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Once-per-day Quest
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Once-per-day Quest (1日1回クエスト) is a special type of quest that is playable only once per day, reset every day at 00:00 (UTC+9). The quest provides additional rewards for clearing that is available only for that day.

Accessing Once-per-day Quest

Once-per-day Quest badge on Special button

Once-per-day Quest is available from the Special Contents section, through the Special (スペシャル) button on the Home screen, then in the Limited (期間限定) tab. Players who have not cleared Once-per-day Quest for the day will see an additional badge over the Special button.

After clearing the quest for the day, the quest panel will be greyed out with an orange strip showing (time) Left Until Reset (リセットまであと〇〇). If this is the last day of this run, the strip will show This Event Has Ended (本イベントは終了しました) instead.

Once-per-day Quest panel, showing time left until next reset (13 hours)

Event Details

General Stats

Quest All
Stamina 5
No. of Stages 1
Coins 0
TP 0
User EXP 10,000
Card EXP 0
Special Limits once per day (reset 00:00)

Enemy Lineup, Drop and Reward Details

All Once-per-day Quests are guaranteed to drop Comet Puyo (all colors) [★6] Comet Puyo (all colors) ×1 (random color).

See the individual sub-pages for the First-clear Rewards and enemy lineup: