in three kinds:

Cost of Fusion

Currently, Transformation Fusion do not cost coins to complete.

Before 2016/04/20, coins are required to complete Transformation Fusion.

Rarity Cost
★1 → ★2 Coin 3000
★2 → ★3 3 materials: Coin 9000
4 materials: Coin 12000
★3 → ★4 4 materials: Coin 20000
5 materials: Coin 25000
★4 → ★5 Coin 35000
★5 → ★6 Coin 49500
(General formula: Cost = Base card MAX Lv × No. of Materials ×100)