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Fairies (妖精) are pentagonal collectibles that comes in five colors.

Note: Since the Super PuyoPuyo!!Quest update, fairies have been demolished. If the player have any fairies before the update, all of them are automatically converted to TP

Obtaining Fairies

Fairies can be obtained by:

  • Quest drop
  • Fairy Summons

Fairy Summons

Fairy Summons (妖精召喚) is exchanging fairies with Battle Points (BP) obtained from Everybody Battles or Guild Rush events. The procedures to summon fairies with BP are:

  1. Select Everybody Battles (みんなとバトル) from the home screen
  2. Select Fairy Summons (妖精召喚)
  3. Select the Fairy series, then color, then number of fairies you want to summon
  4. Select Exchange this Fairy with BP (この妖精とBPを交換する)
  5. Confirm your current BP (現在のBP) and the BP needed for exchange (交換に必要なBP) and click Yes (はい) if correct

Points to note:

  • Fairy series that was never obtained from quest drop cannot be exchanged
  • Players can only hold up to 99 of each fairy


  • Exchange for rewards when completing a five-color set of the same series
  • Donate to guild towers as Tower Point (TP) to build floors

List of Fairies

Fairy Series BP/TP First Completion Subsequent Completions
Fairy10.png Small Fairies
10 [★3] Odorigame-Red Coin 1000
Fairy20.png Komorebi Fairies
20 [★3] Niji Iruka Coin 2000
Fairy30.png Song Fairies
30 [★3] Dachoucho [★2] Red Large Puyo ×1 (random color)
Fairy40.png Power Fairies
40 [★3] Cait Sith [★2] Red Large Puyo ×1 (random color)
Fairy50.png Magic Fairies
50 [★3] Zoh Daimaoh Coin 5000
Fairy60.png Guardian Fairies
60 [★3] Gogotte Coin 8000
Fairy70.png Agility Fairies
70 [★3] Tartar Coin 15000
Fairy80.png Life Fairies
80 [★3] Otomo [★3] Red Rock Puyo ×1 (random color)
Fairy90.png Light Fairies
90 [★3] Prince Salde [★3] Red Rock Puyo ×1 (random color)
Fairy100.png Darkness Fairies
100 [★3] Yu & Rei Coin 20000
Fairy110.png Technique Fairies
110 [★4] Red Star Puyo Coin 30000
Fairy120.png Bravery Fairies
120 [★4] Blue Star Puyo Coin 30000
Fairy130.png Freedom Fairies
130 [★4] Green Star Puyo Coin 30000
Fairy140.png Happiness Fairies
140 [★4] Yellow Star Puyo Coin 30000
Fairy150.png Sand Fairies
150 [★4] Purple Star Puyo Coin 30000
Fairy160.png Water Fairies
160 [★5] Red Moon Puyo Coin 40000
Fairy170.png  ??? 170  ???  ???
Fairy180.png  ??? 180  ???  ???