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[★4] Santa Arle サンタアルル
Img203804 l.png
Image source: Specially drawn
Attack TypeSingle
MAX Lv. 70
Cost 14
HP 505~1402
Attack 209~623
Recovery 41~124
[★4] Santa Arle[★5] Santa Arle
[★4] Holy Bell (Silver) [★4] Holy Bell (Silver) [★4] Holy Bell (Silver) [★4] Holy Bell (Silver) [★5] Holy Bell (Gold)
Fuse [800 + (Level - 1) × 100] EXP
Sell [5000 + (Level - 1) × 150] coins
Leader Skill Attack UP Lv. 2 (攻撃力UP Lv.2)
Effect: Attack of all cards increases to 1.2×
Skill Holy Night Present (聖夜のプレゼント)
Activation: Clear Blue Puyo40
Effect: Deals colored explosive damage with 6× Attack centering one enemy
Battle Skill ???
Special Skill ???
Character Introduction
Flavor Text
異世界からぷよと一緒に飛ばされてきたとっても元気な魔導師のタマゴ。 知らないところや冒険が大好きでクリスマスを今から楽しみにしている。 [+]
A spirited, developing magician from another world who flew in with puyo. She loves venturing into the unknown, and is looking forward to Christmas.
Monologue Lines
「プレゼントあげたら、みんなどんな顔するかな? 今からとっても楽しみだよ!」 [+]
"What kind of expressions will every one make when I give them their presents? I'm really looking forward to it!"
「メリークリスマス! キミも一緒にクリスマスを楽しもうね!」 [+]
"Merry Christmas! Let's enjoy Christmas together!"
「この島のみんなにプレゼントを配るには 全部でいくつ準備すればいいのかなぁ?」 [+]
"How many presents I should prepare in order to give everyone on this island one?"
Character Voice
Mie Sonozaki (園崎未恵)

Santa Arle
[★4] Santa Arle [★5] Santa Arle [★6] Santa Arle • Materials: [★4] Holy Bell (Silver) [★5] Holy Bell (Gold) [★6] Holy Bell (Blue)
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