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This page was made (or is being made) in hopes of helping players with teambuilding in Puyo Quest.

Useful AS Types

Click the icons to view what each condition does and which cards have them, or click the link with the condition.

  • Attack Up Attack Up
  • Conditional Attack Up Conditional Attack Up
  • Consecutive Attack Consecution
  • Massification Massification
  • Attack Source Expansion Attack Source Expansion
  • Amplification Red AmplificationBlue AmplificationGreen AmplificationYellow AmplificationPurple Amplification
  • Damage Up Damage Up
  • Fisher Red Next PuyoBlue Next PuyoGreen Next PuyoYellow Next PuyoPurple Next Puyo (Fan-made term named after the first series with the AS, the OsaUtoNariShioWataFisherboys Series - Changes the entire next queue to one color) | Card List
  • Trace Up Ppqpvp item3.png (Increases maximum trace capacity by a certain amount) | Card List
  • Ailments:
  • Fury Fury
  • Fear Fear
  • Confusion Confusion
  • Paralysis Paralysis
  • Poison Poison
  • Seal Seal
  • Parasite Parasite
  • Fatigue Fatigue
  • Feigned Feigned
  • Frozen Frozen
  • Chain Seed Heart Box (Transforms the board to give a large chain when the correct board elements are popped) | Card List


  • Undertake Undertake
  • Nuke Prism Ball (Any card that does a large attack for their AS via board transformation like with RafisolRafisol's AS - too diverse to create detailed list)
  • Turn Plus Turn Plus (Increases the number of turns before an enemy attacks) | Card list
  • Color Shield Break Red Shield BreakBlue Shield BreakGreen Shield BreakYellow Shield BreakPurple Shield Break
  • Paint/Trace Red PuyoBlue PuyoGreen PuyoYellow PuyoPurple Puyo (Allows the player to place a certain amount of a color puyo or prism ball on the field) | Card List
  • Color Shield Red ShieldBlue ShieldGreen ShieldYellow ShieldPurple Shield
  • Mirrors Red ReflectionBlue ReflectionGreen ReflectionYellow ReflectionPurple Reflection
  • Charge Ppqpvp item2.png (Allows affected cards to "charge" damage for a certain amount of turns, and accumulated damage gathered within those turns is then outputted at a certain rate) | Card List
  • Attack Down Attack Down

How to Build Good Teams

Before anything is said, there is one thing I want to get out of the way immediately:
There is no one definitive way to create a team in this game.
Many different quests call for different types of teams to be used, with some being stronger than others in certain scenarios. This guide will attempt to cover all common scenarios in which decent teams are required in the game, and how to use said teams.