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Official Terminology

Japanese English Notes
yuuzaa ranku (ユーザーランク) User Rank
yaruki (やるき) Stamina Action points for quests
maryoku (まりょく) Magic Point Action points for battles, guild tower bosses and Guild Rush bosses
kuesuto (クエスト) Quest
batoru (バトル) Battle
kinkyuu chansu bosu (緊急チャンスボス) Emergency Chance Boss
kosuto (コスト) Cost
tairyoku (たいりょく) HP
kouseki (こうげき) Attack
kaifuku (かいふく) Recovery
sukiru (スキル) Skill
riidaa sukiru (リーダースキル) Leader Skill
tokkou sukiru (特攻スキル) Special Skill
reberu (レベル) Level
sukiru reberu (スキルレベル) Skill Level
purasu boonasu (プラスボーナス) Plus Bonus
conbineeshon (コンビネーション) Combination
conbineeshon boonasu (コンビネーションボーナス) Combination Bonus
pawaa appu gousei (パワーアップ合成) Power-up Fusion
henshin gousei (へんしん合成) Transformation Fusion
gacha (ガチャ) Gacha
shoukan pointo (召喚ポイント)
shoukan p (召喚P)
Summons Point
rendou pointo (連動ポイント)
rendou p (連動P)
Linkage Point deprecated, now Arcade Point
aakeedo pointo (アーケードポイント)
aakeedo p (アーケードP)
Arcade Point
shiruvaa chiketto (シルバーチケット) Silver Ticket
goorudo chiketto (ゴールドチケット) Gold Ticket
puremiamu chiketto (プレミアムチケット) Premium Ticket
koin (コイン) Coin
madouseki (魔導石) Magic Stone
puyo pointo (ぷよポイント)
puyo p (ぷよP)
puyo pointo koukansho (ぷよポイント交換所)
puyo p koukansho (ぷよP交換所)
PuyoPoint Exchange
girudo (ギルド) Guild
girudo tawaa (ギルドタワー) Guild Tower
tawaa bosu (タワーボス) Tower Boss
eeru (エール) Yell


Japanese English Notes
bukuma (ブクマ)
Bookmark Reply with a minimal post so that a BBS topic shows up in History for easy revisit.
Now defunct with Favourite function.
wabiseki/wabiishi (詫び石) Compensatory (Magic) Stones Magic Stones given for downtime, extended maintenance, etc.
risemara (リセマラ) Reset Marathon Repeatedly create throwaway accounts until you get a desirable first gacha

Prompt Messages

Japanese English
Rare card is included
Rare card is included as the material.
Are you sure you want to leave synthesis like this?
Deck cost over
Cost over when you transform!
Remove base card from the deck,
or reduce the amount of other cards.

How to Play

Japanese English
ぷよは一度に 5 コまでまとめて消せるよ。
How to pop puyo
You can pop 5 puyos at a time.
Try various ways of popping them.