Touhou Puyo Puyo

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Touhou Puyo Puyo
ModesClassic, Normal, Phantasm, Edit
Release dateApril 21, 2008 (Initial)

Touhou Puzzle de Zen'in Shuugou? ~Dan wa Ochite mo Ninki wa Otosu na~ (東方パズルだ全員集合?~弾は落ちても人気は落とすな~, lit. All Together for Touhou Puzzle? ~Even When Bullets are Dropped Popularity do not Drop~) is a fangame crossover of Puyo Puyo and Touhou Project created by master-suihu4th. The game covers many features that may boast over other fangames, making it highly customizable.


Touhou Puyo Puyo has many features. The game has a large cast of characters, mostly made by many different artists.


Connecting to another person through port forwarding allows different users to play online. First, the person who wants to host must port forward. Once this has been done, the host must go to Vs Network in the main menu, and host from there. The client, the person who is connecting to the host, must then go to Vs Netowrk, then Client, then insert the IP address of the host.


Touhou Puyo Puyo supports replays. Once a match is over, there will be a prompt to save a replay.