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[★5] Minotauros ミノタウロス
Img402405 l.png

Image source: Specially drawn
Cost 20
Lv. 1 Lv. 99
HP 1381 3047
Attack 401 1087
Recovery 90 237
[★4] Minotauros
Transformation Fusion
[★1] Yellow Small Puyo [★2] Yellow Large Puyo [★3] Yellow Rock Puyo [★4] Yellow Star Puyo [★5] Yellow Moon Puyo
[★5] Minotauros
Transformation Fusion
[★3] Yellow Puyo Candy [★3] Yellow Puyo Candy [★4] Yellow Puyo Candy [★5] Yellow Puyo Candy [★6] Yellow Grimoire
[★6] Minotauros
Fuse: [1600 + (Level - 1) × 150] EXP Sell: [5000 + (Level - 1) × 150] coins
Leader Skill Yellow HP Up Lv. 2 (黄属性体力UP Lv.2) [+]
Effect: HP of yellow cards increases to 2×
Skill Roar of Love Lv. 3 (愛の咆哮 Lv.3) [+]
Clear Yellow Puyo40

Effect: Attack of purple enemies decreases by 70% for 5 turns (Attack Down5)
Battle Skill HP Plus Lv. 2 (体力プラス Lv.2) [+]
Clear Yellow Puyo20

Effect: Maximum HP of group increases by 160 (max. to 800)
Special Skill None
Sp. Training ???
Character Introduction [+]
First Introduced
30. Heavyweights
40. Horned
49. Animals
Card Restrictions
Flavor Text
A monster with a head of a cow and a body of a human. Rulue saved him in a pinch, so he's completely devoted to her.
Monologue Lines
「ルルー様へのおもいが オレのいきがい…強くなる理由!」
"My feelings for Mistress Rulue is what I live for... It is why I will be strong!"
「いかにオマエといえども ルルー様へ手を出したらただじゃおかねえ!」
"No matter how much time we've spent together, I will never forgive you if you raise a hand against Mistress Rulue!"
「あの人のために、オレは、オレは、 負けるわけにはいかないんだ!」
"For her, I... I...cannot afford to lose!"
Translation Credits
Translators Aruru
Editors --
Character Voice
Hiromichi Tezuka (手塚ヒロミチ)
[★3] Minotauros [★4] Minotauros [★5] Minotauros [★6] Minotauros [★7] Minotauros
Puyo Puyo SUN Series
Kikimora Serilly Harpy Minotauros Lagnus
Equivalent Characters of
Minotauros ミノタウロス
Minotauros Gladiator Minotauros