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[★5] Undine ウンディーネ
Balance/Single • Combin.: Girls/Spirits • CV: Amisa Sakuragi (桜木アミサ)
Img201305 l.png
Image source: Specially drawn
MAX Lv. 99
Cost 16
HP 1068~2231
Attack 407~906
Recovery 236~610
[★5] Undine[★6] Undine
[★3] Blue Puyo Ice [★4] Blue Puyo Ice [★5] Blue Puyo Ice [★6] Blue Puyo Ice [★6] Blue Puyo Ice
Fuse  ???
Sell  ???
Leader Skill Balance Type HP UP Lv. 2 (バランスタイプ体力UP Lv.2)
Effect: HP of Balance Type cards increases to 1.5×
Skill Rain of Sorrow Lv. 3 (かなしみの水 Lv.3)
Activation: Clear Blue Puyo40
Effect: Induces Fear5 on all enemies with a 80% chance
Battle Skill Damage & Recovery Plus Lv. 2 (ダメージ&回復プラス Lv.2)
Activation: Clear Blue Puyo20
Effect: Final damage of self increases by 400 and recovers group by 400 HP
Special Skill ???
Flavor Text
Desc. 「水の妖精。ふだんは妖精の世界に住んでいる。本来の、美しい少女の姿を思い出した。」
Line 「ワタシハ 水ノ妖精ウンディーネ アナタノ仲間…ダヨ♪」
Line 「ワタシノ体ハ 水デデキテルカラ 何ニデモ 変身デキルヨ♪」
Line 「ハヤク ハヤク! クエスト 行コウヨ プルン♪」
Voice Transcript
Large Chain Chance  ???
All Clear  ???
Damage Taken  ???
Heavy Damage Taken  ???
Quest Cleared  ???
Quest Failed  ???
Chain Finisher  ???
Skill  ???

[★2] Undine [★3] Undine [★4] Undine [★5] Undine [★6] Undine
Spirit Series
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