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[★1] Blue Small Puyo あおい小ぷよ
Img150101 l.png

Image source: 20th Anniversary Nuisance queue
Cost 10
Lv. 1
HP 60
Attack 10
Recovery 6
cannot be
transformed into
[★1] Blue Small Puyo
Transformation Fusion
[★1] Blue Small Puyo
[★2] Blue Large Puyo
Fuse: 500 EXP Sell: 100 coins
Leader Skill None
Skill None
Battle Skill None
Special Skill None
Sp. Training Not Supported
Character Introduction [+]
First Introduced
Card Restrictions
No multiplayer
No power-up
Flavor Text
An unusual Puyo that occasionally appear when clearing Puyos, with eyes that seems to be foretelling something. Looks like having a mysterious power to power up blue Puyo users when fused.
Monologue Lines
「(はやく 「合成」してほしそうな目で あなたを見ている)」
"(Looking at you with eyes that seems wanting to go do "Fusion" quickly)"
「(「わたしはおじゃまぷよ1個と同じくらい すごい」という目であなたを見ている)」
"(Looking at you with eyes that speaks of "I am just as great as 1 Garbage Puyo")"
Character Voice
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