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For this character's general appearance in the whole series, see Serilly.Edit dataRefresh

[★6] Curtain Call Serilly カーテンコールのセリリ
Img231206 l.png

Image source: Specially drawn
Cost 30
Lv. 1 Lv. 99
HP 3434 5100
Attack 1034 1720
Recovery 153 300
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[★5] Curtain Call Serilly
Transformation Fusion
[★5] Blue Puyo Candy [★5] Blue Puyo Candy [★6] Blue Puyo Candy [★6] Blue Puyo Candy [★6] Blue Grimoire
[★6] Curtain Call Serilly cannot further
Fuse: [3200 + (Level - 1) × 250] EXP Sell: [10,000 + (Level - 1) × 1000] coins
Leader Skill Mermaid's Drama Lv. 2 (人魚の戯曲 Lv.2) [+]
Effect: For blue cards, Attack increases to 3× and HP to 2.5×, and HP stops at 1 when drained to 0 once
Skill Happy Ending Lv. 2 (ハッピーエンディング Lv.2) [+]
Clear Blue Puyo40

Effect: Transforms Red PuyoBlue PuyoGreen PuyoYellow PuyoPurple Puyo (any 6) → Prism Ball, and then all Red PuyoGreen PuyoYellow PuyoPurple PuyoBlue Puyo. After that transforms Red PuyoBlue PuyoGreen PuyoYellow PuyoPurple Puyo (any 1) → Red Chance PuyoBlue Chance PuyoGreen Chance PuyoYellow Chance PuyoPurple Chance Puyo
Battle Skill None
Special Skill None [+]
Date Special Skill
Pwurp Challenge Special Skill Lv. 2 (プワープチャレンジ特攻 Lv.2)
Attack of self increases to 3× in 6th Pwurp Challenge
Extras Drop Lv. 5 (エキストラの人々ドロップ Lv.5)
Drop number increases at quest clear (+10/20/30/60/120) and all stats of self increases to 3× in Tour de Force! Star's Birth Festival
Sp. Training ???
Character Introduction [+]
First Introduced
Card Restrictions
Flavor Text
A very weak, crybaby mermaid. Her presence onstage feels genuine and natural, as if she truly feels the emotions of the lead character. Is she a completely different person when donning the dress?
Monologue Lines
「「まあ、 なぁんでステキなドレスでしょう!」 も、もっと大げさに喜んでほしい? ううぅ…」
"[My Goodness, what a Looovely dress this is!] Y-You want me to put even more joyfulness into it? Uuugh..."
「ダンス…ですか? 踊れるか不安です… ワン、ツー、くるっとターン… きゃっ!」
"Dance...hm? Dancing makes me kinda anxious... One, Two~, Spin-and-a Turn... Kyaah!"
「本番前で、とても緊張しますっ…えっ? …客席をカボチャ畑と思い込むといいんですか?」
"I always get so nervous right before the performance...huh? ...Will it help if I imagine the audience as a pumpkin patch?"
Translation Credits
Translators Minunlike
Editors --
Character Voice
Curtain Call Serilly
[★5] Curtain Call Serilly [★6] Curtain Call Serilly
Equivalent Characters of
Serilly セリリ
Serilly Eversummer Serilly Lovestruck Serilly Serilly ver. PuyoChron Curtain Call Serilly
Otohime Serilly