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[★3] Orange Nyandragon ちゃにゃんどら
Img112103 l.png

Image source: Quest Arcade base form
Cost 8
Lv. 1 Lv. 50
HP 402 941
Attack 84 305
Recovery 5 39
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max stat
HP 1941
Attack 805
Recovery 239
cannot be
transformed into
[★3] Orange Nyandragon
Transformation Fusion
[★3] Red Rock Puyo
[★3] Red Puyo Jelly
[★4] Red Puyo Jelly
[★4] Orange Nyandragon
Fuse: 400 EXP (+60 EXP per additional level gained) Sell: 1000 coins (+100 coins per additional level gained)
Leader Skill Red HP 1000 UP (赤属性体力1000UP) [+]
Effect: HP of red cards increases by 1000
Skill Fire Barrier Meow (火のけっかいにゃ) [+]
Clear Red Puyo40

Effect: Attack of all enemies decreases by 50% for 1 turn (Attack Down1)
Battle Skill None
Cross Ability None
Special Skill None
Sp. Training Not Supported
Character Introduction [+]
First Introduced
Special Keywords
42. Wingbeat
47. Paw Pad
54. Animals
Card Restrictions
Mixed-up Summons
 only for other rarities
Flavor Text
A Nyandragon with an orange tabby coat. A rambunctious scamp, he loves to explore new places.
Monologue Lines
「ちゃにゃんどらなのにゃ! 面白そうなことはないかにゃ?」
"I'm Orange Nyandragon meow! Is there anything interesting meow?"
「暇にゃ! どこかで遊びたいにゃー!」
"I'm bored meow! I want to play somewhere meow!"
「クエストって面白そうにゃー 連れてってくれにゃー」
"This quest thing looks like fun meow. Take me with you meow."
Translation Credits
Translators Momochi
Editors --
Character Voice
  • Etymology: from nyan (にゃん) (Japanese: meow) + dragon
Orange Nyandragon
[★3] Orange Nyandragon [★4] Orange Nyandragon
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