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[★5] Arle ver. PuyoTet アルル ver.ぷよテト
Img203605 l.png
Image source: Puyo Puyo Tetris Counter cut-in
MAX Lv. 99
Cost 20
HP 1535~3201
Attack 447~1133
Recovery 7~154
Special Training Board
[★5] Arle ver. PuyoTet[★6] Arle ver. PuyoTet
[★3] Blue Puyo Candy [★4] Blue Puyo Candy [★5] Blue Puyo Candy [★5] Blue Grimoire [★6] Blue Grimoire
Fuse  ???
Sell  ???
Leader Skill HP UP Lv. 4 (体力UP Lv.4)
Effect: HP of all cards increases to 1.4×
Skill Healing Lv. 2 (ヒーリング Lv.2)
Clear Blue Puyo40

Effect: All cards recover 50% HP
Battle Skill ???
Special Skill ???
Character Introduction
First Introduced
OPP Member
Card Restrictions
Flavor Text
異世界からぷよと一緒に飛ばされてきたとっても元気な魔導師のタマゴ。 冒険が大好きで、知らないところはちょっとワクワク。
A spirited, developing magician from another world who flew in with puyo. She loves adventures and finds the unknown rather exciting.
Monologue Lines
「ぷよを消すなら ボクにまかせてよ!」
"If it's about popping puyo, leave it to me!"
「ぷよをたーっくさん消すのって 気持ちいいよね!」
"It feels great to pop a t~o~n of puyo!"
「この島、みたことない生き物が たーっくさんいるね!」
"There's a lot of creatures I've never seen before on this island!"
Character Voice
Mie Sonozaki (園崎未恵)
Arle ver. PuyoTet
アルル ver.ぷよテト
[★4] Arle ver. PuyoTet [★5] Arle ver. PuyoTet [★6] Arle ver. PuyoTet
PuyoTet Early Purchase Series
Ringo ver. PuyoTet Arle ver. PuyoTet
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