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Hi guys. I am LX9702, a bus, and a Puyo Puyo Enthusiast.

Img502403 l.png
LX9702, as he appears at his 2015s form.
Puyo Nexusidk
Personal Info
Birthday25 May
Puyo Info
DebutPuyo Puyo Tetris 2
Biggest win---
Biggest defeat---
Longest match---
Preferred ruleBig Bang, Fever
Preferred characterRagnus
Tournament Results
World Cup---
PN Tournament---
FacebookLX Ragnus


I am a BUS. And, I live in KMB Shatin Depot (S).

Around 2019 I am watching some people playing Tetris(Especially Tetris 99 aka just released for few months), and I found a Puyo Puyo Tetris video that leads me starting to be an enthusiast of this game. Unfortunately, this didn't keep a very long time, due to I have to do Pre-S1 thingy.

1 year later, after my study in Taiwan and eventually back to HK, Youtube's magical power leads me to start playing Puyo Puyo again. It gives a Puyo Puyo Sun Tournament mode video[1], and I also meet another new character I really do like besides on Sig and Lemres -- Ragnus. (I will kill you if you say "Lagnus")

In February 2021, someone insulted me in Roblox cause me to leave Roblox, and I started to prepare to buy Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 in Steam.


I am a Bus. And my true from is Krowydob Thgirw .W M12 Naipmylo Repus Volvo. My livery mostly is in gold colour, and also brown, black-bottom. And that's all.


like a ordinary people and nothing else.


As a nitwit, I don't know any skill :)



We are good friends.

Character-specific mechanics

Technical Information

Chassis: Volvo B10TL
Body: Wright Explorer, aka Wright Eclipse Gemini 1
VIN: YV3S1H81541050928
Register Number:LX9702
Fleet code:AVW76
Schedule: S-86K
1st. Register: 25/5/2005 (Along with LX8711,LX9299,LX9418,LX9743,LX9991,LY356)
Engine: Volvo D10A-285 EM-EC01
Gearbox: Trash ZF Ecomat 5HP590
Capacity: U53+L27+S41=121
Roadshow TV (closed)
Hanover Destination blind (Green)
lazzerini su~per comfortable seats (2+2 Seat arrangement)
Facilities for disabilities
GPS Stop Announce System


Player Chain
Chain Dialogue
Japanese Romanization Translation Localization
Chain 1 はぁ Haa! Ha!
Chain 2 どうだ? Douda? How's this?!
Chain 3 なるほど Naruhodo. I see
Chain 4 そういうことか Sou iu koto ka! That's how it is!
Repeater 先手必勝! Sente hisshou! ???
Counter '
Spell 1 '
Spell 2 '
Spell 3 食らえ Kurae! Take this!
Spell 4 '
Spell 5 '
Tetris Line Clear テトリス! Tetris!



Lineup Name Feature Characters Last Opening Latest Restrictions
Slot 1
AS Extra Attack Series Stylish Amitie Eversummer Serilly Rabbit Prince Masked Incubus 2020/06/22 12:00~
2020/07/06 11:59
Base char.: 1 time only
HP Type Consecutive Attack Series Greengrocer Ringo Painting Undine Teahouse Draco Worship Gown Chico Aloha Shirt Schezo 2020/07/06 12:00~
2020/07/20 11:59
Base char.: 1 time only
One-line Transform Series Pole-fishing Scylla Lovestruck Serilly Uncanny Lidelle Gladiator Minotauros Coffee Shop Klug 2020/07/20 12:00~
2020/08/03 11:59
Base char.: 1 time only
Event Balance Fixed ATK Up Series Explorer Ringo Rain-sheltering Jaan Yukata Costa Musician Shio Ninja Schezo 2021/5/12 12:00~
2021/5/24 11:59
Base char.: 1 time only
Perfect Day Series Gardening Kikimora Rabbit Sig Uncanny Dalida Midwinter Ocean Prince Vacation Lagnus 2021/05/24 12:00~
2021/06/05 11:59
Base char.: 1 time only
Story Quest Selection (A) Songstress Harpy Powerful Lagnus Yukata Sig Furisode Lidelle Uncanny Lemres Sakura Raffina 2021/06/05 12:00~
2021/06/17 11:59
Base char.: 1 time only
Guild Rush Selection (A) Pike Stall Maguro Poison Ringo Nekomimi Schezo 2021/06/17 12:00~
2021/06/30 11:59
2019/12/09 Poison Ringo: No limit
Others: Base char. 1 time only
Story Quest Selection (B) Takoyaki Shop Rulue Ally Serious Otomo Black Ms. Accord Crowned Witch 2021/06/30 12:00~
2021/07/11 11:59
Base char.: 1 time only
Color Number Rally Series Knitwork Floe Disguised Claude Tea Gathering Ms. Accord Rainfall Penglai Lovestruck Peruvis 2021/07/11 12:00~
2021/07/22 11:59
Base char.: 1 time only
Event Color-number HP/ATK Series Research Enthusiast Nero Midsummer Raffina Maritime Panotty Uncanny Byakko Lovestruck Ally 2021/07/23 12:00~
2021/08/04 11:59
Base char.: 1 time only
Slot 2
Devil Series
Hed Stornum Costa Vartebra Peruvis 2020/09/28 12:00~
2020/10/12 11:59
2019/07/08 No limit
Legendary Sacred Animal Series
Setoka Horua Sebes Bastia Anudis 2020/10/12 12:00~
2020/10/26 11:59
Base char.: max hold one
Cryptid Princess Series
Phoeny Drana Grifo Unica Kerbey 2020/10/26 12:00~
2020/11/09 11:59
Base char.: max hold one
Bibliographer Series
Toule Io Primm 2020/11/09 12:00~
2020/11/23 11:59
Base char.: max hold one
Dreamy Witch Sisters Series
Lisa Misa 2020/11/23 12:00~
2020/12/07 11:59
Base char.: max hold one
Elven Priest Series
Minoa Katya Mischa Deena Yana 2020/12/07 12:00~
2020/12/21 11:59
2020/03/30 No limit
Pirate King Series
Fred Yang Carrie Bahar Gilbert 2020/12/21 12:00~
2021/01/04 11:59
2020/12/21 Base char.: 1 time only
Beast Girls Series
Monica Vivienne Remy Una Neura 2021/05/12 12:00~
2021/05/24 11:59
2019/12/23 No limit
Western Monster Series
Draude III Margin Lyca Ingil Greap 2020/09/14 12:00~
2020/09/28 11:59
2021/01/18 No limit
Now permanent
Warlock Series
Albert Richard Matthew Miriam Sullivan 2019/07/22 15:00~ 2019/07/22 No limit
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