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[★1] Topaz Hotaru Ika トパーズほたるいか
Img400201 l.png

Image source: Specially drawn
Cost 1
Lv. 1 Lv. 15
HP 60 107
Attack 2 7
Recovery 17 29
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calculations unavailable
cannot be
transformed into
[★1] Topaz Hotaru Ika
Transformation Fusion
[★1] Yellow Small Puyo [★1] Yellow Small Puyo
[★2] Topaz Hotaru Ika
Fuse: [100 + (Level - 1) × 25] EXP Sell: [100 + (Level - 1) × 50] coins
Leader Skill None
Skill None
Battle Skill None
Special Skill None
Sp. Training Not Supported
Character Introduction [+]
First Introduced
Special Keywords
06. Hotaru Ika
Card Restrictions
No Mix-up Summons
Flavor Text
親切なイカの妖精。 迷っている人のそばにとつぜんあらわれ、 道案内をしたあとに、とつぜん消える。 社交的で、どくとくのイントネーション。
A kind squid fairy. Appears suddenly next to people who are lost, and disappears suddenly after showing them the way. Is sociable, and speaks with a distinct intonation.
Monologue Lines
「イカ~ イカガ~?」
"Squiiid, how about thaaat?"
「イ~イカ~? アカ~リ イイカ~?」
"Oookaaay? Is the liiight okaaay?"
「イカガ~? アカ~リ イ~カガ~?」
"How about thaaat? The liiight, hooow about iiit?"
Translation Credits
Translators Momochi
Editors --
Character Voice
  • Etymology: from hotaru ika (ホタルイカ) (Japanese: firefly squid)
Topaz Hotaru Ika
[★1] Topaz Hotaru Ika [★2] Topaz Hotaru Ika [★3] Topaz Hotaru Ika [★4] Topaz Hotaru Ika
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