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For this character's general appearance in the whole series, see Accord.Edit dataRefresh

[★4] Black Ms. Accord くろいアコール先生
Img504404 l.png

Image source: Specially drawn
Cost 14
Lv. 1 Lv. 70
HP 934 1801
Attack 242 531
Recovery 8 77
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calculations unavailable
cannot be
transformed into
[★4] Black Ms. Accord
Transformation Fusion
[★5] Ms. Accord's Chalk [★5] Ms. Accord's Chalk [★5] Ms. Accord's Chalk [★5] Ms. Accord's Chalk [★5] Ms. Accord's Chalk
[★5] Black Ms. Accord
Fuse: [800 + (Level - 1) × 100] EXP Sell: [5000 + (Level - 1) × 150] coins
Leader Skill Magic School Combination Enhancement Lv. 1 (「魔導学校」コンビ強化 Lv.1) [+]
Effect: Effects of Magic School combination bonus increases by 200%
  • LS equivalent increase rates:
Combination Enhancement Single Double (total rate)
150% 200% 250% 300% 800% 1200%
All stats (incl. basic combination bonus) 1.6× 1.9× 2.1× 2.2× 3.2×
Skill Popoi Lance (ポポイ・ランス) [+]
Clear Purple Puyo50

Effect: Deals colored single attack with 3× total attack of all cards
  • Etymology: from lancer (French: to throw)
Battle Skill None
Special Skill None
Sp. Training ???
Character Introduction [+]
First Introduced
03. Magic School
29. Boss!?
38. Many Mysteries
39. Glasses
51. Girls
Card Restrictions
Flavor Text
The teacher of Primp's magic school. She's calm and kind, but appears to also engage in mysterious activities. Somehow, she appears to be even more mysterious today ?
Monologue Lines
"I have a different air than usual? ...It's an image change ♪"
"I am also learning many things as I guide my students."
"If there is something you do not understand, please do not hesitate to ask."
Translation Credits
Translators Aruru
Editors --
Character Voice
Miwa Kouzuki (倖月美和)
Black Ms. Accord
[★4] Black Ms. Accord [★5] Black Ms. Accord [★6] Black Ms. Accord
[★5] Ms. Accord's Chalk
[★6] Secret Notebook
Equivalent Characters of
Ms. Accord アコール先生
Ms. Accord Black Ms. Accord Ms. Accord ver. PuyoChron Tea Gathering Ms. Accord
Big Popoi