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[★4] Onyx Hotaru Ika オニキスほたるいか
Recover/Single • Combin.: Hotaru Ika/Girls
Img500204 l.png
Image source: Specially drawn
MAX Lv. 70
Cost 8
HP 548~1126
Attack 122~295
Recovery 309~494
Fuse  ???
Sell  ???
Leader Skill ???
Skill Purple Lamp Heal Lv. 2 (紫ランプのいやし Lv.2)
Activation: Clear Purple Puyo30
Effect: Recovers all cards with 2× Recovery of this card
Battle Skill ???
Special Skill ???
Flavor Text
Desc.  ???
Line  ???
Line  ???
Line  ???

Onyx Hotaru Ika
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