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My Arle for Smash concept

Long time no see, dude! So, I've made the whole character concept of Arle in Smash, as well as Puyo spirit battles from scratch, partially thanks to my experience in SmashWiki! Check them out!

Arle moveset: https:// ssbwiki[dot]com/User:Raffina_H[dot]-207/Character_concept/Arle/SSBU

Spirit battles: https:// ssbwiki[dot]com/User:Raffina_H[dot]-207/Spirit_ideas

--Raffina Higashikata Requiem 02:10, 22 August 2020 (UTC)

It's been too long, good friend. I've been very interested in this topic still, but I haven't seen much fresh content come out for her. This will be a great read! Hope to see you continue. -- Celrity910 | 3:40 EST | 22 August 2020

Have you heard about the update for Champions?

If not, here: twitter[dot]com/zanverse/status/1297728975159123968

Yep, your wish will probably be come true! I got this information from S2LSOFTENER's YouTube.

This is so unexpected, right?

[P.S.] I actually don't have a Twitter, but I sometimes search things in Twitter in addition to Google, YT, etc., so I acknowledged about your wish via that way. --Raffina Higashikata Requiem 05:14, 24 August 2020 (UTC)