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For this character's general appearance in the whole series, see Harpy.Edit dataRefresh

[★4] Songstress Harpy 歌姫ハーピー
Img303404 l.png
Image source: Specially drawn
MAX Lv. 70
Cost 14
HP 1022~1889
Attack 257~546
Recovery 108~116
[★4] Songstress Harpy[★5] Songstress Harpy
[★5] Songstress' Feather [★5] Songstress' Feather [★5] Songstress' Feather [★5] Songstress' Feather [★5] Songstress' Feather
Fuse [800 + (Level - 1) × 100] EXP
Sell [5000 + (Level - 1) × 150] coins
Leader Skill Combination Enhancement Lv. 1 (コンビネーション強化 Lv.1)
Effect: Effects of combination bonus increases by 150%
Skill Shivering Chant (せんりつの歌声)
Clear Green Puyo40

Effect: Deal colored mass attack with 4× Attack
Battle Skill None
Special Skill None
Character Introduction
First Introduced
Flapping Wings
Card Restrictions
Flavor Text
羽のはえた少女。 歌うことが大好きだがひどいオンチ。 手で耳をおおったくらいでは 彼女の歌声はふせぎきれない。
Monologue Lines
「歌ってるときが~♪いちばん幸せです~♪ あなたも~♪いっしょにどうですか~♪」
「ら~ら~…♪発声れんしゅう中です~♪ ジャマをしないで~~~♪♪」
「かおいろが~良くないです~~♪ 私の歌で~~♪いやしてあげま~しょう~♪」
Character Voice
Risa Taneda (種田梨沙)
Songstress Harpy
[★4] Songstress Harpy [★5] Songstress Harpy [★6] Songstress Harpy • Materials: [★5] Songstress' Feather [★6] Songstress' Hair Ornament
Equivalent Characters of
Harpy ハーピー
Harpy Songstress Harpy Harpy ver. PuyoChron 
Exceptions: Rocker Harpy