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[★5] Draco Centauros ドラコケンタウロス
Attack/Single • Combin.: OPP Member/Girls/Flapping Wings/Horned • CV: Kaori Nazuka (名塚佳織)
Img301205 l.png
Image source: Specially drawn
MAX Lv. 99
Cost 20
HP 1237~3001
Attack 435~1376
Recovery 86~262
[★4] Draco CentaurosImg301205.png [★3] Green Puyo Jelly [★4] Green Puyo Jelly [★5] Green Puyo Jelly [★5] Green Puyo Jelly [★5] Green Grimoire
Img301205.png[★6] Draco Centauros
[★3] Green Puyo Jelly [★4] Green Puyo Jelly [★5] Green Puyo Jelly [★5] Green Grimoire [★6] Green Grimoire
Fuse [1600 + (Level - 1) × 150] EXP
Sell [5000 + (Level - 1) × 150] coins
Leader Skill All Stats Up Lv. 3 (全能力値UP Lv.3)
Effect: All stats of all cards increases to 1.3×
Skill Great Fire! (グレートファイヤー!)
Activation: Clear Green Puyo50
Effect: Transforms 3 kinds of color puyos other than green into Green Puyo
Battle Skill Damage Plus Lv. 2 (ダメージプラス Lv.2)
Activation: Clear Green Puyo20
Effect: Final damage of self increases by 800
Special Skill None
Date Special Skill
Chocolate Drop Lv. 2 (チョコレートドロップ Lv.2)
Drops more Chocolate and attack of self increases to 3× in Chocolate Festival 4 (E+3/N+6/H+9/VH+18/SH+36)
Flavor Text
Desc. 「美少女コンテストに情熱を燃やす人間とドラゴンのハーフ。前向きで明るい性格。ときどきカラ回るのがタマにキズ。」
A half-dragon, half-human girl who has a burning passion for beauty contests. She always looks ahead brightly. Sometimes her lack of thought is her weakness.
Line 「ぶっちぎり最強の美少女は このドラコケンタウロスだー!」
"I'm the unrivaled, strongest beauty, Draco Centarus!"
Line 「あんたとあたしが組めば どんな相手だって負けない!そうだろ?」
"If you and I combine our powers, we won't lose to anyone! Right?"
Line 「へっへーん♪負ける気がしないな! クエストで力だめしにいこうよ!」
"He~he~n♪ Don't worry about losing! Let's test our strength in quests!"

Draco Centauros
[★3] Draco Centauros [★4] Draco Centauros [★5] Draco Centauros [★6] Draco Centauros
Original Puyo Puyo Series
Rulue Arle Draco Centauros Witch Schezo
Equivalent Characters of
Draco Centauros ドラコケンタウロス
Draco Centauros Spirited Draco Teahouse Draco Midsummer Draco Draco ver. PuyoChron • Exceptions: Vigorous Draco