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For this character's general appearance in the whole series, see Lemres.Edit dataRefresh

Voice Transcript of Lemres レムレス
CV: Takumi Yamazaki (山崎たくみ)
Quest JP EN
Damage Taken おっと… Oops...
Heavy Damage Taken そんなぁー! No way!
Quest Cleared みんな、仲良くね。 Everyone, let's be nice.
Quest Failed 甘くないね。 It's not so sweet.
Puzzle JP EN
Chain 1 いち One
Chain 2 Two
Chain 3 さん Three
Chain 4 よん Four
Chain 5 Five
Chain 6 ろく Six
Chain 7 なな Seven
Chain 8 はち Eight
Chain 9 きゅう Nine
Chain 10 じゅう Ten
Chain Finisher まだまだ! More!
Large Chain Chance さあ、おいで。 There, come on.
All Clear 気をつけてね。 Watch out.
Card FT Skill Battle Skill